Veenus Digital Services - Corporate Dossier


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Veenus Digital Services - Corporate Dossier

  2. 2. Table of Contents VEENUS love by design Key Clients Highlights of the Company Core Values Strategic Business Units Success Formula Digital Media Agency Products & Services Tools & Technologies 360º e-Commerce Web-presence Life-cycle Management SEO Process
  3. 3. Key Clients VEENUS love by design
  4. 4. Highlights of the Company VEENUS love by design Established in 1996 160 People Strong and Counting Blue-chip clients like AIRTEL, LOOP MOBILE, TATA TELESERVICES, EDS, WIPRO, MOTILAL OSWAL, and VENTURA SECURITIES among others Strategic Business Units of VEENUS GROUP  Information Technology enabled Services (ITeS)  Human Resource Consulting  Digital Media Agency We firmly believe that the sound of Mantra can lift the believer towards the higher self and our Mantra is ‘love by design’.
  5. 5. Core Values VEENUS love by design Deliver values consistently through quality, cost-effective and reliable technology- enabled solutions Always stay in the cutting-edge of application-oriented technology Stay niche and work collaboratively with partners Every person to have the right attitude, needed aptitude and high level of passion for problem-solving Pursue excellence, innovation, continuous improvement and life-long learning as a way of life at work Strict adherence to best practices and benchmark set by the industry Pursuit of Kaizen
  6. 6. Strategic Business Units VEENUS love by designVeenus Group comprises of three Strategic Business Units and they are: Veenus Consultancy is our flagship ITeS division through which we support leading telecommunication clients by offering inbound and outbound call-centre services for sales, customer support and collections. Need to be innovative and proactive with our ITeS divisions – recruitment and retention strategy, the in-house HR team evolved to become competent enough that our clients started requesting us to extend HR Consulting Services and thus evolved the second SBU of Veenus. Veenus Digital Services is a full-service Digital Media Agency offering a wide range of services broadly under four categories and they are: (a) Search Marketing, (b) Social Media Marketing, (c) Creative & Technical Services and (d) Consulting Services.
  7. 7. Success Formula VEENUS love by designAs important asQUALITY is in thedelivery process and thefinal output, we alsorealized quite early in ourgrowth curve that theSUCCESS formula goesbeyond just QUALITY.The success formula thathas ensured consistentgrowth over the years isshown in the illustration:
  8. 8. Digital Media Agency VEENUS love by designVeenus Digital Services is a full-service Digital Media Agency offering awide range of services broadly under four categories and they are:  Search Marketing Business 3.0 Enablement Service: The  Social Media Marketing core team at VEENUS has been working on  Creative & Technical Services design & development on the World Wide Web since Web 1.0 i.e. 1990’s and currently  Consultancy Services helping brick & mortar companies to transition to Business 3.0 i.e. seamless integration of online business to their existing one. We’ve studied the market requirements and demand for Web based services with a special focus on Web Marketing services and Veenus Digital Services will evolve into a full-service Digital Media Agency.
  9. 9. Products & Services VEENUS love by design Search Marketing  Social Media Marketing  Search Engine Optimization  Social Media Marketing  Link Building Strategy  Social Media Monitoring  Link Acquisition Management  Social Media Research  Keyword Targeting & Research  Social Media Engagement  Web Analytics Reporting  Social Media Measurement  Local Search Optimization  Social Media Bookmarking  Search Engine Marketing  Social Media Advertising  Online Reputation Management  Social Viral Marketing  Multilingual SEO & SEM
  10. 10. Products & Services VEENUS love by design Creative & Technical Services  Web Presence Re-engineering  User Experience (UX) & User Interface (UI) Design  E-Commerce Design & Development  Content Management System  Corporate Presentations  2-Minutes Explainer Videos  Infographics Creation  Research & Insights Presentation  Corporate Print Design
  11. 11. Products & Services VEENUS love by design Information Technology Services  Custom Development Solutions  Application Infrastructure Development  Smart Client Development  Web Development  Information Worker Solutions  Portals and Collaboration  Enterprise Content Management and Forms  Product Development Service  Concept-to-Delivery Product Lifecycle Solution Consultancy Services – Business 3.0 Enablement Service
  12. 12. Tools & Technologies VEENUS love by design General Web Competencies  Microsoft Competencies  HTML  MS ASP .Net  JavaScript  MS C#  XML  MS SQL  CSS  MS SharePoint Portal  AJAX  Adobe Competencies  JQuery  Flash  JSON  Flex Open Source Competencies  Dreamweaver  Apache Server  Social Media Apps Development  PHP  Facebook Apps  MySQL  Google Open Social
  13. 13. Tools & Technologies VEENUS love by design Digital Media Marketing Tools  Adobe Social:  Rank Checking Tools Complete Digital Marketing Suite  Keyword Envy  Rank Checker  Keyword Research  Visual PageRank Tool  Google Insights  SEO Powersuite Tools  Google Adwords Keyword Tool  Google Trends  Analytic Tools  Google Analytics  Site Evaluation SEO Tools  Yahoo Web Analytics  Google Webmaster Tools  Crazy Egg Tool  Bing Webmaster Toolbox  Gsite Crawler  Other Tools  Google Website Optimizer  GoogleBar (Mozilla Firefox Add on)  SEOQuake  Link Checking Tools  SEO for Firefox  Majestic SEO  Firefox Web Developer Extension  Yahoo! Site Explorer
  14. 14. Strategy & Consulting - blending technology & VEENUS business acumen love by design Customer Support& Logistics - order management and Design & Usability - coordination with logistics breakthrough design & companies, customer support seamless structure features. 360ºHosting & Operations - hosting E-COM System & Technologies -with trusted third party vendors, WEB-PRESENCE cutting edge solutions to ongoing technical maintenance LIFE-CYCLE customize and deploy E- services Commerce MANAGEMENT Digital Marketing Services - brand Webshop Management - complete strategy, online brand management, backend support with products multi-channel digital marketing catalogue updates & content updates campaigns & web analytics
  15. 15. SEO Process VEENUS love by design
  16. 16. VEENUS love by design VEENUS DIGITAL SERVICES,A full-service digital media agency | A division of Veenus ConsultancyNo. 19/146, Anand Nagar, Vakola, Santacruz (E), Mumbai – 400055. +91-22-65234897 / +91-9820745051 / +91-9821781977 |