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Vendemore at FlipMyFunnel, USA, Feb 25 2016


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Vendemore presentation on how a global Fortune 500 company can work with ABM on a global basis, customer case presented by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

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Vendemore at FlipMyFunnel, USA, Feb 25 2016

  1. 1. Learnings from nine years in ABM working with 100+ Fortune 500 companies across six continents Hans Bunes Global Account Director +46 72 302 0034 Christopher Engman Founder of Vendemore Mikael Flygh Director Channel Marketing CEE,GWE & MEMA +46 76 859 80 72
  2. 2. Vendemore movie (Excluded in this file since it makes the file too heavy)
  3. 3. The sales funnel is a straight line? …or? @chrisengman
  4. 4. The sales funnel is NOT a straight line? @chrisengman
  5. 5. Buying journey example Awareness Solution Consideration Asked a colleague’s opinion Onsite demo Attended customer conference Website visit Client references Risk ad Problem & pain ad Leadership & ROI Buyer’s Journey Case study ad Market Report on the website Sales meeting Scope meeting Quotation meeting Sales call Sirius Decisions: 57% of the buyer’s contacts with the vendor are digital * Online Sales @chrisengman
  6. 6. Lack of access Challenge : How do you reach all the people that make or influence the decision? Why do we need you? We know better ROI? Expensive @chrisengman
  7. 7. Aligning marketing investments with business opportunities $ Clients Potential revenue Existing revenue Similar clients Top 50 Next 50 Next 100 ABM – Named accounts B2B General marketing Sales resources @chrisengman
  8. 8. Account Based vs. List Based Marketing High Priority Medium priority Low priority Insufficient Sales resources Inability to prioritise Account Based Trawling vs List Based Marketing Current Sales focus Account Based Marketing Search + MA @chrisengman
  9. 9. Account specific content or Poker cards? Retail references Guide Getting started Infograph Solution area A Competitor X Bank references Selection guide Recorded webinar Solution area B Competitor Y Telco references Pain 1 Market leadership Solution area C Competitor Z Pharma references Pain 2 2 min video Solution area D Status quo Generic references Pain 3 3 min video Gartner report Sirius report Solution area A Solution area B Solution area C Solution area D Customer 1 √ $ ≠ √ Customer 2 $ ≠ ≠ √ Customer 3 √ √ $ √ … Customer 89 $ $ ≠ √ Customer 90 √ ≠ ≠ $ Content / Ad library / ”Poker cards” Message to Account mapping @chrisengman
  10. 10. Global Account Based Marketing for Fortune 2000 companies @chrisengman
  11. 11. Let’s look at one of our strategic accounts 1 November, 2015 HP splits into two +$50b companies Hewlett Packard Enterprise is providing technology solutions in four core areas to customers ranging from SMB to global accounts HP Inc. is the PC and Printing portion of the business. Serves consumers to global accounts @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  12. 12. HPE’s Value Proposition: Transformation Areas Industry /Transformation Area Infrastructure (Cloud) Security Big Data Productivity (Mobility) Financials Retail Health care Industrials Telecom √ Etc. @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  13. 13. The channel sales model anno 2016 Vendors Distributors Partners/Service Provider Customers HELP! @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  14. 14. Where do we start? By aligning sales and marketing Marketing Leads Personas Quantity Individuals Sales Opportunities Buyers/Influencers Quality Accounts Account Plan Opportunity stage identified Investment aligned ABM deployed @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  15. 15. Let’s talk a look at a concrete example Awareness Solution Consideration Drive traffic to company web site Client references, expressions of leadership Risk Problem & pain Risk & ROI Buyer’s Journey Case studies Market reports Vendemore @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  16. 16. What is Account Based Marketing? A powerful campaign delivered through global media to an audience within a specific company, with its own customised content, timing and budget @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  17. 17. Hitting one account with one unique message Account targeting Banner 1 Account targeting Banner 2 Retargeting Banner 3 @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  18. 18. Displaying content in local and international media, 100+ countries @hbunes @Mikael_flygh
  19. 19. Gathering insights from the account, sales people’s time Account Brand views Clicks Click rate Visits Visitors Page views Enterprise Telco Inc. 19,161 18 0.09% 12 10 15 Banner Start date Status Days live Targeted accounts Banner engagement * Brand views Clicks Click rate Banner 1 31-Jan-16 Live 10 1 100% 9,145 7 0.08% Banner 2 31-Jan-16 Live 10 1 100% 10,016 11 0.11%
  20. 20. • Mega deals, the top 3 things to for sales and marketing to win the biggest deals in the world? • How did Vitec do to increase the profit by 80% for the whole company by using ABM? • Content that works in ABM per phase • How to run ABM in the other 5 continents? Unique per continent and country? • How to blend ABM, LI, MA? • Account Based Social selling • How are the biggest companies in the world organize themselves around ABM? • ROI models and KPI recommendations • How AI is entering ABM? Not covered today @chrisengman
  21. 21. • Account Based Marketing vs List Based Marketing • Poker cards • Trawling • 50% of the value of ABM is to enable prioritization of sales people’s time • which accounts, • which themes/solution areas, • which personas/functional roles Summary @chrisengman
  22. 22. Thank you! Hans Bunes Global Account Director +46 72 302 0034 Christopher Engman Founder of Vendemore Mikael Flygh Director Channel Marketing CEE,GWE & MEMA +46 76 859 80 72