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4th Edition English


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4th Edition English

  1. 1. Sacred Pharaonic Wedding Workshop In the special Ancient Egyptian way of loving and Techniques to transcend this love through time and space. Therapy for couples that need to change and those who need to transcend…..
  2. 2. Publication General Director Cheryl Andiön Direction & Coordination Vellyqueen Superstars Communications Bogota Colombia Direction y Journalistic Editor Kathya Sanmiguel Staff Sophia Saad/Turkey Journalist & Polititian Arianna Sanpedro/Mexico Lawyer & Writer Viviana Ospina / Colombia Aaron / Colombia Archana Kadam / India Photography Humayun Rizwan / Pakistan Commercialization Vellyqueen Superstars © Bogota Colombia Cover Walking in the same direction © 2010 Vellyqueen Superstars Magazine All rights reserved Copying the articles of this issue is not allowed Without authorization of our Editorial Committee
  3. 3. Content FOURTH EDITION JULY 2010 Soulmates Empowering Jewels 6 33 Love Here and Beyond Egyptian Symbols.. Ganesh 23 37 Mudras How to Use them Part II The God of Good Fortune Essences and Aromas 26 The Magic Power The Massage 3o Thousand Year Old Art And Scien- ce
  4. 4. Dear Readers: Thanks for being with us once more. We are pleased to deliver an issue that due to starting of new cycle of our tem- ple, we wanted to show how much we care about all of you, bringing a new design that for sure you will love. A new cycles starts in our Team, cycle in which we pretend to include you, the most important element of our work, teach- ing through each of our issues, about topics that for sure you will not find everywhere but that are awakening a big percentage of world population. Vellyqueen Magazine, wants to deliver a message that lead you to question yourself about if you are settle with the lives you people are living now, if it still works or is time to renew parameters. This time we will topics that will lead you to so many questions, questions that we are willing to answer eventually. Topics that clear doubts that we all have, that we all have been asking, and now after so much research, we found coherence in the final results, that will remain in this magazine forever. I want to thank Vellyqueen Team, my team, the designers, photographers, from our country and “ outsiders ” , the writers, that put soul on each article they send, to our new Temple employees which s the perfect complement of the knowledge that we here deliver. All and each one of us are to lead you to a new existence, one that is full of joy, of love, peace, but the most important an existence that resists all parameters of fear, to belong to the parameters of LOVE… Saying thank you to all the readers, that are not a few anymore, for the loyalty you have shown, and to all those who make possible a so wonderful job, our magazine , I say good bye and hoping once again a “sooner encounter “ …. sooner that what you can imagine…. Cheryl Andion Director Vellyqueen Magazine
  5. 5. Soulmates Love here and Beyond Photography by Humayun Rizwan Cairo, Egypt No touching, no looking at each other, but love is in the air and walking in the same direction… Definition: The Soul, Vital principle, is the inspiration of life. In the Bible, the word soul means life, blood. The soul is the intellect of human be- ings, is the bond that links the material world with the spirit, is our intrinsic part that survives the physical death.
  6. 6. Soul mates and How to recognize it Inside the soul remains stored all our background of information, feelings and emotions. In there is where our experience of life relies, and travels with us in each reincarnation we have until we manage to reach perfection. Evolution is an individual task. Our mind is an energy that works inside the limitations of the brain. The soul reaches proportional, extraordinary dimensions to its development, but it depends on us. Soulmates are a creation of God, He gave it a circular form just like a sphere and he di- vided into two parts putting them inside two different bodies. They should evolve each one through separated lives. Thus soulmates were born, this is the concept of its exis- tence and the reason of the why are separated. The man is Yang and the woman is Ying. In this truth resides the concept of soulmates. They are two parts of a same soul, divided into female and male portions. Two polarities that together, they become one. SOULMATES, THE MEETING F THE SOULS Soulmates encounters occur a lot before it happen in the material World. This encounter is done through stages, which once they hap- pen, remain latent and start linking one to the other. Spiritual Idea: Also called, Mission. We know that this is reached when both soulmates, to- gether, reach a development that can’t be done by being separated. Both souls are invaded by a huge happiness. They fight or split, and they seem decaying or wilted. They can get to feel that after this, nothing matters.
  7. 7. Intellectual Sympathy: In this stage, soulmates have same taste in topics; they exchange ideas that at the same time they are constructive. These mates both desire a cultural and intellectual elevation. The companions encourage each other in different studies; other- wise they would enter the sphere of the individuality and of the selfishness. Conscious and Interests: When one of these mates dies, non of them stays regretting or remembering the past, therefore they are aware of being the halves of a perfect whole. Is a mood where one reflects the other one. The pain of one saddens the other one. They both are complement in all aspects. This state usually ends when one of them dies. Sympathy: Soulmates attract easier when they both have good sense of humor and when participate in social activities. They know that to receive is important to give, and has to be anger-free deliverance, hate or discordance. There is another relevant thing here, since hey are joint by a superior conscious, there is no need for rude words or hard tones to speak. Desire: Man and woman are delivered to passion. They seek for it. There is a need for long conversations that last for hours. They respect this long chats and make plans for
  8. 8. Physical: Is a period where a hug, a kiss and making love are intense, when there is an elevation of the kundalini, for karmic freeing of any black spot that goes against the couple. Inside tantric investigations, when the triple flame of heart is blessed and taken directly to find the triple flame of the mate, I mean, that when the female and masculine ethereal union is ready to happen, the cardiac Chakra opens a huge will to help people, and at the same time the sensi- bility for human pain is awaken. Karmic Relationships: Many people remain alone for so long, this be- longs to something called, “Karmic Relationships”, relationships where you have something to learn, something to heal, something that belongs to past lives. If you are in this situation, say thank you for this and move on… Getting attached to a painful relationship is not the best choice, the best thing to do here is to take the good in this and make distance in be- tween.
