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VectorBase Community Annotation Submission Guide


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How to submit genome annotations using the VectorBase Community Annotation Pipeline

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VectorBase Community Annotation Submission Guide

  1. 1. Instructions for using the VectorBase Community Annotation system Rob Bruggner August 2007
  2. 2. VectorBase User Login Page You need to be logged in to submit data to VectorBase. Go to the quot;Userquot; section, enter your user name and password, and click quot;Log In.quot;
  3. 3. VectorBase User Home Page After logging in, click on the quot;Contribute Manual Annotationquot; link to be taken to the manual annotation submission page.
  4. 4. Contribute Manual Annotation Page The Contribute Manual Annotation page gives the user a general overview of how to submit manual annotation to VectorBase. Click on the Read more about the process and submit data here link to go to the Gene Submission Page.
  5. 5. Manual Annotation Submission Page Download the gene submission form and directions by clicking on the document icons.
  6. 6. Gene Submission Form Fill out the gene submission form as described by the directions.
  7. 7. Upload the completed gene submission form After filling out the gene submission form, select the the organism that your submitting data for, select the completed submission form for upload, and click quot;Submit.quot;
  8. 8. A preview of uploaded data After submitting your gene sequence, you'll be shown a preview of your uploaded data. The translated portion of your transcript, as specified in the submission form, will be shown in parallel with the submitted transcript sequence. Additionally, any submitted publications or controlled vocabulary terms will also be shown. Use this data preview page to make sure your data has been uploaded properly before submitting your data for curator review.
  9. 9. Submit uploaded data If you've described a transcript's functionality using Gene Ontology Terms and that functionality is further described in a paper that's also being submitted, please associate the paper with the corresponding terms. If your data looks correct, click on the quot;Submit Dataquot; button at the bottom of the preview page to submit your gene model(s) for curator review. NOTE: If you are submitting a large amount of models simultaneously, the submission process could take several minutes. Please do not close the browser window while submitting your data.
  10. 10. Data submission report After your data is submitted to VectorBase, you will be presented with a report indicating if there were any problems with the submission of your data. If problems did occur during data submission, please contact a VectorBase curator for assistance.
  11. 11. Recently Submitted Data If you return to the Community Annotaiton Submission page, you'll see recently submitted data listed on the right.
  12. 12. Display of Gene Model in Contig View After your gene model has been reviewed and approved by a VectorBase curator, the model will become immediately visible in the quot;Manual Annotationquot; DAS track in the VectorBase genome browser contig view.