The First Artists


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I use this to introduce my young students to our timeline of art. This slide show explains the difference between cave paintings and petroglyphs and is followed by a hands on lesson.

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The First Artists

  1. 1. The First Artists
  2. 2. The first artists lived in prehistoric times. This is the time before history was written down.
  3. 3. •We can learn many things from the art found on cave walls and rocks. •The first artists lived in caves. Cave Dwellers •One of the things we know is the kinds of animals that lived at that time.
  4. 4. Do you recognize any of the animals? reindeer bison bull horse
  5. 5. Two important early forms of art Cave Paintings Painting on a cave wall; Also called pictographs Design and images carved into rock & Petroglyphs
  6. 6. Petroglyphs are found all over the world, including the United States. Petroglyphs
  7. 7. •Petroglyphs are symbols that stand for something. •These symbols were an early form of pre- writing.
  8. 8. Here are more examples of petroglyphs.
  9. 9. Petroglyphs are sometimes known as Rock Art.
  10. 10. Do you see any recognizable symbols?
  11. 11. Cave Painting (also called Pictographs)
  12. 12. •In 1940, four French teenage boys were looking for their dog in the woods. •They accidentally discovered the Lascaux Caves. •The walls of these caves were covered with paintings. •The paintings are examples of some of the world’s best stone age art. Lascaux Caves
  13. 13. There were paintings of hundreds of animals including horses, stags, bulls, bison and reindeer.
  14. 14. This painting is from the “Great Hall of Bulls” in Lascaux
  15. 15. Five Horses and a Cow More Examples of Cave Painting
  16. 16. Bull with Red and Brown Horses Look Closely. Can you see the bull?
  17. 17. Hands, Hands and More Hands What can we learn from these hands?
  18. 18. Horses & Bulls
  19. 19. What did we learn? •Who were the first artists? •How do we know about their world? •What animals lived then? Cave Dwellers From the artwork they made on the walls of caves and rocks Horses, Bulls, Reindeer and more
  20. 20. Painting or Petroglyph? Painting
  21. 21. Painting or Petroglyph? Painting
  22. 22. Painting or Petroglyph? Petroglyph
  23. 23. Painting or Petroglyph? Painting
  24. 24. Painting or Petroglyph? Petroglyph
  25. 25. The End Slideshow created by Vicki Sheskin, Art Teacher, Hawley School, Newtown, CT 2008 - 2009