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StoreGrid Cloud Plugins


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StoreGrid Cloud 4.4 offers backup plugins needed by enterprises, Get to know more about these plugins

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StoreGrid Cloud Plugins

  1. 1. UNIFIED CLOUD BACKUP & DR PLATFORM Files & Folders Disk Imaging
  2. 2. • Protect business critical applications like MS SQL, Exchange • VMware’s VADP leveraged to perform centralized, efficient backups of virtual machines • Single-vendor protection for both virtual and physical environments Enhancements
  3. 3. • Smaller & Faster incremental backups • Rapid recovery of volumes, disks & VMs • File level restore of Image backups • Instant Virtualization
  4. 4. STOREGRID 4.4 RELEASE HIGHLIGHTS Backup Plugins Hyper-V XenServer Oracle Backup PostgreSQl backup Pervasive MS- outlook cPanel
  5. 5. • Incremental Backups • StoreGrid Cloud can backup the data directly to the remote backup server without requiring a temporary storage space in the Hyper-V server that is backed up. • Flexibility of any-to-any recovery with unified backup format and restore
  6. 6. XenServer backup • With the Xen plugin backup support in StoreGrid linux client, you will be able to add Xen hosts for backing up your VMs on your Linux Distros as well. • This allows a fast restore of full virtual machines to the original virtualization server or to another. • XenServer backup users can increase their IT flexibility with ease • Easy, agentless deployment that reduces OPEX
  7. 7. • StoreGrid Cloud supports the option to incrementally backup Outlook. • Each incremental backup of Outlook is backed up as a separate PST giving complete control during restore. • Business continuity and faster restoration which reduces downtime from hours to minutes.
  8. 8. Plugins for database Backup • Supports Pervasive, PostgreSQL, ands Oracle. • Full and Incremental database backups. • Hybrid Cloud Backup Protection. • StoreGrid Cloud agent uses RMAN (Oracle Recovery Manager), a command- line and Oracle Enterprise Manager-based tool to perform hot backup of the Oracle databases. • The plug-in has a smart scheduler that needs users to define a backup plan only once, following which the program runs backup tasks automatically, on a minute to monthly basis.
  9. 9. cPanel Server Backup • Deep integration with cPanel/WHM/WHMCS • Restore cPanel server, specific accounts or specific data within an account • Seamlessly integrates with cPanel Admin Console • Granular-level restores from Control Panels
  10. 10. 1-408-981-3920 For StoreGrid Cloud 30 day FREE trial, visit Thank You