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Medical Marijuana Patients in Federally Assisted Housing


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The Assisted Housing Management Insider presents…Medical Marijuana Patients in Federally Assisted Housing

The Question:
“One of our tenants has been prescribed medical marijuana in the form of liquid drops. Is this legally permissible according to HUD?”

The Answer:
HUD does not permit project entry to anyone using marijuana regardless of whether it is in a smokable or liquid form, says assisted housing consultant A. J. Johnson, an expert in HUD rules.
Although some states permit marijuana use for medical or recreational reasons, federal housing is based on federal laws. At this time, marijuana use is still prohibited by federal law.
On Dec. 29, 2014, HUD clarified its position regarding renting to applicants who use marijuana and the treatment of current residents who use marijuana—making it clear that current users of marijuana, even if medically prescribed, are not eligible for admission to federally assisted housing.
However, the law “allows” the owner to terminate occupancy, but it is not a requirement. The determination of when to terminate occupancy based on the use of marijuana may be made on a case-by-case basis.
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