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eBay account? Check. Amazon seller? Done. Web site built? You bet. Now you're ready to sell all over the internet. Join Harry Hirschman, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Vendio as he guides you in developing a strong online marketing strategy that make your online presence known and your sales soar.

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  • . Amazon requires a white background. eBay does not. If you take all of your images with a blue background, you will never be able to use the images on Amazon. Your best bet is to take all of your images with a white background.
  • Fine Tune Your Online Marketing

    1. 1. Fine Tune YourOnline Marketing Harry HirschmanMarketing, Sales & Customer Support Prepared for the Internet Marketing Association August 13, 2012
    2. 2. Vendio & Me Vendio helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) sell more online – Vendio is on the side of the merchant – always – Marketplaces consider YOUR customers to be THEIR customers, and they make their own rules I stand with the Underdogs – Former Navy fighter pilot
    3. 3. Beyond eBay Fine tune – Describe the product ONLY, not auction policies • Creates content for other channels Be Found – Maintain top-rated seller status – Titles using words buyers are likely to be searching Leverage Opportunities – Answer all buyer inquires – Practice amazing customer service
    4. 4. Great Photos You Can Re-Use Amazon Image eBay Image
    5. 5. Beyond eBay… (2) eBay Listing Analytics
    6. 6. Beyond eBay… (3) Customer Loyalty and Repeat Business… Include flyers in every package Maintain a buyer subscription email list – Vendio automatically maintains opt in/opt out Use marketplaces as an incubator (join your mailing list, insert a list of your other items, and insert a link to your store
    7. 7. Getting Beyond Amazon Amazon OWNS your customer Amazon has very strict policies regarding contacting buyers or including promotional materials in shipments Working within the Amazon rules, you can market yourself and your business
    8. 8. Beyond Amazon Information & Policies – Add custom content about your business – Upload your logo to the Amazon website – Include an “about us” page
    9. 9. Amazon’s Catalog - ASIN If a product exists on the Amazon site, it already has an ASIN – You must use the existing ASIN Whenever possible, create a new ASIN for the product – Offer a 2-pack, or multi-pack instead of the single item – “Bundle” an accessory item - Selling a Pen? Include a post- it note pad with it, and you just created a new product!
    10. 10. Analytics - Amazon Seller Central In depth reporting on traffic, sessions, buy box percentages, and even conversion rates – Valuable information you can use to gain an advantage over your competition
    11. 11. Amazon Pricing You don’t have to be the lowest price to get sales on Amazon Experiment with pricing your items slightly higher than your competition on some items (continued…)
    12. 12. Amazon Pricing Segment and Separate – If you use FBA - compete against other FBA sellers – If you fulfill your own orders, compete against those sellers – You are targeting two different segments of buyers
    13. 13. Buyer’s Love Promotions The most ignored sales tool on Amazon Experiment to increase your dollars per order Offer 10% off if a customer buys 2 items Get them looking at all your other items
    14. 14. Think About The Whole Cycle Pre-Sale Sale Post-Sale Traffic Products Need To Be: Order Management Comparison Shopping Inventory Mgt Engines (CSE’s) Visible – Shipping / Fulfillment Demand Gen Online Catalog and Customer Service Lead Gen pricing Rewards, Coupons Paid search (SEM) and Loyalty Programs Free search (SEO) Transactionable – Social Shopping Cart and More, Lots More… checkout
    15. 15. For Your Online Store, DIY Pre-Sale Sale Post-Sale Amazon You You eBay Other Marketplaces Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.
    16. 16. Beyond Your Online Store It’s all about trust and confidence – Third-party certifications – Reviews – Partnerships that link you to bigger, better known brands Convey the right image – You can do this yourself. However, always get trusted options and – Don’t be afraid to hire a designer
    17. 17. Online Marketing “Swim Lanes” CSE’s – Comparison Shopping Engines SEO – Search Engine Optimization Email direct marketing Paid Search/PPC Blog and content sharing Social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest – Customer service aspects Analytics
    18. 18. Vendio, Simply Powerful eCommerce Harry Hirschman Vendio Marketing, Sales & Customer Support 650-293-3500 650-619-5108 mobile