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Presentatie Future Tech and Cyber Security May 2014


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The impact of technology on enterprises in a digital economy and the necessity to work pro-active on digital security. Awareness on the speed of developments and the deep impact disruptive technology could have is necessary.

Technology will be the game changer for the next 10 - 20 years ahead. It is necessary to address this in each and every large corporate, SME and government.

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Presentatie Future Tech and Cyber Security May 2014

  1. 1. The digital economy
  2. 2. Automation 1965-2005 Information centric (flip) 2005-2015 Disruptive technology (change) 2010-2020 Humanisatio n of IT (extend) 2015-2030
  3. 3. In the early days of mechanical automation, pe ople didn’t hava a problem with information security Phase I: automation
  4. 4. We all have digitized the Netherlands
  5. 5. Back in the old days of IT, cyber security wasn’t a big issue either
  6. 6. In our modern 21st century society, informatio n security began to grow interest
  7. 7. Clock speed increases
  8. 8. Everybody and everything gets connected Phase II: Information centric
  9. 9. Securing the perimeters is NOT good enough anymore
  10. 10. Cyber security has become a complex, 24/7 and global job
  11. 11. Cyber security a essential building block for future business
  12. 12. Disruptive technology and data becomes the driving forces behind economic and human developments Phase III: disruptive technology (change)
  13. 13. Everything will become a node in the ‘Network’
  14. 14. People and machines are going to interact more and more
  15. 15. And bio- sensors will enter our bodies
  16. 16. The volume of data increases
  17. 17. Phase IV: humanisation of IT (extend) Digital multi identities will be the next game-changer
  18. 18. Financial services 2020
  19. 19. Disruptive technology Digital currencies ICT legacy Cost/inc ome ratio Public opinion & sustainable society Security, t rust, multi ple identities Digital founded enterprises Legal, com pliance
  20. 20. Disruptive infrastructure Data, data data… 24/7 connected European regulations Identity flood Social networks Source: Evolution or Revolution Technology Stratyegy Board and PWC (UK)
  21. 21. The cost of doing nothing Source: Evolution or Revolution Technology Stratyegy Board and PWC (UK)
  22. 22. What are YOU going to do?
  23. 23. Because you never know where the threat is coming from
  24. 24. Learn to look out- side / in
  25. 25. … keep looking in- side / out
  26. 26. ...leadership in the digital economy…
  27. 27. … technology / information security craftmanship
  28. 28. It is not a 9-5 job
  29. 29. Increase people’s awareness
  30. 30. Be pro-active!!
  31. 31. … and collaborative
  32. 32. …and curious in the new digital economy
  33. 33. …and supportive to the boss
  34. 34. …and board room involvement .. and they know about banking!! Because information security is not a tech job anymore
  35. 35. What is it YOU are going to do on Monday??
  36. 36. Take the first step
  37. 37. Thank you!