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5 Superhero Characteristics All Business Leaders Must Have


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5 Superhero Characteristics All Business Leaders Must Have
• Laser Focus
• Kaboom Communication
• Transformation Tool Box
• A Super Team
• Daredevil Risk

“I’m not saying that I’m Batman. I’m just saying that no one has ever seen Batman and I in the same room.”

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5 Superhero Characteristics All Business Leaders Must Have

  1. 1. HOW TO BE A SUPERHERO IN BUSINESS 5 Superhero Characteristics All Business Leaders MUST HAVE “I’m not saying that I’m Batman. I’m just saying that no one has ever seen Batman and I in the same room.”
  2. 2. Unleashing your superhero super skills requires intense focus and the obliteration of the Super Squirrel. As business leaders we have all experienced the endorphin rush that comes from the creation of a new idea. Unfortunately, the balance of being an idea factory and execution machine is the difference between achieving results in your business and just talking about what you could have done.   Mastering the art of efficiency is an often discussed, rarely practiced exercise by leaders at all levels. The first step towards superhero level efficiency is clarity around what your motivation is. Take a look at your life and identify what distractions are keeping you from focusing on the things that you truly love. Outsource the tasks that are not your best, use wherever possible, and push the tasks you hate doing to the start of your week, preferably at the start of your day so you can move on to the things that fuel your passion.   Map out your week and make time for creative sessions or creativity, but set out tasks for each day to execute on the initiatives you have already put into place. LASER FOCUS How to obliterate the Super Squirrel “I believe that true focus lies between rage and serenity.” -Professor Charles Xavier
  3. 3. Tame your inner Hulk Still throwing the occasional chair or yelling at your assistant? Tame your inner Hulk with this powerful superhero communication tip:   COMMUNICATE LESS. Communication is a tempting thing. No matter if it is in social media, via text message, or via email. When we receive a communication or engagement from someone in our life over the most mundane thing, it fills our need to feel important and valued. It is so tempting to “like” back, to “reply all”, or to engage back to fulfill that individual’s need to feel valued as well. Stop. Communicate ONLY when needed. Feelings have everything to do with communication, but your “K” reply to a text message isn’t validating anyone and it just ate up precious focus that you had on something that mattered.   In business, remove the pressure to chime in at every meeting. Instead, channel your energy towards really hearing what is being said. It is tempting to feel pressure to contribute. Without having said something, the rest of your team will feel like you aren’t worthy, right? Actually, just the opposite. When you say less, your words become more impactful. Take a deep breath, listen in to what isn’t being said, and then take the time to carefully craft the message you wish to contribute. For email, this rule still applies. Your email inbox should rarely have more than 10 items in it. Everything should be filed into one of three places: 1. INBOX: Items you need to deal with in the next 24 hours, essentially becoming your digital “to do” list 2. FOLDER: Items that need to be saved or reviewed at another time. Articles or links friends send you, events that you want to consider, or just client information that does not require immediate attention 3. TRASH: 99% of the emails you receive should end up here. Yes, you can try the lovely email sorting systems and unsubscribe to all kinds of lists, but if your job has anything to do with marketing or you feel the need to review the latest email newsletter from most retailers to stay on top of market trends, that isn’t going to help. Kaboom Communication
  4. 4. Tools to take you from visionary to doer Create Internal Systems and An Awesome Team Once you determine what moves the needle for your business, put additional resources into those and scratch the rest. This is probably the biggest thing that entrepreneurs and business owners will tell you “saved” them. Bring in people who make up for your weaknesses and establish internal systems right off the bat. Prepare now, so that you’re not scrambling in the future. This means you should have people in charge already and in place to help you hire as you need it.   Once the resources are in place to optimize what works, measure some more. Then, maybe you’re ready to automate some systems and processes.   Related: Are you facing challenges growing your business? Nathan Smith, CEO at Smith Durant, can help you solve your Top 5 Business Challenges today.   Switch to Cloud-Based Systems This idea is not new anymore, and it seems to be one that is often overlooked. Cloud-based systems allow you to communicate and share information anywhere and at any time. Having information constantly accessible is the key to keeping a growing business successful because things are going to come up when you’re not in the office. If you don’t switch to cloud-based systems soon enough, you could run into the problem of having too much information on your servers. Cloud-based systems already have the power you’ll need.   Ask For Help Growth and development are exciting stages in the evolution of a small business. However, without solid planning and infrastructure business owners can jeopardize valuable growth opportunities. By thinking proactively and consistently working on your system, your business will be ready. TRANSFORMAT ION TOOL BOX
  5. 5. The first step to building a super team is the analysis of the skills that you already have, as well as the gaping holes in experience and skill set that will round out your entire team. Personality analysis and outside perspective can be invaluable tools for identifying these. Most entrepreneurs hire people who are like them or who are the polar opposite of their personality. Both are incorrect. There is a balance to hiring the perfect complement to your team who will fit within your culture. So where does creating your culture begin? It begins by asking yourself the following 4 questions. 1. What are the 3 most important values for me as a business owner? 2. What are the 3 most important values for my team? 3. What are the 3 most important values for the business? 4. What are the 3 most important values for our customers? 5. As an example values could be anything from integrity, communication, team work, etc. Once you list the 3 most important values for each category, the next step is to define what each value means to your organization. How to build a team of superheroes
  6. 6. Smart risk taking (so you don’t destroy the planet) Know yourself first: When you run a business driven by a keen awareness of your strengths and weaknesses, that means you are aware of when you feel uncomfortable. Knowing these parameters will ensure that you stay on track and keep you from taking risks in the moment driven by adrenalin. Find your “village” and your “people”, so you have a support system around you to ensure you stick to your most authentic self.   Bet on yourself and bet big: Figure out what you are willing to lose and then invest in growing yourself and your business to ensure that you are the biggest investment your business makes. Business leadership requires personal growth, so constantly be pushing your skills as a leader to ensure that the company grows with you.   It’s okay to lose a little sleep: It is not okay to be exhausted, but some of the most compelling moments that leaders have keeping them awake aren’t the negatives of leadership. It simply means that you’re a trailblazer and are leading an army into the battle that is business. It’s okay if that leads to some sleepless moments. DARE DEVIL RISK
  7. 7. The team at Smith Durant was created by mere mortals who discovered their own super skills one dark and stormy night after far too many hours in the evil lair of a corporation. Trapped by four ever-closing walls and weakened by the crushing force of jobs, these independent thinkers were close to losing their creative minds by the time superhero leaders Michael Durant and Nathan Smith came to rescue them.   Empowered to take action to save the souls of business leaders everywhere, the legend of the SD Action Hero Team has grown from business to business throughout the world. When you have had enough of average and need to be rescued, just call out to the SD Action Hero Team, preferably using the modern convenience of a telephone at 702- 583-7301.
  8. 8. 702.583.7301 Let’s do it together!