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How Architects and Construction companies using 3D Rendering Benefits


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Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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How Architects and Construction companies using 3D Rendering Benefits

  1. 1. How Architects and Construction Companies Using 3D Rendering Benefits. How Architects and Construction Companies Using 3D Rendering Benefits3D architectural model makers have replaced one dimensional designs and tools in the world of architecture and construction regardless of the size of the project. Today, 3D visualization is used for analysis and approval of a project. The building and its surrounding areas must be more realistically presented so as to give a precise reflection of what the architect has in mind. This facilitates in obtaining necessary approvals quickly and easily. 3D rendering hence represents a significant phenomenon for architects to win a bid. Here are significant reasons besides the obvious why 3D visualization has emerged as the need of the hour.
  2. 2. 1. Efficient adjustments to a design 3D rendering makes it simpler and quicker for architects to attempt different design ideas. Revisions and changes do not take much time. Any change to a design is done in a flexible environment which means changes do not involve having to begin any task from scratch. Numerous design options including landscaping, décor and structural shaping can be tested easily. The architect can thus present a building in the more realistic way possible even before actual construction begins.
  3. 3. 2. Quick assessment of problems With architectural model makers, architects can identify and resolve possible design and construction flaws that are likely to occur during the process of construction. A real environment can be created using 3D visualization where spacing and lighting components can also be tested precisely. Teams can work together to identify different solutions to find out what can work best. It is even possible to make changes to the original CAD file easily.
  4. 4. 3. Selling the design is easier Selling and promoting a design idea has never been easier. Stakeholders to a project are presented a thorough and tangible understanding of the interiors and exterior of a project through 3D rendering. People can inspect the feasibility of the project and are able to understand the reflection of the project in real life better. 3D visualization incorporates a wow component at the most important stage of any project – the stage of approval. The creation of CAD file also helps teams create sales and marketing collateral much earlier in the process. These architectural model makers thus facilitate a project to reach the market sooner than proposed.
  5. 5. Making a virtual environment as realistic as possible is what 3D modeling and animation can do. A lot of time and energies can be saved, productivity accelerated and efforts channelized towards more important aspects of construction. About us Veetil Digital is a part of the highly diversified Veetil Group of companies. We are a total digital services company covering all aspects of business. Our objective is to make your life easier by taking care of all your digital needs that include 3D visualisation solutions for your design and marketing requirements, software and web based solutions for all your business processes thus making them more efficient and effective. Contact us Veetil Digital Services P.O.Box 2149, carlisle North, Perth, WA 6101, Australia. Website: