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Vedupro Corporate Brochure


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Vedupro Learning PVT. LTD. as a leading light carries an expertise in educational domain. We aspire to facilitate the educational institutions and students with updated technology.

This brochure exhibits a brief discription about the company and the services offered.

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Vedupro Corporate Brochure

  1. 1. E-Learning SolutionsMobile SolutionsDigital Content DevelopmentEducational ERP ServicesLanguage Lab SetupTechnology Enabled ClassroomQuality Assurance ServicesVeduPro is a global IT consulting andservices firm founded based in IT hub ofworld India. We have worked with majorcompanies across USA, Canada, Kenya andIndia. Our services ranges from onsiteconsulting services to setting up dedicatedoffshore development or back office ITsupport centre.VeduPro has many years of experience in Simplifying IT & Educatione-learning domain. VeduPro brings opensource e-learning solutions to many sectorslike education, corporate, institutional andnon-profit. Our expertise in E-learningdomain help you to cut costs, create and Présentation 2012-2013 E-Le a r ning Solut ionsdeploy solutions that engage learners and M obile Solu tionsenhance learning through seamless Digita l Con te nt De v e lo pm e ntintegration with your existing system. Educ a tio na l E RP Se rv i c e s La ngua ge La b Se tu p Te c hnology Ena ble d Cl a s s room Q ua lity As s u ra nc e Se r v ic e s (ISO 9001:2008, NABCB Accredited Company)Vedupro Learning PVT.LTD. A-97, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi 17, INDIAwww.veduservices.com 5 East Third Street, Suite-3, Bethlehem PA-18015, USAwww.vedupro.com 57 rue d’Amsterdam, Paris 75 008, FRANCE
  2. 2. Technology at work for you CO NN ECTI NG YO U R B U SI NE SS TO T HE TEC HN O LO G Y RESO U RCE S Y O U NE E D We analyze your existing IT infrastructure and gain We transfer the business requirement to technical KEY DIFF ER ENTI ATO R S a comprehensive understanding of your business requirement and provide recommendations on Experience of successfully goals. This covers gap analysis for re-engineering technology platform, development tools, hardware developing small to large projects and definition of requirement management platform, or system framework. The formal Software enterprise applications in globally distributed working environment. process for complete new systems to ensure that Requirement Specification is then formed if demanded the process meets your entire spectrum of for your confirmation according to your different Well defined process based upon experience learned over 9+ years, business goals with high efficiency and requests on cost, system stability and after-sale applying both Plan driven and competitiveness both at present and in perspective. support. Agile methodology. The UML is used to business modeling and Combine strategic plans and knowledge of current and Full protection of client Intellectual analysis. emerging technologies to create systems logical Property. design and System Design Specification which Strong Client Relationships includes the systems prototype and architecture.Mobile SolutionsOnline learning combined with the Flexible Solutions for TECH NO LO G Y CO N SUL TIN G P RO VID ES A TO TAL EN D TO E ND S O LUTIO N.convenience of smart phone offers uniquelearning experience to educationcommunity your business needs Technology Enabled Classrooms W HY V e duP ro Change the way you learn and transform the way you Expertise E-Learning SolutionsVeduPro offers mobile solutions where teach. In the era of technology, get something more Technically Advanced We provide almost the full range of e-learning to elevate the process of learning to the next level. Expandabilitystudents can learn and collaborate among development services. With us, you are assured of Empower your classrooms with the power ofa virtual campus of peers from around the Flexibility seamless solutions where everything integrates and technology.world–all within a rich mobile interface Dedication works right.(iPhone, Android and iPAD) . It enables Interactive White Board Reasonable Coststudents to overcome the biggest hurdles - Moodle implementation and integration.of distance learning today: finding the time Portable Interactive Pad - Custom LMS, Assessment Enginesand finding the help. - Content QA Document Visualizer Digital Content Development Multimedia Digital Podium VeduPro offers intense help to you in developing your digital content. Our Services model includes: Smart 2in1 Class CUSTOMER TESTIMONIALS Analysis: Audience, Needs, Content & "VeduPro is a right Technical Analysis. technology partner. They have Vedupro Products Design: Course structure, Learning Object, shown consistency and high Storyboard, Course Interphase, Template, integrity over the course of our. Vedupro CMS relationship. I am very Color Scheme, Typography Vedupro CMS with mini LMS impressed with their Development: Powerpoint, Gimp, Vedupro CMS with Complete LMS commitment and outstanding Xtranormal, Jing, Articulate, Captivate, Vedupro CMS with Complete LMS and quality." Payment Gateway & Order Management. Lecture Scribe Mike , Canada Vedupro Course Selling Portal Implementation & Evaluation
  3. 3. Associations & Clientele