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Let’s Bring the Olympics to America Again


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Let’s Bring the Olympics to America Again

Op-Ed article by Veloxity, a cell phone charging station company that rents and sells cell phone charging stations to companies, events and venues.

News, advice and happenings about cell phone charging stations and the industry to help keep you fully charged and connected.

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Let’s Bring the Olympics to America Again

  1. 1. Let’s Bring the Olympics to America Again Presented by Veloxity
  2. 2. The city of Boston is bidding to bring the Olympic Summer Games to the United States for the first time in nearly 30 years.
  3. 3. Event Check-in SystemsThe United States Olympic Committee didn’t choose Los Angeles or San Francisco’s proposals to host the 2024 Summer Games. They didn’t choose Washington, D.C., or New York City either. For this, the team at Veloxity, a Boston-based company that sells and rents cell phone charging stations to events, is thrilled.
  4. 4. Event Check-in SystemsIf the Olympics are coming back to American soil in the near-future, the Games will emanate from none other than Boston. The city’s plan – backed by a number of heavy hitters in both the public and private sectors – hinges largely on an innovative “temporary stadium” in South Boston.
  5. 5. Event Check-in SystemsHere’s the gist of it: Instead of relying on regional public funding – as a permanent stadium almost certainly would – a temporary 60,000-seat stadium could be built using funds from the Olympic budget itself. Once the Games end, Boston would also be off the hook for the expensive upkeep of a permanent facility.
  6. 6. Event Check-in SystemsThe International Olympic Committee will choose the 2024 host city by 2017. Boston’s competition lies in Rome, Paris, Berlin, Hamburg and Istanbul – giving the committee a veritable who’s who of the world’s great cities to choose from.
  7. 7. Event Check-in Systems At Veloxity, we would be delighted to have the Olympics in our home city of Boston. In fact, we’d be happy to offer cell phone charging stations for rent – fully painted in red, white and blue.