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Cv guide 2012


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Cv guide 2012

  1. 1. Veneti di Cina, presents ....“FIRST-TIME JOB SEEKERS WORKSHOP 2012” Career Development Booklet & CV Writing Guide By Hannahlise Barlow Senior Trainer & Coach
  2. 2. VDC CV Writing Guide 2011What makes a good CV?There is no single "correct" way to write and present a CV but the following general rules apply: • It is targeted on the specific job or career area for which you are applying and brings out the relevant skills you have to offer • It is carefully and clearly laid out: logically ordered, easy to read and not cramped • It is informative but concise • It is accurate - in content, spelling and grammarTargeting your CVIf your CV is to be sent to an individual employer, which has requested applications in this format,you should research the organization and the position carefully.If your CV is to be used for speculative applications (general application), it is still important totarget it - at the very least, on the general career area in which you want to work!What information should a CV include? • Personal details • Current Objectives (most important part! Say what direction you want to take in life, or what exactly you want to do, what interests you) • Education & qualifications • Work experience (if you have any) • Interests and achievements • Skills • RefereesHow long should a CV be?There are no absolute rules on this but, in general, a new graduates CV should cover no morethan two sides of A4 paper.(Remember that for companies, time is money and you should make life easy for them not givethem 6 pages of your life story to read)Tips on Style…1) Your CV should be carefully and clearly laid out - not too full but not with large empty whitespaces either.2) Use bold and italic typefaces for headings and important information3) Be concise - a CV is an appetizer and should not give the reader indigestion. Dont feel that youhave to list every exam you have ever taken, or every activity you have ever been involved in -consider which are the most relevant and/or impressive.4) Be positive - put yourself confidently and highlight your strong points. For example, when listingyour A-levels, put your highest grade first.5) Be honest - although a CV does allow you to omit details (such as exam results) which you wouldprefer the employer not to know about, you should never give inaccurate or misleading information.6) If you are taking your CV to a company, dont fold it - put it in a full-size A4 envelope so that itdoesnt arrive creased.7) Times New Roman/Arial/Georgia, Size 11 for all paragraphs and 12 for headings.
  3. 3. Using a Cover Letter via EmailApplying For a Specific Job Advertisement: I. One of the most common mistakes job seekers make is sending a general letter rather than a letter individually written to each employer. Even if you use a basic template for all your cover letters, make sure you customize each one you send out. II. State the reason for your message, explain why you are worthy of consideration, ask for an interview, and tell the recipient how you are going to follow up.III. Be concise and make sure you proofread your message.IV. Address your letter to a person, not “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear Sir or Madam.” If a persons name is not indicated in the job listing, call the company if a phone number is given. If you have tried and you still cant obtain the actual name of the intended recipient, then address your cover letter to the job title of the recipient, e.g., “Dear HR Manager” V. Many job seekers forget to say what job they are applying for. State the job in your letter. As mentioned earlier, human resources departments receive hundreds of letters for many different positions. You want to be clear about which one you want.VI. Look through your resume and pick out attributes — skills and experience — that are most pertinent to each position you apply for. Highlight those attributes in the appropriate cover letters. If you send the same letter for every job opening, merely highlighting a few of your (possibly unrelated) qualifications, you wont come across as a strong candidate for the job at hand.VII. DO NOT Mass produce; all letters must be specific to the organization and job.Self-descriptive Words for Cover Letter or CV Active Enterprising Loyal Resourceful Forceful Self-reliant Ambitious Loyal Will travel Dependable Objective Creative Productive Personable Diplomatic Punctual Productive Efficient Determined Resourceful TactfulMarketing Your Transferable SkillsTransferrable Skills are those that can be used at almost any job, and that you have gained throughmany of your experiences. Employers want to see the skills that you bring with you to a position.Here are the most desirable skills:1. Analytical skills2. Communication Skills3. Computer skills4. Creativity5. Detail-oriented6. Entrepreneurial skills/risk-taker7. Flexibility/adaptability8. Friendly/outgoing personality9. Honesty/integrity10. Interpersonal skills (relates well to others)11. Leadership and management skills (gained through higher experience and age)