  9. 9. The more demanding we are when we look This kind of love transcends age ma- for a couple, the more we are polishing our terial world, race, beliefs and also soul for the soulmate encounter. distance. When they see each other, We only have to be aware of something: we they have a huge urge to hug the must not confuse being demanding with be- other, kiss and to expand the ener- ing coldhearted. gies o their hearts. Both of them de- sire to grow in spiritually and intellec- Pure Aura: To clean our auras and free it tually fields, they encourage each from Karma, you can take as a support, the other to personal growth, there is no meditation, praying, mantras, mandalas, selfishness or individuality and they visualizations. All these alternatives help to have the desire, although uncon- make internal shifts that little by little lead us scious still, to walk the path together. to free any negative karma. They complement each other by all We must remember that the aura is the re- means. Usually they are almost think- flection of our personality, of our inner world, ing the same! They accept each of our experience and learnings. There is no other, they respect each other, make way to change the aura, other than changing plans to future they like each other and lightening our thoughts and attitudes. the way they are. When we work with our inner side, we are If they fight they seem to wilt and will working also with love, and our own voice, look to clear the misunderstanding as with our heart. If we get use to listen to our fast as possible, with humbleness, no selves to open the heart, will be easier to lis- ego, generosity like made for each ten the voice of love when this one reaches other. us. Love will increase day by day. They How to find my soul mate? notice that even separated they were Even though we are born in separated bod- looking for each other, now they get ies, the bond of this souls is never ending why the wait, and why the joy of living and through so many reincarnations we will and why the hearts never closed the be together, each one of us, In a different door to love. scenery, living parallel lives, same experi- ences, but are not able to recognize it imme- Their past experiences where the diately because we lack of evolution and prelude to this encounter. Good hu- that’s why we need the other relationships. mor is usually a good thing to find But the final encounter is inevitable. Soul that soulmate. They attract each mates have same interests, attraction is not other better they are active, cheerful, just physical or sexual and tenderness is they speak long music transports placed in the look of each other. them to the original place.
  10. 10. Seek for ecstasies and they enjoy. Making love is an experience that transcends lifetime and has so much meaning and an indescribable instance of that union, the get to recog- nize through their eyes that soul that they were searching for and then…. You will know that you found your better half! If you are waiting for true love, you have to activate that encounter, by keeping your faith in this arrival. Taking each experience as another forward step, praying, calling it and by blessing that being that you havent met yet, but you are waiting for, that soul will be wait- ing for you too. When loneliness seems so painful is where finally appears. That can be years but deep in your heart you will know that exists and when, will it appears, the whole universe will plot in behalf of this encounter and it starts to unchain all kinds of events so finally you will get to be together. If you haven’t found your soulmate yet, don’t get depressed, is not time yet, just have faith and wait. And having faith is to have the certainty of this happening and that this time will be forever… it will be an eternal love and endless love!
  11. 11. Human beings give value to the common To have in count: When I mention Soul- “wrap” the common wealth, this value pre- mates I make reference to the encounter vails over GOD, but the light beings have itself, when the souls are ready to be other merits and not exactly the monetary together. inherits, they are beings that are so alike that is so difficult to recognize them, is be- Soulmates are almost most of the times ing told that, no matter how far they are people with gifts from heaven. ( Of born they always find themselves, and un- course not all the seers are ready to til this happens they can not be happy in soulmates, but in general this powers their environment even though this occurs have to awaken to detect it), healing , a few minutes before the death day. They connection with bigger souls that are not find each other to rest in peace. reincarnated and the strength to connect to with God and Celestial Mother. When soul mates are ready, here the sig- nals…. You have to reach some kind o power The Akashic archives are written over here on earth before the soulmate ap- people, no one and nothing can make you pears, a clear sign to be ready is also know or change what is inside but God, that the material part is covered, ready soul mates are taught by God, he shows soulmates are usually very smart be- their future, the past and the present self- ings, good in businesses, works and lessly. protections, an din exchange they only want love and caring is the biggest en- gine in world but usually looks so expen- On earth in a “persona” level, they can sive to reach it… identify each other like something that no one will understand, since is so difficult to By making some investigation we con- understand something unexplainable and clude that we should open our minds to wonderful. This makes that the faith they any possibility we must not close any have in God, be so pure that no one will door, but at the same time we have to take this away from them, this makes that keep ourselves in a strong attach to this encounter has an unachievable value mother earth. when bright eyes radiates love. Giving help. Usually when you see this kind of being the general comment is that the look is not from this world, since is a tender look so penetrating.
  12. 12. We usually communicate telepathically with our soulmate. If you are a superior being, if you have some kind of cosmic ability, you must not use it just because. And also not to make this event happen faster. It will happen in the right moment, but also know that is up to us to make it happen to. You must observe by the edge of your eye. Soul in Latin: “Anima”, “breath” is the principle of life, thinking and sensations that with the body compounds the essence of the mankind when born.Not all light workers are born with a soulmate, and are able to be with it in this earth, unless you reach the right qualities to bring this soul near to you. AS we mentioned before, our own soul must be healed from fears, from negativity, from anger, from resentment and you must reach high moral quali- ties, special n God’s creation and capable to deliver specially to your soulmate. Souls with conscious are different, many people say not having a soul when they act in a cold way, soulmates are special because they can not stay long where there is no love around, they must move on and leave. Leaving a soulmate is like being turned apart. Is so painful to leave this being. Emptiness empowers life. Soulmate is always looking for us, and if there is no chance for us to meet, that soulmate will look over and over through lives now that you know that they are not much without each other. Remember that to settle is not finding a soulmate, try to recognize signals. Everything is faster and so smooth when soulmate is around. In your eyes there is perfection on that soul. And fighting is not so often. This is a gift from God after so many struggles. The quickness and the energy, present the movement of energy for the union of two Be- ings of Light, represented on earth as special souls. The force, the power, the quickness and the energy represent Soulmates that can be differentiated from the energies of normal souls. What people believe is totally different form being soulmates. Soulmates usually have same tastes also they are very jealous people since they don’t share this kind of love, usually keep a bit of distance so not to make any mistake. They like to recommend things to each other, they are amazingly loving and good people, and when they get to be together they can not be without the other. Since it is a total deliver- ance they can be dead soon because of this loss. Do not confuse obsession with real love, obsession usually do not have the sensation of happiness never, in obsession, there is no happiness being together or being apart.
