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Zeus Academy Chennai, offers a complete English Language and communication training program. Here we focus on Accent, grammar, and pronunciation to make the language sound natural and native.

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Zeus academy 1

  1. 1. Hi all, Welcome to Zeus Academy’s Global English training.
  2. 2.  from home makers, from teachers and trainers (for the train the trainer programs). Apart from this we have people walk into our office everyday.
  3. 3. Why do we need to learn English?  Of course one of the reasons why we need to speak in English nowadays is because the world is becoming smaller.  
  4. 4. Thanks to the internet and our developing global economy, more and more people are using English as a common way to communicate with each other. So now it has become unavoidable that companies and large businesses will need to employ people. who can speak more than their own native language, that is where English comes in. It is now officially considered as an international language.
  5. 5.  Since we started Zeus, we have trained people from different walks of life and corporate clients. People who come to Zeus Academy benefit by getting lot of opportunities to speak in English with each other and develop all the skills of English:Speaking, listening, and writing, as well as developing proficiency in grammar and accent. Plus they get fun. We strongly believe that learning is fun.
  6. 6.  The purpose of the training program is to make our students use flawless English in professional as well as personal spears as good as a native English speaker.
  7. 7. English language is not just made of grammar. One can’t master English just by learning grammar. In fact, it becomes complete only with accent and pronunciation, which make the language natural, fluid, and continuous.
  8. 8.  This is what we do in our training programs and it makes our training programs are very unique and special.
  9. 9.  Learning English takes time and patience. It cannot be rushed. Try to relax and take it easy. The most important thing you need at the beginning is a good vocabulary. Without words, you have nothing to work with, You must start with a strong foundation or base, and slowly build on it, day by day! You must view English as a part of your body... just as you would use an arm or leg. It must become an Integral part of your everyday life. Daily practice is very important. Do not worry about making mistakes...in fact the more mistakes you make...The more you will learn from them. It is just like learning to ride a bike. You fall of in the beginning. So what do you do? You get back on and try again. Do not look at English as just another subject. It’s a life skill, and you are going to learn it.
  10. 10. Courses Our training programs are taught using a combination of traditional classroom lecture, and practical exercises. They are designed to quickly endow participants with a degree of confidence in their communication skills, allowing them to actively participate. Our goal is to encourage participants to react spontaneously and logically, rather than according to memorized rules and formulas.
  11. 11.     Global English training: Description:  Introduction to Alphabets, Classification of consonants, vowel and diphthong sounds, Learning phonetic symbols, Consonant Blends, Plural & Other - s endings, Past tense endings. contraction, and pronunciation of common words, Understanding syllables, Word Stress [Syllable Stress in words], Sentence stress [Word stress in sentences- content words vs. structure words]. Intonation pattern, Difference between Indian & Global Accent, Liaisons[Linking], Conversational speaking [Colloquialism & Slang], Difference between American and British English.  
  12. 12. Basic English training program Parts of Speech, Sentence Structure, Sentence patterns, adverbials, Tenses, Verb formation and situations, Active and passive voice, Sentence rhythm, Clauses, Independent clause and dependent clause, Choosing verbs, Adjectives and adverbs, articles, and punctuation. Focus will be given to spoken and written aspects of the language.    
  13. 13.   Advanced English Description:  This course is designed for students with an intermediate to advanced understanding of English, whose application of the English language enables them to develop more advanced conversational techniques and strategies. The program entails the understanding of main ideas and supporting ideas, making inferences from conversations and talks that deal with a variety of topics, and developing confidence in communication thoughts in an organized manner. Primary emphasis is placed on learning strategies to develop listening skills, especially in analyzing a situation or conversation and being able to take action or decision based on the results of analysis.
  14. 14. Written English training Description:  This course develops and reinforces students’ organizational skills through an understanding of the writing structure and process. Essential principles of grammar and sentence structure are covered and students are introduced to the rhetorical modes of narration, description, and comparison-contrast. Primary emphasis is on strengthening foundational skills and establishing effective writing strategies through writing activities. 
  15. 15. Train-the-trainer program  Our train-the-trainer program for English language trainer aspirants offer hands-on opportunities to develop and deliver imaginative, engaging sessions that encourage employee excellence.   Allows the trainers to master training methodology.  Provides trainers with the skills and knowledge to help them get the best from their trainees 
  16. 16.  Zeus is a small academy with big ambitions. We believe that we have the curriculum and structures to deliver a high quality training for all students, regardless of their future ambition whether that be Further Education, Employment or Training. Our training room may be small and simple, but it provides a good ambience to learn.
  17. 17.  Madhana Gopal I knew you way before Zeus sir , I never wanted the things that i learnt to just stay with me . and that’s why i keep referring you to people who really need your help! . I'll refer you anyday!!. and thanks for whtever u taught me then
  18. 18.  Vinodh RaghuDear sir.... What could i say about ur training no words can describe about ur training which is really helpful. I have even helped few of my colleagues the things which i have learnt from you. I am sure ur the best person to mould the person to talk in ur way Thank you so much
  19. 19.  Pavithra Shanmugasundaram hi sir we all knw abt your training and its jus amazing...really you trained me a lottttt in my grammer and now also am nt so perfect in grammer...bt now am n a good position its all because of your training so thr is no words how to express sir really thank u sooooo much
  20. 20.    Gopal Raj R Hi Vedant, The way you trained was refreshingly different.. Not like other English learning centers where they focus more on finishing the classes and start the next batch.. You're so flexible in timings and the examples you provided was simple and catchy. You explained all areas in detail.. The course content was very well presented. You're friendly and approachable.. And most importantly trained with humour.. I thorougly enjoyed the course and improved myself.
  21. 21.  Manjula Kumar Ur training is unparalleled. .!! Undoubtedly evryone one of us hav evolved into better English speakers.. I don wana ever remember the place Ver***.. but ur training was the stepping stone for wat I am ryt now.. thank u is jus not the word to express my gratitude!
  22. 22.     Sandy Sandeep Hi vedant Sir, I consider myself from one of the lucky few people from Ve....who got a chance to learn from the basics of how to pronounce a alphabet to speaking the correct neutral English. You were mind blowing with the way you approach everyone and made sure that they changed themselves by the end of the training.It was one the training i can never forget in my life because it really helped me to reach where i am today. wish you good luck sir. Sandeep.
  23. 23.  Geetha Shanmuga Sundaram Hi sir you r the best trainer as well best personality I’ve seen in my life. In ur training I’ve learnt a lot and ur the only person who gave me confidence to travel in my life wit a gud job still I’m missing ur training classes. sir thanks a lottttt