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Use of 3d Animation in Various Industries


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3D animations present a world of fantasy, magic and creativity.The world has been witnessing episodes of animated cartoon, media commercials and internet animation but there is a lot that goes behind the final output.

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Use of 3d Animation in Various Industries

  1. 1. Use of 3D Animation in Various Industries 3D animations present a world of fantasy, magic and creativity. Although the term animation has been revolving for over a few decades, the concept of 3-dimension is relatively new and holds mystical appeal amongst its audience. The world has been witnessing episodes of animated cartoon, media commercials and internet animation but there is a lot that goes behind the final output. 3D visualization assumes a lot of significance because the result is often governed by conceptualization and planning. Original animated content takes a lot of time, creativity and effort and high quality software to reflect the creations of the expert in precise terms. Understanding 3D Animation 3D modeling and animation involves the creation of moving pictures and images in a 3-dimensional digital environment. Although the concept is explained in simper terms, the process is often complex and challenging. First and foremost, a 3D model is created using 3D software. The quality of the model is dependent upon the quality of the software and expertise of the creator. The 3D model is thereafter meticulously manipulated to export image sequences to create the illusion of animation. The kind of manipulation determines the extent and magnitude of motion or animation. The simple logic behind this concept is that human eyes tend to perceive and believe that the portrayed pictures are moving but in fact, they are just a sequence of pictures that are passed very quickly. Differences between 2D and 3D While both 2D and 3D inherently adopt the same concept, there is a distinct difference between the two technologies. 2D animation is conventional wherein every single change in a sequence of pictures is carefully hand drawn and then played back sequentially to create the illusion of movement. This process is laborious and sometimes not so accurate as 3D. But in 3-dimension animation, drawing, exporting and just about everything is handled by powerful and advanced software. Therefore, this technology is a lot more immaculate and efficient. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  2. 2. So to put things in perspective, 2D refers to a painting and 3D refers to a sculpture. The added element of depth renders a differentiation between the two technologies. 3D offers tangibility, increased credibility and portrays a more life-like image when compared to 2D. 3D animation therefore involves the process of creation of 3D models that are the objects in a specific scene; layout that explains the location and positioning of the various objects and rendering that explains the final result. There are numerous 3D animation software in the market. Some are cheaper than the others. In order to get flawless and perfect output, you need to use the best software. 3D animations refer to a complex technical subject that involves the creation and execution of numerous components. The most advanced motion picture technology revolves around the use of 3D animation software to create movies that inspire awe and magic. Advantages of 3D Animation If you can conceive the possibilities animation can do to any industry, you will understand that there are innumerable applications for the concept. Suitable and advanced 3D visualization software can help in creating incredible animations that have a matchless appeal. Educational institutions, businesses and myriad other fields incessantly harness the power of 3D animation to create and make concepts interesting and comprehensible. When animation is used effectively, there is a lot it can do to demonstrate a system or product’s competencies. Listed below are some of the advantages that this ocean of a concept can show. 1. Using architectural model makers’ software, real estate builders can conceive how the proposed building will be in different stages. With 3D animation, it is very easy to manipulate elements and demonstrate the output with extreme precision and without any unnecessary cost. These are not possibilities with a simple blue print. 3-dimensional models help in maneuvering through floors, rooms and several other elements in a building to create even the most minor of changes for a sophisticated and perfect output. 2. A product in the world of engineering can be demonstrated for its proposed potential with complete physical dimensions (virtually) without even having to spend a dime to set it up physically. Therefore, conceptualization can make decisions easier, cost-effective and possible. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  3. 3. 3. 3D animation elevates the quality, popularity and appeal of a product thereby making it appeal to a huge up market crowd. Instant popularity and demand rises thereby pushing its prices higher in the market. 4. Animation enhances the perceived value of a product, concept or service. It makes the audience want to conceive the object in a more attractive, appealing, useful and dynamic manner. It simply propels the star value of a product or concept since a combination of high quality sounds, images and graphics add to product perception. 5. Even the most boring of visuals and text can be brought to life with great quality 3D animation. This is one of the important purposes of the medium built to enhance over time. 6. Impossible angles, elements and features can be added in a 3D medium that you cannot even contemplate with live shots. Moreover, the output will look state-of-the-art and advanced. An angle of realism can be brought in with fictional elements as well. It makes the audience want to believe that even utopia exists. Applications of 3D Animation Based on the benefits listed above, it is safe to assume that 3D animation can be applied to any field or industry. Marketing teams can use 3D presentations to demonstrate the power of a product; architecture industry can conceive the models at every stage; facilitate tour of a facility or property, simplify complex systems for better understanding, explain the possibilities of a proposed product, zoom into microscopic details and for medical devices to interact with human body besides innumerable others. MINING INDUSTRY 3D animation in the mining industry is multi-faceted. It enables several functions that include exploration, geological modeling and scheduling and production. Animation platforms can be introduced to extract resources from pits and perform complete underground mining operations. The 3D software offers interactive displays of the mines and also facilitates data type edits. Therefore, a wide variety of tasks including drill-holes, block model,topographic contours, triangulated surfaces and geologic interpretations besides many others can be effectively handled. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Mining Applications with 3D animation Using advanced 3D animation software, it is possible to create an underground mine layout complete with vents, tunnels, access shafts and ramps. Even mineral locations can be located with ease. The 3D software offers beneficial applications for mine explorers and geologists by creating a full 3D design of the underground mine layout, 3D solid intersection and CAD editing of polylines. Visualization and interpretation of mining and geological data becomes simpler for geologists to work on. Several mining details come of use to surveyors who require information on drifts and workings. 