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NRGFlow is a global provider of proven functional and technical ETRM (Energy Trading Risk Management) specialists across all four continents; we support many of the largest implementations and upgrades of new build and buy ETRM platforms.

Many energy trading businesses planning to implement or upgrade their ETRM applications find it difficult, in a constantly challenging environment, to obtain the necessary specialist resources. _is is because of limited availability of cost effective expertise and often the need to deal with a multiplicity of providers. Having operated in this area for many years NRGFlow recognises these problems and offers a range of services to assist energy and commodity trading organisations.

ETRM Platforms | Openlink Endur • Allegro • TriplePoint CXL • SungardZainet/Aligne • SolArc RightAngle • Navita• Nova • Contigo • Murex • Aspect • Brady • EKA • Platts • Trayport

Energy & Commodity Markets | Gas • LNG • Oil • Metals • Power • Agricultural • Coal • Freight • Emissions • Carbon • Renewables • Softs

Physical & Financial Trading | Physical Delivery - Logistics • Exchange-traded contracts – Options, Futures • OTC, Derivatives – Forwards and Swaps

Our passion, knowledge and contacts compliment some of the most innovative and recruitment and consulting methods in the market, ensuring a professional and result driven service.

NRGFlow ETRM Project Brokering
Many project decision markers prefer to manage their own projects as appose to outsource responsibilities. NRGFlow can help the client to assemble a highly qualified team and maintain direct control of the project.

NRGFlow TERM™ Screening Program
Trusted by many leading commodity and energy trading organisations, and partners, NRGFlow’s TERM™ Program has been proven to identity the best consultants in the market and proven to minimize time and maximize results when resourcing for ETRM critical projects

For more details please contact one of our consultants for a strictly confidential and private chat.

+44(0)20 3 261 0181

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NRGFlow ETRM Recruitment Pioneers

  1. 1. NRGFlow > ETRM Recruitment PioneersIntroduction StrengthsNRGFlow is a global provider of functional orough knowledge andand technical ETRM (Energy Trading Risk understanding of the current andManagement) specialists operating on future energy trading environmentfour continents; we support many of the e only pure ETRM recruitmentlargest implementations and upgrades of company in Europenew build and buy ETRM platforms. Access to an extensive network ofOur passion, knowledge and contacts ETRM specialists from around the worldcompliment some of the most innovative TERM™ Expertise Program - a provenrecruitment and consulting methods in control methodology that identifies thethe market, ensuring a professional and top consultants in the marketresult driven service. Business and technical expertise on hand to understand the need ofObjective complex projects.Many energy trading businesses planningto implement or upgrade their ETRM Servicesapplications find it difficult, in aconstantly challenging environment, to Headhunting / Executive Search /obtain the necessary specialist Retained Searchresources. is is because of limited Matching requirements to mostavailability of cost effective expertise and appropriate contract and permanentoften the need to deal with a multiplicity resources in the marketof providers. Obtain and provide the resource, eitherHaving operated in this area for many as individuals or a teamyears NRGFlow recognises these Market mapping – identifyingproblems and offers a range of services talent and trends in the energyto assist energy and commodity trading markettrading organisations. ETRM Project Brokering
  2. 2. NRGFlow > ETRM Project BrokeringWhat is project brokering? In addition to assembling a highlyMany project decision makers prefer to qualified team NRGFlow can provide themanage their own projects as appose to following at no extra cost:outsource responsibilities. NRGFlow can NRGFlow business analysts tohelp the client to assemble a highly understand not just the requirement,qualified team and maintain direct but the specific business / technicalcontrol of the project. is enables requirements and the qualitycompanies to bypass the use of large measuresgeneralist providers, with all the inherent NRGFlow project managers that helppitfalls at low risk. with the responsibility of the planning, execution and closing of projectWhy use the NRGFlow project NRGFlow account manager who actsbrokering service? as a single point of contact, managing ese days because the fast changing relationships between CIO’s, projectnature of energy trading no one supplier leaders, consultants, and humanof resources or applications can provide resources ensuring smootha full solution. Consequently many communication across the projectcompanies find it difficult to deal with Flexible approach to invoicing, eithermultiple suppliers. We offer a unique billing by individual or issuing a singleproject brokering service to advise on invoice across providers to simplifyand identify the most relevant providers, matters for our clientadding value to ETRM critical projects on First refusal of consultants availablea global scale to NRGFlow.
  3. 3. NRGFlow > TERM Expertise ™TERM ™ Track Record Very often what people say on their CV e NRGFlow TERM™ Expertise Program and what they have really done are twoTrack record, Expertise, Relationship, completely different things so no stoneManagement is unturned when conducting backTERM™ is currently implemented ground checks ensuring we representand trusted by many clients as a the genuine article. is score isscoring system that has been proven evaluated on performance, quality ofto minimize time and maximize work, attitude, and market reputation.results when resourcing for ETRM Expertisecritical projects. is score is evaluated on very specific is program is managed by a dedicated industry experience, taking intoquality evaluation team that works consideration accreditations,closely with our teams and our clients qualifications and time served in theiraround the world to repeatedly assess specialist area, ensuring we onlyour consultants across all 4 areas, with represent the top 20% of the market.profound results. Our T-M/5+ consultantshave all been hand-picked by consulting Relationshipspartners, CIO’s and Senior Project In a world of on-line social networks,Directors, and successfully completed building “databases” is easy. Identifyingseveral projects with NRGFlow and building relationships with world-class talent you can trust is just as hard as ever. Here we score the consultant on their past and current dealing with NRGFlow, evaluating trust and working relationships. Management From team leaders to CIO’s, we evaluate all aspects of responsibility associated with management, evaluating business and organizational activities around man-management together to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively.
  4. 4. NRGFlow > e Team“If there’s one thing we must Executive Teamdo, its deliver” Carl VellenowethWe recognize that the most valued asset Directorto any business is our people. Our teams Carl has won numerous awards for hisof consultants are highly committed to recruitment excellence and prior tothe NRGFlow standard of excellence; we NRGFlow he was a top performingdeliver quality resources to the world’s broker, specialising in European oil andleading energy majors, industry gas marketsregulators, trading houses, investment Christian Payetbanks, management consultancies and Head of project brokeringsoftware houses. Christian spent several years at BP, Shell,NRGFlow consultants have previous and GDF mastering trading and riskworking experience in the energy and management solutions, adding realcommodity trading markets, ensuring value to complex TRM projectsthorough knowledge of the full ETRM Benjamin Paigelifecycle across a variety of products and Delivery managertrading instruments, adding real value to Benjamin gained valuable experience atthe recruitment process. Standard Bank and Sucden. He has aETRM Platforms - Openlink Endur • reputation for his delivery of complex –Allegro • TriplePoint CXL • Sungard critical ETRM resourcing projects.Zainet/Aligne • SolArc RightAngle • Navita• Nova • Contigo • Murex • Aspect • Brady Contact• EKA • Platts • Trayport +44 (0) 203 261 0181Markets - Gas • LNG • Oil • Metals • Power• Agricultural • Coal • Freight • Emissions• Carbon • Renewables • SoftsPhysical & Financial Trading - PhysicalDelivery - Logistics • Exchange-tradedcontracts – Options, Futures, OTCDerivatives – Forwards and SwapsRoles - Project Director • ProgrammeManager • Architect • Business Analyst •Project Manager • Risk • Market Data •Implementation Consultant • Testing •Support • Development