  13. 13. Being worried by your soulmate sounds a bit scary, usually these souls are so con- nected that when something is happening the connection gets stronger to go and jump for that rescue. These souls can give life for the other one and they are ex- tremely happy when everything is fine. This cannot be understood by normal energies people. The soulmate can love fondly, but it will never be a person with no compassion or charity, since they have an incredible level of conscious. Normal beings can be indo- lent and think that the thing it does, noth- ing matters, not even those that that other soul has done, due to this having a regret of a bad thing done is sort of difficult. Is generally told that if this soulmate en- Normal people see what they are, and counter never happens, there is no peace they notice that due to other forms that and rest, they can spend whatever they develop in their inside, they are not seeing have over them, but the emptiness is aspects of life because they haven’t made every day worse. We can born 7 times contact with divinity with the unknown. But and never find this better half and keep on with us at the beginning, the shape forms, wandering, can feel bad, fell that fighting and limitations develops, hiding to our has no reward, usually God is speaking to soul the shape of our brothers without us inside but there is always a doubt since even noticing, we may not see our soul as devil tempts us, but he will never succeed soon as we make contact with it to live in he tries to enter into soul so we will sell it its light, but we see something, is very to to the wrong person making us believe it see your twin brother than to see the soul- was the right choice. Appealing to our mate, we see its light, we change our way weaknesses to succeed, but we all know to get near, here we have the beginning of that we must not lose our conscious and our limitations, is in here were lies the our connection to God and Celestial promises of our success, a latent faculty Mother and God comes back to us to free that once is outside will reveal a whole it from any danger. new world.
  14. 14. Once the powers of the hidden soulmate are revealed, will make us conscious of a whole new world, and a plan of life will be revealed, and being kingdom that up to know has been denied for us in this existence. Therefore, the job of each one of us consists on “putting our brain conscious” aligned to our soulmate conscious with the certainty that our soulmate will come by knowing that our thoughts will reach it. By making this, the di- vine plan will manifest gradually in the physical level while each son of God drives this mental active substance, which is responsible of finding a favorable condition capable to respond to the thoughts of our soulmate. Let us try not to feel bad, or our soulmate will perceive these disconformities and will be delay this encounter creating confusion mak- ing. Sometimes when a very small part of this mechanism is not working properly provokes great difficulties, frequently adjustment is needed before all this machine can work and perform the job with amazing results, in the human collaboration kingdom analog situa- tions will be presenting. Characteristics, invocations, and visualizations of soulmate. We all are in the search of the perfect love. Scientists explain that this search has to do with our hormones functioning, ancient lov- ing courts rituals or a not solved “matter complex”. Probably there is some truth around but down below this truth there is a bigger truth the “Spiritual Truth. And that truth is that exists somewhere in this universe a being that we love beyond all what we see and know: Our soulmate. This term has been manipulated, that an important distinctions is necessary here. That there is a big difference between companion mates and soul mates. True love The encounter with our soulmate is very intense, and it happens at the same time in as- tral level. The look: They look at each other as if they want to cross themselves, in the intelligence level, which is to be with God. Sexual attraction ends up being in a second level. Not possession We can no pretend to possess someone, we can consider to be owners of that soul, or self impose yourselves over them, forcing the nature is the feeling itself, and at the same time the other’s personality drowns. And no one can be oblígated to love. Genuine love: The person will never try to mold the other one, only accepts the person just the way it is. Trying to help him or her to develop a better him or her with a more ele- vated personality. In this case love is given in a selfless way, waiting for nothing in ex- change.
  15. 15. True love is based on faith not in fear, no register of mistakes, or wounds, true love is the first step for reconciliation, and this belongs to karmic relationships. True love is fair, is not limited to physical level, this union reaches a spiritual and mental level too, becoming richer, intense an everlasting.
  16. 16. This encounter rejects any difference in race, nationality or belief, as long as there is a basic level of affinity that assures the beginning and the survival of this relationship. Love between soulmates is tireless, never ends up, and on the contrary it increases day by day. There is no being in love, lover and less exist dividers, no splits or disappointing. Love between soulmates survive in all the levels of existence in other lives …. Is eternal… Exploring the Mystery of Soulmates We all have experience that urge to find our better half. Some fortunate people, have found it. Some others, are walking tirelessly the paths of spirituality, getting nowhere and without that other special being for them. What is what makes the difference? Let’s start by understanding a little bit more about this phenomena (hose who got here for the first time I suggest you read past issues of the same topic). Beyond our personality, our soul has incarnated in this physical level with a growing pur- pose and a service mission. In this path it can encounter other souls also known, with in the past has shared experiences, so that’s why there is so much affinity. With some of them can get on well, some others not much but they save important messages and help to evolve and find some answers. The clearest cases are those in which we have a so bad relationship. Although at the be- ginning is difficult to understand, all those we firmly resist, those that “get on our nerves” all those that have been conflictive guests in our lives, they are called companion souls which means soul that we have interacted with in past lives. The fact that we can not get rid of them that easy, proves we have “Pendant Issues” to be solved with them. Unless we release the fight for power that keeps us joint to them, unless we forgive, that person will continue generating pain and frustration in our lives. Yes, the only way out is forgiv- ing. And that is exactly the message, the teaching: Because that is exactly the same people that are so hard for us to love and forgive. And that is what is all about. Isnt’ it? Another case is that one when we love intensely. They are also companion souls, and we have with them a bond that came from other lives. But with a difference here, they teach us through love and joy. They show us the prettiest faces of our personality, acting like mirrors.