  4. 4. 12. Motivation/initiative13. Organizational and time management skills14. Real Life Experiences15. Self-confidence16. Strong work ethic17. Tactfulness18. Teamwork skills (works well with others)19. Technical Skills20. Well-mannered/politeEmail Cover Letter Examples:Subject: Application for Marketing AssistantFrom: Samuel CarronDear Ms Wu (if you know) HR Manager (if you dont know the name)I wish to apply for the position of Marketing Assistant within your company. I have recentlygraduated from Ca’Foscari University of Venice, Italy in Oriental Languages where I studied indepth about the culture, history and Mandarin language of China and its people. I want to follow acareer in Marketing because ……………………………..I have followed an internship in Coca-ColaChina where I learnt how to………….......................which has given me a solid understanding ofhow a Marketing department functions and how its projects can determine the success of a brand inChina.I am mature minded person with a strong will to succeed in all I do, I am not afraid of hard work andpossess strong communication skills. I enjoy working in a team and being given challenges.Please find attached my CV for your interest and I hope you will find me a good match for themarketing position. I am available for interview at any time and look forward to hearing from you.Kind regards,Samuel Carron+ 15000 2234 590_______________________________________________________________________________Subject: Seeking Secretary InternshipFrom: Sylvia LorenziDear Ms. Kramer,I am interested in applying for the position of Executive Secretary as an Internship which you listedin Shanghai Daily newspaper. I have some internship experience working in the administrationdepartment of a fashion company, but would like to gain in depth experience by working with yourcompany in Shanghai. My eventual goal is to become a PA to the GM specializing organizingprojects and delegating work to subordinates in the admin department.Please review my attached CV. I would be happy to provide additional information or come to yourcompany for an interview. I can also provide excellent references to support my candidacy.I look forward to hearing from you,Kind regards,Sylvia Lorenzi
  5. 5. VDC Career Guidance TipsSelf-Assessment Questions for CV’s and InterviewsIn order to be competitive in this market you should have an idea about your direction in life, HRManagers do not find it attractive to meet students who have no clear idea about what they want todo. Never use the phrase “Well, I’m happy to do anything” even if you feel that way you must tryto give a clear idea to a company. A person with direction and determination is a more attractivecandidate.To help you make that decision and prepare for job hunting you may like to consider the followingpoints: 1. What industry interests me? Or do I know about more? 2. What kind of career direction do I want to take? 3. What things am I sure I dont want to do? 4. From any part time jobs I have done, what did I learn from them? 5. What skills have you developed as a result of your experiences? 6. What were your job responsibilities? 7. How did they change or otherwise develop over the course of the experience? 8. Did you supervise or lead any people? 9. Did you help other people in any way? 10. Have you worked on a team? 11. Were you involved in any planning responsibilities? 12. Did you operate any equipment? 13. Did you produce any written documents and/or written reports? 14. Can you quantify the results of your work? (e.g., number of customers served, percentage increase in sales) 15. What were your major accomplishments in each position?Be Realistic !“I’m looking for a Marketing Manager position”If this is your first job after school then you are “entry-level” not Managerial level especially if you areless than 30 years old with zero work experience.Be Competitive !China is taking care of its own people now, and slowly closing the doors to foreigners but youradvantages make you competitive to bigger companies because you are more:Creative, Innovative, Independent, Tri-lingual, Confident, Well dressed and Well travelled comparedto the average Chinese student.Be Positive & Confident !You may have been job hunting for a while now, you may feel low and frustrated about yourrejections. Dont let this affect your job interview style and approach, and dont let it lower yourstandards by starting to apply to random jobs without any choice or system of selection ! Stick towhat you WANT TO DO, not what you are desperate to do !
  6. 6. Handling RejectionWhile you were in school you were pretty much in charge of your own destiny. If you studied hard,your grades would usually reflect your efforts. When you are trying to get a job, however, you mayfeel like everything is out of your hands. You are partially right. Even those with excellent resumesor CVs sometimes find it difficult to get hired.Because its that much harder to get a job as a recent graduate, its all the more important to makeyourself stand out. Put in the extra work it takes to make yourself visible and appealing toemployers. As a young, single person with no children, you have more freedom than an older parentor homeowner — and almost nothing to lose. Go for it! Think of every experience, including badones, as an opportunity to learn and grow.Rejection hurts. It doesnt matter if youre a 22-year-old being turned down for a job because youdont have enough experience or a 45-year-old being told you have too much experience. The goodpart of being a younger job seeker is that you have fewer responsibilities at this point in your life, sospending a bit of extra time unemployed wont be too painful, at least not financially.Remember that your job search will be over someday. Someone will hire you !In the meantime, you must remain as positive as you can and BE COMPETETIVE !! Veneti di Cina & Hannahlise wishes you all the best of luck and supports your dreams and goals. We hope that this information can be of good use to you for your future career. Keep in touch !