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Implementation pics

  1. 1. All the employees are involved in taking Kaizen Shapath
  2. 2. Yogesh Vaghani, Director, Milton Plastics in an animated discussion with Frontline Employees
  3. 3. Director to Doorman - all are equally involved in doing Kaizen at GEMBA
  4. 4. Preventive Maintenance through Visual Management
  5. 5. Transparent containersVisual Management – Pigments stored in all the containers are visible and known
  6. 6. Through color coding, it is easy to know which tools and components belong to which dept.
  7. 7. Token PEEP (Place For Everything and Everything in its Place)When the person has taken a tool, he will place a token at the place that will let othersknow where the tool is now and with whom
  8. 8. Color coding Standard WIP OutputInput 1. Frontline workers are cleaning their workstations to keep their workplace dust-free 2. Standard WIP has been kept near every workstation 3. All the components have been color coded according to their functionality and stored at the point of use (POU)
  9. 9. Light indicator to give signal Plan vs. Actual production display board Material at hands distance PackagingThis is an example of One Piece Flow AssemblyEach and every component needed is available at a hands distance of the worker
  10. 10. Worn out/Waste tools are kept in one lineLearning Center - where all kinds of tools are kept to train the employees
  11. 11. SMED trolleyAll the tools required (related to the machine) to perform the changeover are available inSMED trolley. Big stand is available in the left corner where all the tools are kept that willbe needed during changeover, it helps to avoid Muda of Motion & Transportation
  12. 12. Responsibility has been assigned to Shift FitterSMED trolley contains all the tools required to perform quick changeover. SMED trolleyhas been parked only in the right area
  13. 13. • Place for everything and every useful thing in its place (PEEP)• Kanban system• No stock out or over-stocking of material
  14. 14. KanbanCollection trayOnce any material has been picked up for use, the Kanban card of the particular materialwill go into the Kanban collection tray. It will then be sent to purchase department atevery 11 am & 4 pm daily for placing the replenishment orders
  15. 15. Light signal Mizusumashi (Water Spider)Whenever the operators need some material, they trigger the light that gives signal toMizusumashi (Water Spider) who replenishes the required material in the workstation
  16. 16. Responsibility assignedKanban Card Kanban Board Point of Use Storage (POUS) with Kanban
  17. 17. Name of the Oil storedCount Free Same color marking is done on M/C No Oil Drops on the Floor Visual Management
  18. 18. Place For Everything and Every Useful thing in its Place (PEEP) in Table Drawer
  19. 19. Kaizen For kids (KFK)
  20. 20. Yogesh Vaghani discussing the importance of Kaizen with School Faculty