  17. 17. And the more we love them; new attributes are opened before our perception to be treasured and loved. But surely you , that are reading this text, this is not enough. I can picture you telling to yourselves, “ Yeah pretty, I have those I hate, those I love…. But “where is that special one, that unique being, my eternal lover, my better half? ” Maybe the main point is in our difficulty to accept that when our soulmate appears it wont be to take us to a paradise. Our better half has a mission; to make us evolve spiritually and like any other Teacher, involuntarily can hurt us in the process. Ill give you some hints that can help through this process. The lessons that are going to be taught by our soulmate are already part of our bag- gage is in our conscious already, the encounter is accelerated and the team experi- ence will be flowing and happier. The lesssons that are taught by our better half. When your soulmate arrives to your life, it will be to help each other and learn. Mainly the lessons to be learned are as follow: Love Unconditionally Our soulmate will propose interesting and sometime exasperating game: To love him or her, will be an experience and it has to be with unconditional love, whereas it is be- cause its characteristics are irritating, because his situation is not in tune with ours (for example, he or she is not free), or because of the distance, or simply because he or she is not recognizing us. Before these constraints, we can simply stay away go apart and search for love in other meadow…. But this is not possible, because we feel for this person an unbelievable attraction so strong that it can’t be silenced, our efforts to get rid of these feelings are worthless we always come back to him or her, with heart, with the head and in actions. In the way we learn how to accept the other in the way he or she is, to accept the love bonds sometimes not to conventional, we learn how to wait, and how to connect in other levels, and finally we learn how to love. Be “WE” authentically. Our soulmate knows us better than anyone. Knows about our hidden talents and our shadows. Sometimes being with your soulmate, this transparency can be unbearable. But at the end, end up being the best it can happen, because he or she pushes me to a whole new level in my existence takes me to evolve. In front of our soulmate we can not hide who we are, the real me, and this is wonderful.
  18. 18. Fulfill our purpose As we all know, we all come to earth with a special purpose and a service mission. Our function is unique, there no one in the world capable to do what I am going to do. That’s why discovering our mission is so important, either for our evolution or for the human kind. There is nothing sadder than not dedicating the life for what we chose, for what we were created, is the lost opportunity that will never be recovered. That's why the presence of the soulmate is so important. Because our mission and its mis- sion are in synchronism, they are articulated in a harmonic way they are absolutely com- plementary. To express it in all the potential we need our eternal mate by our side with us, cooperating in our conscious elevation, awakening us, celebrating together step by step, and being example for those that observe. Are we willing? Are you ready to love unconditionally, to show yourself without reserving anything for you and dedicate yourself to your mission fearless? If the answer is yes, you are on your way to find your soulmate or you are near him or her. If the answer is no now you know why you haven’t found anything near to this, and now you know why life has been so tough to you.. Two work easier than one…. Now you have discovered that living unconditionally being yourself and Developer your mission are the keys to prompt this encounter. 2010 ar on A
  19. 19. Attraction between soulmates The union that exist between soulmates is almost unperceivable, means that we might not notice its presence , it can be so near to us and we are not able to recognize it physically, but or soul can do it and one of the ways that manifest is in dreams. Have you ever woken up with this wonderful sensation of having an intimate conversa- tion so rewarding with the guy or girl of your dreams? When we are sleepy an astral projection can be showed, that is so real that you can understand that life is so “normal”. During an astral projection psychosomatic body splits from the physical one being attached only by the silver cord. The psychosomatic body is exactly like the material one just that in different levels, and existence. This separation between the two bodies occurs before we start dreaming. Once the separa- tion is done, the dreaming thing starts. In this dreams we live and feel for real just that is in a different sphere. Is something so palpable, that when you wake up we have the exact impression of a reality. Was so real just like the physical conscious. You can be sure that it has been an encounter with your soulmate. There are cases that when we have the encounter with “someone” trig- gers in us attitudes that in some other cases are not manifested, have you ever asked yourself, why did I do this? Maybe you can not recognize your soulmate but your soul does. The re-encounter of soulmates is done
  20. 20. in other levels, also is done in our world, in our reality. We are bonded to our soulmate since the beginning of the times, and in each reincarnation we evolve together and we can reunite continuously, but not always we can recognize, we can live together and we can also not even feel anything, and in spite of felling attraction separation can be unavoidable and this is for ne reason: We still lack evolution and we need other relationships to evolve. Live different experi- ences. Maybe we haven’t reached the point were the encounter is a benefit instead of be- ing a disaster, or maybe one of the parts has evolved more than the other one. When one of the mates reaches the “fine” status before its soulmate does, at the point to leave the system of reincarnations, its load of love is going to be so big that will decide to give the biggest prove of love that is possible to be given, will remain in this suffering world voluntarily waiting for the soulmate to reach the point where they can be together eternally so they can ascend together. This encounter of soulmates will happen sooner or later, there’s no way to know when or where, but if you are looking for true love, that one that is eternal, you can trigger the energy of love to bring this encounter to reality. And don’t for- get to value what you have, once is already with you, don’t hesitate, do not let your fears change your true path your true love, for the true pain…
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  22. 22. Ganesh THE GOD OF GOOD FORTUNE Ganesh eliminates all the obstacles of our spiritual and material path, is considered by all the Hinduism as the God of the good luck who grants prosperity and fortune in all the fields of our life. That’s why he is invoked before any important activity, whether it is mundane or spiri- tual, so every obstacle will be eliminated and the good fortune can be reached easily in everything that is done, nevertheless what we are asking for, has to be good and pure, since if it is not like this Ganesh himself, through all his celestial army, will put all kinds of obstacles and blocks for this not to happen or reach anything that has to do with self- ish goals, harmful even for us or for the others or simply not auspicious.
