Be an Online Triple Threat


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Do you want to expand online, but don’t have the time? Become an “Online Triple Threat” by taking advantage of the “big three” – eBay, Amazon and your own website - without adding more time to your already busy schedule.

Harry Hirschman, VP of Marketing and Business Development at Vendio, will discuss the best ways to use eBay, Amazon and your own website to boost your online sales, while saving time and increasing profits.

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Be an Online Triple Threat

  1. 1. Be AnOnline Triple Threat Harry Hirschman Marketing, Sales & Customer Support August 30, 2012
  2. 2. Overview About Vendio and Harry What is a “Triple Threat”? Case Study Where To Go and Why What You’ll Have To Do
  3. 3. Vendio & Me Vendio helps Small and Medium Businesses (SMB’s) sell more online – Vendio is on the side of the merchant – always – Marketplaces consider YOUR customers to be THEIR customers, and they make their own rules I stand with the Underdogs – Former Navy fighter pilot
  4. 4. What Is An “Online Triple Threat”? A small business that addresses more than 50% of ALL eCommerce… AND Builds its own relationships with its customers
  5. 5. OK, but…What Is An “Online Triple Threat”? A small business that … Sells through MULTIPLE CHANNELS Under the same BRAND With a consistent CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE
  6. 6. OK, but, but…What Is An “Online Triple Threat”? A small business that … Sells on eBay, Amazon, and its own, branded online store • Facebook and mobile devices and lots more
  7. 7. Why Doesn’t Everyone Do It? Unrealistic Expectations – “Fire-and-Forget” – No Work = No Results Lack Of Patience – Marketplaces can get quick results – But building a sustainable business takes time Fear Of The Unknown – Will I need to hire? Can I handle the new orders? Time Is Scarce – Too busy tackling the opportunities that feel more certain
  8. 8. Most Merchants Either Haven’tTried or It Didn’t Work For Them Why haven’t you tried other marketplaces besides eBay and/or Amazon? I have tried other markets, but 21.6% they did not result in sales 24.7% I have tried other markets, but it was too complex or hard to manage I have not tried other markets, I 12.9% do not have the time I have not tried other 40.7% markets, the market I use is working for my business
  9. 9. How Can It Work For You? How do you eat an elephant? – One bite at a time! John Melville’s impact on eCommerce – “Winners make it to the starting line”
  10. 10. Benefits Of Multi-Channel Selling More income – Humans are creatures of habit, they go to the same websites over and over again – Sell where the buyers are Less risk – Marketplace polices, rules, regulations – They change the game whenever it suits them – Marketplaces mostly favor buyers over sellers
  11. 11. Disadvantages of Single-Channel Margins erode over time – Fees increase and costs are pushed to sellers Competition is lopsided – Selling with Amazon’s catalog against Amazon on Amazon to Amazon customers from Amazon’s warehouse – Selling against other SMB’s with higher “status” and better terms
  12. 12. How Do I Get There? Be ready for a sustained effort, it takes some time Be smart – Automate! – Manage marketplaces and your website the same way with one interface • (whisper… Vendio!) Keep the customers you’ve got – This is about building something that will endure
  13. 13. Dan Did It, So Can You Mile Wide Sports Dan, passion for outdoor sports, “shop rat” One-man show for years Added a second marketplace Doubled sales in first year Hired two people, more soon Great fulfillment and great customer service Customer list, coupons, loyalty
  14. 14. Add Amazon Tons and tons of loyal shoppers No listing fees, so it’s a good place to try new things Great for selling new, like-new, and refurbished items, including liquidations Their catalog, their photo, their item description – Less work for you, less differentiation, compete on price (ugh) If you’re adding your inventory one-at-a-time, you’re blowing it!
  15. 15. Add eBay Tons of shoppers Variety of selling formats – Unique or unusual, vintage, less-than-perfect condition, collectibles, price discovery Establish your own relationship with customers
  16. 16. Add Your Branded Online Store And mean it this time The cornerstone of the Triple Threat Goal: Cost-effectively build base of loyal customers – Control your own destiny – Be unique, be different, be special Build a trusting relationship with your customers
  17. 17. Think About The Whole Cycle Pre-Sale Sale Post-Sale Traffic Products Need To Be: Order Management Comparison Shopping Inventory Mgt Engines (CSE’s) Visible – Shipping / Fulfillment Demand Gen Online Catalog and Customer Service Lead Gen pricing Rewards, Coupons Paid search (SEM) and Loyalty Programs Free search (SEO) Transactionable – Social Shopping Cart and More, Lots More… checkout
  18. 18. For Your Online Store, DIY Pre-Sale Sale Post-Sale Amazon You You eBay Other Marketplaces Facebook, Twitter, Pint erest, etc.
  19. 19. Add Facebook FB has a ridiculous number of users, page views, and share of people’s “internet time” fCommerce, is it here yet? – Not quite, but it sure looks promising Figure out a way to “be there” but don’t bet your business on it
  20. 20. Take Advantage of “Mobile” mCommerce is growing like the internet in the late 1990’s – eBay expects $10 billion from mobile Still complicated and costly to create a site specifically optimized for mobile devices – Many devices, many mobile browsers, constant change
  21. 21. “Showrooming”Consumers Are Multi-Channel Too Savvy consumers use retail stores as showrooms to touch-and-feel products Don’t get mad… It levels the playing field, so make it work for you Consumers looking at products on their mobile devices in a store are ready to buy and want to: – Get more information about the product or find a bundle – Find the best price – Taylor the way their order is fulfilled
  22. 22. Be Unique, Be Different, Be Special It’s the best way to make money in this world Tools and platforms have evolved to make it more attainable than ever Take advantage of the strengths of the two biggest online marketplaces… While building a loyal customer base to reduce risk and control your own destiny
  23. 23. Vendio, Simply Powerful eCommerce Harry Hirschman Vendio Marketing, Sales & Customer Support 650-293-3500 650-619-5108 mobile