5S Competition


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5S Competition

  2. 2. Shared 5S vision of Sahney by all the employees & workers
  3. 3. Rangoli
  4. 4. 5S brings out the star in you.
  5. 5. 5S is the path for Prosperity and towards World Class Excellence
  6. 6. Safety comes above all & Sahney stands committed for its customer’s safety
  7. 7. Fire prevention is a very critical part of ensuring Safety in the factory
  8. 8. 5S helps in identifying reducing and eliminating wastes in the process
  9. 9. Kaizen tools help in eliminating seven kinds of wastes exist in any organization
  10. 10. There should be a place for everything and every useful thing in its place (PEEP)
  11. 11. Material handling is an important aspect for maintaining Quality & Safety
  12. 12. Always ensure your safety while driving
  13. 13. 5S can be achieved and maintained only through “Can DO” attitude
  14. 14. 5S is the foundation for any organization to achieve world class excellence
  15. 15. Employee safety directly contributes to enhancement in productivity
  16. 16. Maintaining the quality of products &services through Quality Management
  17. 17. 5S helps to get better quality products & services by reduction in wastes which leads to dramatic Cost reduction
  18. 18. Location for each & every item is standardized
  19. 19. Use safety equipments while working
  20. 20. Safety should be an inherent part of any process
  21. 21. Cleaned and well organized place keeps uscalm & compose and helps to focus on our work
  22. 22. Doing 5S is the team effort whichbrings unity amongst the employees
  23. 23. Kaizen brings happiness inside the organization
  24. 24. The tree of Business Excellence
  25. 25. Ergonomics is very important, while designing the workstation for the comfort of the employee
  26. 26. Seed of greatness in every individual grows by making small changes everyday & reflects true potential of individual
  27. 27. 2ND S - SEITON 1ST S - SEIRI 5TH S -SHITSUKE 3RD S - SEISO 4TH S - SEIKETSU All the 5 “S” depicted with one visual each
  28. 28. Sometimes Thrill can be dangerous & can kill
  29. 29. Non-moving material must be minimum toensure maximum cash flow in the organization
  30. 30. Small spillage can also lead to big accidents
  31. 31. SMED or Quick Changeover must be performed under 10 minutes
  32. 32. You know what to find where, even blindfolded.
  33. 33. Air-Free No items Accidenton the floor free
  34. 34. Lead by walking around – Gemba is the reality
  35. 35. Small energy saving by everyone can have big impact on the organization
  36. 36. BreakdownsNegligence Dirt, Dust, SpillagePeople must inculcate the right habits leading to better culture
  37. 37. Don’t waste energy & get tired soon. Do smart work
  38. 38. Shortcuts are like short-circuits. It causes injuries
  39. 39. Ergonomics is very important, while designing the workstation for the comfort of the employee
  40. 40. While at work, your near & dear ones are waiting for you at home to reach safely
  41. 41. Not meant for showcase, but for people to wear it
  42. 42. The GREEN layout of the factory
  43. 43. Carry the Oil Cans on designated trolleys
  44. 44. Respect the Environment – Environment will protect you
  45. 45. Unsafe practice – ab nahi chalega
  46. 46. Visual Management plays a vital role in ensuring safety. Never ignore the visuals