  23. 23. This way Ganesh will protect us from all negativity and dense environments, violence, envy or hate if he is summon for this purposes. Ganesh Invocation To call Ganesh we must follow some Basic rules of a magic spiritual ritual like any other di- vinity. Even sometimes this will not be possible, is convenient before any invocation to make some or all the following recommendations to perform a really good communication with God. Taking a shower before, being completely clean and also having clean clothes. Having the image of Ganesh makes us get inside the necessary concentration, make some water offerings, flowers, incenses, candles, fruits, candies, food and/or anything that we consider special or valuable for us. From the magical point of view, is better to invoke him early in the morning before midday, and also better on crescent moon, from new moon to full moon. But from the religious point of view, Ganesh is available at any time to hear from us, weather we observe or not all this recommendations, be it Hindu or any other spiritual belief, as long as there is a real and pure wish to communicate with the lord of this and other parallel uni- verses or dimensions. Ganesh Mantra Mantras are sacred phrases or words, normally written in Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) that was written by Wise Seers of the ancient world. As soon as we pronounce it, we link our communication with the invoked entity. So to speak, mantras are powerful spells that, when they are pronounced we attract all kinds of vibrations, from the entire universe, to ful- fill a desire purpose. The way to pronounce a mantra is making it by sacred numbers like, 11 times, 21, 51 or 108 if we want we can name it more as long as they are multiples of 108 times. The more we pronounce a mantra the more energy we attract tour environment, our minds and spirits, which gradually will make us tune some more with the divinity. In Ganesh’s mantra specifi- cally is for the elimination of bad energies or obstacles in our material or spiritual path. Swami Ganesh Maharaj recommends starting on Monday or Thursday. After we pronounce this mantra, daily, even on daily activities, after a few weeks results will start being percepti- ble noticing that what was a problem or an obstacle, somehow in a magical way it has been solved. A couple of mantras, most know to invoke Ganesh and obtain his supreme bless- ings are the following: Ganesh Mantra - Obstacle Breaker "Om Gam Ganapateye Namaha" "Om Gang Ganapataye Namaha Om" ( Tantric Version )
  24. 24. Oriental Temple
  25. 25. The Magic Power of Essences Mint to raise concentration, cinnamon as a pain reliever, basil to eliminate fever. This statements witchcraft, and one of those that fly away in brooms, make fire and have big black hats, never the less, it is a real healing treatment based in essences and its name sounds every day more familiar: AROMATHERAPY. Aromatherapy is word that is becoming more common in everyday’s people’s vocabulary, since, recently, the use of essences with therapeutical has taken a great boom every- where in the world. Nevertheless, the medicinal use of aromatic essences extracted of flowers and plants is a thousand-year-old practice. Many primitive civilizations used burned plants, flowers and woods in their rites and religious ceremonies. From China and India to Egypt, where over 5,000 years ago they used the essential oils of plants as medi- cines, ointments, perfumes, cosmetic and even for the conservation of inert bodies for their "eternal voyage". The first one on speaking of aromatherapy was the French chem- ist René Maurice Gattefosse, after observing that the essential oils contained powerful curative and antiseptic properties. Few years later he published his first book, in which he affirmed that inhaling certain smells or steams can alleviate illnesses as depression or the anxiety. More than just “AROMA” " The aromatherapy is not only the use of fragrances or smells, but something based in natural and very concentrated essential oils that are extracted from flowers, leaves, roots or branches of numerous plants".
  26. 26. The benefits of these essential oils are so many. They have anti- septic and de-wormer properties, a high scar healing power that stimulates cell regeneration. Be- sides, they can be used to be re- laxed, to recover energies, to raise the state of spirit and to re-establish the internal balance. "The aromatherapy works on the subtle plans, and due to this can be utilized as therapy of vibrations; also helps in meditation, concentration and to all those techniques destined to seek balance and harmony". In meditation Aromatherapy can work as follows : Prepares and purifies the place of meditation Pacifies mind from daily thoughts Deepens and calms breathing Finding mental clarity Harmonizes energies of a whole group Though is true that is always better to go to an expert in aromatherapy that can find the essential oil that fits the patient better according to the needs or requirements, also is possible to work it as a homey practice, by finding the right consulting from spas or wellness centers trained especially for these matters. Fragrances, smell and skin The essences can be related with the patient in an internal way (oral way) or external, through their smell and skin contact. Nevertheless, "the oral consumption can only be taking in count when is strictly necessary and under medical guidance, since the con- tact of these essences with the digestive mucous membranes can be irritant; besides, the dose they should be administered with so much attention to avoid intoxications". Smell and touch are the senses that come into this game when aromatherapy is ap- plied in an external form, the best way, to obtain an energy stimulation and manages to revitalize the body. Normally, the application of the essences is done through mas- sages, or skin contact, and diffusion in the air.
