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Foo (flight operation officer)


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-Flight Operation Officer
-Flight plan

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Foo (flight operation officer)

  1. 1. FLIGHT OPERATIONSOFFICERFlight Operations Officer is a person whoperforms operational services or all duties relatedto Pre Flight (preparation), such as establishingperformance for limited weights, interpretationweather and NOTAM, Flight Planning, CrewBriefing. In Flight (Flight Watch) and Post Flight(debriefing) 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 1
  2. 2. THE FUNCTIONS OF F001. Flight Dispatch2. Dispatch Release3. Flight WatchIn accordance to comply with CASR 121, the flight operations services are divided into 3 (three) part of services as mentioned below:F. Flight Dispatch ServiceG. Dispatch Release ServiceH. Flight Watch Service 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 2
  3. 3. The implementation of the flightoperations services needs, indeed,competent personnel with appropriatequalification level shall be determinedby:b)Operational training attended.c)Working experience in flightoperations services sector.d)Passing the regular Recurrent trainingand Proficiency Checke)Successfully discharged special dutyassignment. 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 3
  4. 4. APPLICABILITYFlight Operation services applicability to all Garuda Indonesia flights and,based on contract basis, to other carrier’s flight which handled by GarudaIndonesia within the following periods:Flight dispatch- Out-going flights This service shall be applied, at least, from H-4 until 30 minutesafter airborne- Incoming Flights This service shall be applied, at least, from 30 minutes beforetouch down until 60 minutes after block-on.Dispatch releaseThis service shall be applied, not later than H-1 before ETDFlightwatchThis service shall be applied within a period of D-1 until D+1 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 4
  5. 5. LEGAL ASPECTNo flight may be continued from anintermediate airport without redispatch ifthe aircraft has been on the ground morethan 6 (six) hours. (CASR 121.595.b)The Pic and FOO are jointly responsible forthe flight planning, continuation, diversionand delay of a flight. (BOM 112.4.1) 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 5
  6. 6. PRE-FLIGHTThe FOO shall ensure that PIC of a particular flightis in possession of flight documentation related tosuch flight, at least the following:b)Two copies of operational flight plan,c)Copy of ATS flight plan if applicable,d)Valid meteorological reporte)Valid aeronautical information service,f)Take off data form,g)Cruise setting form,h)Copy of relevant message such as messagecontaining the change of aircraft rotation, if any 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 6
  7. 7. FLIGHT PLANNINGThe basic rule is that for all flights. The flight planfor the sector to be flown shall normally beprepared by flight dispatch of station departure,under responsibility of the FOO.However, base dispatch may issue operationalflight plans for flight departing from other station.The FOO at station departure shall prepare anddeliver:The valid meteorological informationThe valid Aeronautical Information ServiceA copy of the ATS flight plan 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 7
  8. 8. FLIGHT PLANNINGPrior to commencing the flight, the FOD must ensure that: The aircraft is airworthy All available information appropriate to the intended operation, including all available current weather reports and forecast, indicate that the flight can be completed as planned. The flight can be conducted safety in accordance with the operating limitations as laid down in the Aircraft Operations Manual (AOM) The flight plan has been completed.Crew briefingRefer to section 1.2.4 of all plan, a full briefing should be given to PIC (or his/her crew) of a particular departing flight. Basically, crew briefing is a mutual discussion on execution planning of a particular flight between PIC concerned and Flight Operations Officer on the ground before flight commencement. Such briefing is required to familiarise the crew, efficienctly, with all operational aspects to support the safe and efficient conduct of particular flight. 04/26/12 STMT Trisakti 8