3D animation in Australia offers wide scope for mining exploration projects. The competency of 3D to seamlessly digitize and integrate data in numerous formats is a matchless asset that makes the concept efficient in mining operations. Further, the ability of visualization enables related parties to make changes, observe impact and witness the impact of changes over time. Such innovative abilities are firsts in this industry and are revolutionary changes Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  5. 5. for a better future. GAMING INDUSTRY Gaming is a huge industry worldwide that relies on the competence of 3D animations at its best. Almost every game that releases today is built on the influence of three dimensional animation. Games represent a unique industry since they are largely interactive and the modern ones are highly engaging and almost life-like. Real time rendering is a need in every game because despite the number of possibilities you can come up with; it is almost impossible to determine the actions or thoughts of every player. Therefore a computer system generates results of an action for a player as it occurs. Movies on the other hand are rendered earlier so that viewers get to see the best and the most advanced of images. Stages in 3D modeling for Games However, all said and done; technology is improving. The world of 3D modeling and animation is getting bigger. The line between difference in creation of high-end games and movies is becoming thinner. Today, the restrictions imposing creation of 3D art games are not as stringent as they used to be and hence the scope of creating full-proof animation in games is large. The process of modeling is perhaps the first stage in game creation after the concept has been finalized. The modeling process here is perhaps the same as it is in any other medium. The next step involved is texturing that is almost universal across all 3D art. Subsequently, all textures are combined together into one object called the Shader which renders the model its desired look and feel. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  6. 6. CONSTRUCTION & ARCHITECTURE INDUSTRY 3D modeling and animation has changed the way the market now sees construction. Architectural design and planning is meeting dynamic demands of the market. And in the process of expanding visions, reducing timelines and minimizing flaws; 3D modeling took its evolution. Today, in the competitive environment, 3D animation has immense scope to offer architecture and construction. CAD (Computer Aided Design) and 3D modeling techniques save a lot of time and efforts in the preparation of documents and visual aids. Besides doing this, the concept offers an advantage that the traditional methods cannot even imagine. The final output in its length, breadth and height is visualized using 3-dimensional technology. Since, it creates the form of a tangible product, modifications and changes can be done meticulously and well in advance. An advanced 3D architectural model includes 2D data, drawings and documents to help the architect create plans, elevations, estimates and even materials required in the process. He applies numerous design alternatives to the created 3D model and can immediately observe changes in the final output. Ample angles and rotation capabilities enable viewers and decision makers to understand the feasibility of the project in full spectrum. Additional perspectives are a big advantage of 3D models. Here is a quick list of advantages that 3D animation can offer to the field of architecture and construction. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  7. 7. 1. Immaculate visualization for all types of buildings regardless of size and scale. 2. Quick and effective spotting of errors during every stage of conception and visualization. 3. Understanding surface and textural patterns of aisles and rooms. 4. Creation of architectural walkthroughs and virtual tours. 5. Effective architectural model facilitates as tools for presentation and promotion. 6. Compliment in the development of interiors and/or furniture. 7. Enhanced co-ordination amongst architects, contractors and engineers. 8. Optimal utilization of resources thereby cutting down wastage. 9. Overall minimal costs of project. 3D modeling and animation has gone through several changes. Technology is getting advanced and professionals are being trained in different formats. Combined with creativity and innovation, the concept has become ubiquitous and omnipotent. Construction companies across the world take advantage of the benefits 3D animationcan give them. Besides being effective sales and construction aids; the use of advanced technology helps in reducing overall project costs and improving the reputation of the company. Advertising Industry There seems to be a lot of attention that 3D animations receive when it comes to advertising for a product or service. And there are good enough reasons to substantiate the statement. The world of 3D animation is intriguing and produces Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  8. 8. miraculous results that captivate attention and influence people to complete the desired call-to-action. One of the more important reasons is that the concept continues to be novel and is over and above the conception of an average individual. There are several such stronger reasons that make 3-dimensional animation a more sought after medium for advertising. 1. Real world models have always been a part of advertising. People have seen them for decades and the concept is no more innovative or novel although they aren’t indispensable. Scheduling, time compatibility and the risk of getting the right emotions, angles and body language that can be attributed to manual errors are high in employing real world models and actors. These are absent in 3d animation and this world can be manipulated to desired results with perfection. 2. Animation does not pose any limits or restrictions. It is as huge and diversified as your imagination can get. And infinite possibilities, fiction and imaginary elements can be included that otherwise cannot be a part when there is people intervention. 3. Live testimonials and involving popular actors and models can sometimes be diverting because the popularity of many celebrities can overpower the appeal of the advertised product or service. 4. Celebrities today endorse numerous products so it becomes difficult to establish uniqueness for the advertised product. However, 3D modeling and animation enables creation of a unique mascot that becomes the identity of the product or service and audience will remember the product with this entity. The ability to relate becomes higher and more effective. 5. Working directly with the animation house is a lot more affordable affair than using live actors and models and constantly checking for dates and schedules. The animation process is relatively quicker, more under control and more affordable than the conventional medium. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
  9. 9. 6. Animation has the ability to captivate attention immediately and stay on top of the audience’s radar than live adverts. 7. It is possible to combine live environments and live people and/or resources with animated elements to provide the best of both worlds. These commercials are very effective in an advertising campaign. There are several TV and internet commercials that employ a combination and research demonstrates their efficacy. 8. Live adverts stay in the hall of fame only as long as their popularity lies on top. This, most times, is short termed and thereafter the efficacy of the commercial comes down when the popularity of the actors/models fades. Also, there are numerous chances that these actors get into a scandal or controversy thereby necessitating the advertiser to pull back the commercial. 3-dimensional animation is often sans these perils and the 3D models hold a timeless appeal. Copyright © 2014 Veetil Digital Services . All rights reserved.
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