  27. 27. Techniques that can be used to take ad- vantage of the multiple benefits of some essences: Bath: Fill the tub with quite hot water (resistible for the person). In- troduce 4 or 5 drops of the chosen es- sence at the moment of the immersion. If they combine two essences they should not be surpassed over 8 or 10 drops and the bath should not last more than 10 minutes. Shower: Wet a glove of foam and put 3 or 4 drops. Later rub the body. Compresses: In a hot or cold cup of water, according to the needs, put between 5 and 8 drops of essence. Submerging it in gauze, drain with smoothness and apply in the af- fected zone. Renew the compress when is in the opposite temperature. In hot water is recommended for muscle pain, and cold water for twists, swerves or headaches. Compresses are pain relievers, and heal swellings and distortions. Evaporation: Put 3 or 4 drops of essences in a diffuser formed by a source of heat (lamp or candle) in a source of crystal with a little water. With heat the essence evaporates. Also it can be put in a handkerchief or in a pillow. Inhalation: Pour 5 or 8 drops of essence in a small container of water boiling and breathe the vapors. Is extraordinary for respiratory affections. Frictions: Put 2 or 3 drops of essences diluted in a base of alcohol to rub the cutaneous region corresponding to the affected organ; for example, thorax to treat cough or a bron- chitis. Rinse and gargling: Put 2 or 3 drops of essence in a glass with bolied water, can be used to rinse when having an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the mouth or the throat. Pediluvios, maniluvios and semicupios: Add 4 or 5 drops of essence in a container with cold or hot water (depending on the needs) and submerge feet during 10 minutes. One must continue the same process for hands or for bidet.
  28. 28. Common Essences and healing Besides, It alleviates menopausal prob- properties lems, the constipation, queasiness and gastric ulcers, as well as liver inconven- iences. Added to water, this essence im- Lavender: native of the mediterranean, is proves stress and emotional problems like sedative, eliminates tensions and head- depression, insomnia or tension. Sandal- aches, improves depression and insomnia. wood: Very desired by its wood and oil, in Applied on skin treats the acné, the allergies aromatherapy is used to treat acne, cold, and the burns. cystitis, menstrual problems, depression, Also it can be utilized as repellent of insect as sedative, and for some bacterial infec- tions. Jasmine: Essential oil of jasmine (native of India) is anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, analge- Mint: Native from Europe used as vapori- sic and expectorant. Also it is a powerful zations used for bronchitis, colds, sinusi- natural antidepressant and can produce feel- tis, asthma and cough. Also alleviates ings as optimism and elation. Added to the mental fatigue, nervous stress and palpi- bath, can alleviate menstrual problems and tations. When the essence is applied in muscular spasms. massage reliefs diarrheas, indigestions, neuralgias and flatulence. Cinnamon: brought from Ceylon, is used to diminish the fatigue and the stress. Although Rosemary: The essence of this strong its greater fame has been obtained for its bush is useful in bronchitis, asthma, and sexual appetite stimulation properties, its es- colds. It alleviates also the menstrual ir- sence acts also improving the symptoms of regularity, mental fatigue, and actives the the rheumatism and of some infections. lymphatic system. Also has an analgesic property. Rose: Is probably the favorite flower of all hu- man kind. As massages, the essential oils Lemon: On bath is refreshing and stimu- improve the circulation and the digestion. lating. In massage, eliminates headaches and migraine, improves depression and alleviates the urinary and menstrual pain. Is astringent and antiseptic.
  29. 29. The Massage, Thousand year-old art and Sicence Is my pleasure to be able to write for you in this edition. I want to share with you all the magic of Ancient Egypt with my patients and with the readers of this great magazine. I started to work in this field 6 years ago already. I have been very happy with the contact with the patients I have treated all along. They have been the best life lesson ever. But it was only 2 years ago, that , as my patient, appeared our director with a story that although a bit “different” I founded it sensational. I started to notice that we had same ideas, never- theless I never heard about what she was talking about. I noticed immediately that there was magic in her words, so much love for what she was doing for a living, but the most amazing thing the magic that she had in her hands when she healed the patients form their inner side. It was then when I was totally convinced that I wanted to do what she was doing, that, that was exactly what I was looking for, something different but at the same time some- thing effective. I ran into her as a therapist. I found an unique warm personality, and so weird in these days. I convinced her to teach me all her wisdom and her dance that for me turned out from being a simple dance to be a Therapeutical Sacred Dance that changed completely my life, and here I am happy, plenty, learning from an unique teacher, so deliv- ered to our patients and in a way that I never had done before. I am Viviana Ospina Priest- ess and Cosmetologist in Chief of Vellyqueen Egyptian Spa and I want to share my story in this oriental temple and all the benefits that here I present.
