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Carta de Recomendacion V Ortega


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Carta de Recomendacion V Ortega

  1. 1. The follow text has been translated from German to English language, mainly to have a better comprehension of the “Testimony “ Mr. Victor Leon Ortega Galeazzi, born on 25.09.1982, was from 15.01.207 to 01.14.2099 worked as a technical trainee in our company.…… Mr. Ortega Galeazzi participated in The Technical Trainee Program, is coordinated by the Central Office of Human Resources worldwide and focuses on the targeted development by our international experts. As part of this development program, Mr. Ortega Galeazzi was first used in our Research and Development Department, in the field Leakage Technique and then mainly in the quality management of the product group Engine & Exhaust Systems. He has incorporated the following topics: • Reading and understanding engineering drawings • Participation in APQP activities • Preparation of D and P- FMEAs • Perform project files in SAP • Creation and maintenance of Control Plan in defined projects • Organization of and participation in Feasibility Studies • Creation of initial sample documents for clients initial samples • Presentation of Process Flow Diagram • Administration of the database system DQM • Create various reports as Statistics, PPM Mr. Ortega Galeazzi showed a high interest in further training measures and was suitable include knowledge in the areas of quality assurance, lean production, project management and intercultural understanding and also took part regularly in German language Lessons. Mr. Ortega Galeazzi is able to quickly get an overview its areas of use to familiarize themselves with the new tasks and successfully to transfer the acquired knowledge and skills to the projects mentioned. Mr. Ortega Galeazzi, Prepared out its assigned tasks and projects with commitment and joy of learning. He is able to work under pressure; the high volume of work has grown and always handles its tasks very reliable, conscientious and timely manner. He has always fulfilled to our satisfaction, the duties assigned to him. After completion of the trainee program, Mr. Ortega Galeazzi has been adopted as Advance Quality Planner at our location in Puebla, Mexico on 15/01/2009. We thank him for the past, always working together and wish him much success and all the best for the future.