  30. 30. The beginnings of the massage is been known since the beginning of humanity. In pre-history we already rubbed from one another when we were hurting or as a loving act… With our evolution, it was also evolv- ing becoming a whole science, as it is shown in ayurvedic massage and we are speaking about 3000 years ago in history. In Egypt there are some records about using cromo-therapy and at the same time in Greece the therapeuti- cal massage with the aesthetical one was done making frictions with in- vigorating oils and ointments dedi- cated to enhance beauty and for weighing loss. In Rome, Galeno, As- clepiades, Areteo e Hipócrates where the most distinguished people in medicine, making countless times, references of the use of massage for healing purposes. But it was in year 1000 when Avicena, great Arab Doctor, he wrote a whole treatise about baths, massages, the healing power of music, sleep and rest. Avicena wrote precise indications about many types of massage. Although there were some other treatise he was the one who wrote it in a so complete and rigorous way. Is a shame that positive evolution of the massage was truncated as many other sciences, for a whole new re- pressive moral, strict and full of fear that highlighted the beginnings of Christianity. This was the beginning of the end of any evolution for humanity, making us enter to a whole obscurant- ism imposed by religion. It wasn’t until Renascence when a green light was given to sciences and with them massage appears back with Paracelso, Ambrose Pare, Jerónimo Mercurialis, Le Gentil… By the ending of 1800’s massage is established as a scientific practice to enhance health and as a treatment for some illnesses. Some therapies started to be popular, such as balenother- apy. During XIX century the first schools of masotherapy where founded, osteopathy made a great entrance, and we saw many theories about the reflexive massage of conjunctive tis- sue…
  31. 31. Just on XX century is when this theories and techniques that we found these days end up being more sharpened: Swedish Massage, Lymphatic Drain, Sportive Massage, Rolfing, Californian Massage, os- teopathy, Cyriax Technique and so many others…. Egyptian Massage was centered in the upper back, shoulders, neck, head, scalp part of the face and works in the energetic centers of the head, where headaches, migraines, cervical pain, backaches are originated. In the Egyptian massage there are many different manipulations for the different areas that are to be treated, but is a massage where a (medium-high) pressure that is given, clears, relaxes, and calms mental tensions and muscular, improves neck rigidity and relieves headaches and visual fatigue. There are various types of massage: The Egyptian Body Massage (Stone Therapy) The Back Egyptian Massage (Stone Therapy) Manual Lymphatic Drain (Vodder Method ) Facial and Body Egyptian Treatments with Dead sea salts and sand. Egyptian Thread Caramel Waxing and courses and so many other things…. Pinda Massage consists on a medical herbal aromatic combination mixed with especial oils wrapped in a small fabric bags. At the moment of the massage, these small bags are steam heated provoking a very pleasing sensation for our skin allowing the effects of the herbs and essences penetrate our or- ganism. Over the skin we extend a very light layer of almond oil, very hydrating with a very soft mas- sage and start extending. Once hydrated the Pinda massage will travel all our muscles articulations and tendons. The benefits of this massage are as follow: The superficial thermal action acts over the pores making the action and the absorption of the plants easier. At muscular level, its actions please muscles relaxation, tendons and articulations. As a sedative level, putting Pindas, in strategic places, helps to profound relaxation, to contain and relieve pain, relieving in a huge way physical and mental stress This massage is Ayurvedic and Egyptian Origins and so recommended is stressy situations when balancing is needed. Like these we have so many Ancient Therapies that are adjusted to our patients and the needs. We also work in Make up for special occasions, and many other things you will for sure love. Our therapies not only work in the physical level but the work in our inner side transcending time and improving life quality. Just like one mine was improved, hoping to see you soon. A Hug… Viviana Ospina.
  32. 32. Empowering Jewels Egyptian Symbols Egyptian Jewels, The Most Powerful To understand the importance that Egyptian amulets have in today’s magic, we must know about ancient civilizations specially Ancient Egyptians well known by their mystical studios that surrounded those days, and within all this mystic we found the strong belief of the power of the magical amulets. The same ones were used in different areas and with different meanings, and the magical power that was inside them was really impressive; in fact, the Egyptian amulets are the most powerful inside the group of the ancient civilization, since all Egypt believed in the power of Magic. Each Egyptian God had his own amulet, and they possessed different magical properties that made invulnerable that one who used it, so true, that they used to bury their dead bodies in sarcophagus full of amulets so they could give the power needed to begin the transmutation to the outer world. Besides, since the souls were yielded into Celestial Court, to decide if they were worthy to keep on living ( like spirits ) or deserve to be eliminated, amulets were a good offering in the court on the Egyptian underworld. Even nowadays Egyptian amulets are used in magical practices, as we were saying before, despite the antiquity that they portent, the tradition of its power is still valid.
  33. 33. Meanings As we said, Egyptian amulets were an essential element of the culture and each one of them has a different meaning and some kind of magical powers were held; for example the Egyptian vulture, the one that granted the power of Isis to those who wore it , for protection to dead people. This amulet was made in pure gold and with the shape of a vulture, with the extended wings. Another amulet that was really used back then in magical rituals, and also people use it a lot, is the Horus eye EL WEDJET, one of the most known and emblem of the culture; Egyptian amulets correspondent to the Horus eye is divided into one eye that looks to the right and the other that looks to the left and when they are together represent Horus watching over. According to the texts taken from “The Book of the Dead” one of the eyes was white and the other one was black; is also said that this eyes represent Ra and Osiris. Another well known Egyptian amulet, that for sure we all have seen is the soul amulet, the one that was made with gold and precious stones and its shape was the one of a Falcon with a human head shape. The objective of the soul amulet was to join the mummy with the spirit. The golden necklace is another of the most famous Egyptian amulets, and very meaningful for this culture; it was used exactly before the tomb was closing and the main objective was to give to the deceased the nec- essary strength to lose the chains and that way will detach from all what he or she knew about material life, and could travel to the underworld without suffering and to be judge.
  34. 34. A ring whose 3 lines, 4 wholes, 6 points, and 2 isosceles triangles, and the infinite symbol in the inside, follows the demands of an esoteric formula. The efficiency of the ring is due to the shape waves that emit, in which cosmic energies are ab- sorbed. History tells that those who were wearing the ring when they were investigating the pyra- mids didn’t die and they went out unharmed, and those who didn’t ei- ther they died or got lost for never The Egyptian cross, the Ankh, spiri- coming out.. tuality, fertility and abundance , the upper circle represents the woman It is considered like the best and and the straight one represent the the most powerful protection amu- man, although some people say that let. Possess powers and virtues the upper part represent the Divinity. that are proven thanks to the re- petitive experiences for over 20 This Egyptian amulet was known years by the researcher Andres de also as the “The Key of Nile” since Belizal and Roger de Lafforest, they considered it as the magical key among some more European inves- that opened the doors of immortality. tigators. Is proven that is not only Without leaving the symbolism of the another amulet; but that is one of pyramids, figure that correspond to the most wonderful and miraculous its measures, Giza pyramids to be ex- jewel from micro-vibratory Physics. act, can bring large energetic bene- fits, even though not even Egyptians accept this or even know about it. Protection : Against negative influ- ences, magical aggressions, etc. Healing : Restores disturbed func- The Atlantis Ring. The story starts tions and suppresses the relative 8000 years ago, when the atlantics pain. left their knowledge a very small group of Egyptians. It was discovered by ESP : Extra sensorial percep- the Egyptologist Howard Carter, in tion , all of a sudden intuition gets the valley of the kings in the tomb of a stronger, telepathy, clairvoyance. priest called Júa.
  35. 35. The use is merely personal it is full of our vibrations so is not recom- mended to share it with anyone. Use it mainly in Business occasions, per- sonal contact etc. Lessens the risks, and helps to awake to the spiritual world. If you feel excess of energy just use it during the day. Has to be in Silver since this metal is a very good heat and electricity conductive. That’s why affects positively in bioenergetics vibrations that come out of the ring. Not to mention one the Egyptian amulets more used this days, the sacred Scarab. This amulet is related to God Jepri the one that symbolizes the resurrection of a being; basically the scarab symbolizes the transmutation of the existence. Sign associated, Gemini. Against bad luck and illnesses. According to the power that possessed, the one who used it had in life- time complete immunity against evil whether it was material or invisible; it also has the characteristic to give life strength and power daily and those that used in tombs some times the scarab had the power to bring the spirit into life and giving him eternal life. This way this amulet were used into tombs, durng the ceremonies where the heart of the dead was weight since they believed that the scarab was inside the mummy and replaced the heart. Scorpion: Protection from Insects and Poisonous Serpents. Built with Green Tourmaline and also can be used in rings. Virgo and Scorpio signs associated. Against envy and betrayal.
  36. 36. Apan Vayu Mudra Description: Fold the forefinger to touch the mound of the thumb. The little finger should be held erect. Then place tips of middle finger and ring finger together on tip of thumb all touching each other. (BOTH HANDS) Uses include: Strengthens heart Emergency first aid for severe heart attack if administered within 2 seconds. Self Confidence Normalises blood pressure Vomiting Menstruation related problems Purifies the entire body Gyan Mudra Description: The thumb and index finger are brought together gently while all the other fingers remain upright. Uses include: Mental Peace Concentration Sharp Memory Spirituality Insomnia Mental Disorders Stress Depression Drowsiness Develops telepathic ablilities Developes clairvoyant and extra-sensory ablilities
  37. 37. Rudra Mudra Description: Place tips of index finger and ring finger together on top of the tip of thumb, with other fingers extended comfortably. (BOTH HANDS) Uses include: Dizziness Improves blood circulation Brings clarity in thought. Low blood pressure Improves eyesight Improves breathing Controls eating habits Blocked Veins Improves concentration Prithvi Mudra Description: Place the tip of the ring finger on top of the tip of the thumb. Extend all the other fingers and keep them comfortably straight as possible. (BOTH HANDS) Uses include: Liver Inner stablity Self Assurance Stomach Strengthens body and mind Glowing skin Increases energy
  38. 38. Shankha Mudra Description: The left thumb should be held in the right fist and then the left index fin- ger should touch the right thumb. Put light pressure with the remaining fingers of the left hand onto the closed fist fo the right hand. Swap over sides. Uses include: Thyroid Glands. Throat Blood Vessels Muscular System Digestion Good for actors and singers for voice enhancement Varuna Mudra Description: Place thumb down on little finger and keep all remaining three fingers comfortably straight. Uses include: To enhance beauty Removes impurities from the blood Restores moisture to skin Painful cramps
  39. 39. Vayu Mudra Description: Place thumb down on index finger and keep all remaining three fingers comfortably straight. Uses include: Rheumatism Sciatica Stiff Neck Knee Pain Gout Joint Pain in hands and feet Paralysis Hysteria Shankha Mudra Description: The left thumb should be held in the right fist and then the left index fin- ger should touch the right thumb. Uses include: Digestion Thyroid Glands Throat Enhances quality of voice
  40. 40. Varuna Mudra Description: Join your little finger to the tip of your thumb. Keep other fingers com- fortably straight. Uses include: Dry skin Blood problems Restores moisture to the body Relaxes muscles ~ cramp Diarrhea and dehydration To enhance beauty Shunya Mudra Description: Place thumb down on middle finger and keep all remaining three fingers comfortably straight. Uses include: Earache Deafness Vertigo Numbness in the body
  41. 41. Apan Mudra Description: Place tips of thumb, middle finger and ring finger together in each hand. (BOTH HANDS) Uses include: Liver Gall Bladder Removes wastes products Toxic release Bladder problems Balances mind Self confidence Patience Serenity Inner Harmony Linga Mudra Description:Join your palms in front of your chest and lock the facing fingers together keeping your thumbs upright. Hold for 3 minutes, release and repeat twice. Uses include: Weight Reduction Colds and Coughs Strengthens lungs Digestion Make sure you drink plenty of water as Linga Mudra generates heat in your body.
  42. 42. Surabhi Mudra Description:Join the little finger and ring finger, then join the middle finger and index finger together. This pose can also be called "cow posture" as the mudra makes clo- ven hooves of your hands, Uses include: Rheumatic inflammation Sharpens your intellect Surahi Mudra Description:Join the little finger of one hand with the ring finger of the other and vice versa. Similarly, join the forefinger with the middle finger of the other hand and vice versa. Leave your thumbs free. Uses include: Rheumatic inflammation Colds Sharpens your intellect
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