HErbicide applications a new opportunity to feed a crop


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Post applied Herbicide applications can be a new opportunity for the modern grower to feed its crop.

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HErbicide applications a new opportunity to feed a crop

  1. 1. Maximizing Herbicide Efficiency and MicronutrientDelivery with BRANDT SMART SYSTEMVatren JurinMarch 14 2013
  3. 3. Brandt Smart System®A Micronutrient System designed for use with post applied herbicidesHerbicideCompatibilityHerbicideSafenerImprovedPlantHealthImprovedStressToleranceIncreasedYieldsEffectiveMicronutrientDeliveryJune, 2012Brandt Smart System® 3BrandtSmart System®Key Functions Deliver micronutrients quicklyand efficiently via foliarapplications Specifically designed to becompatible with most allpost-applied herbicides Physiological Tool to triggerkey plant responses Improves Plant Health andMitigates Stress Symptoms– Environmental stresses– Herbicide/pesticide stresses– Crop safening affect.
  4. 4. Brandt Smart System®Current Product LineJune, 2012Brandt Smart System® 4
  5. 5. GlyphosatebindingwithManganeseThis BindingLeadstoAntagonism!Brandt Smart SystemTMPrevents Weak Acid Herbicides from Binding with MetalsTRIOBrandt Smart SystemTM preventsGlyphosate from reacting with theZinc and ManganeseTypical ProductGlyphosate reacts when it comesin direct contact with mostmicro’s
  6. 6. -2Glyphosate and weak acid herbicides have a negative (-) net charge,thus a strong attraction to cations, especially for multivalent cationssuch as Ca+2, Cu+2, Mn+2, Fe+2, Fe+3, Zn+2, etc.0Mn+2GlyphosateGlyphosate bound to MnGlyphosateAntagonized by MicronutrientsJune, 2012Brandt Smart System® 6
  7. 7. GlyphosateZnSO4GlyphosateMn EDTAGlyphosate ZnEDTAGlyphosateBrandtSmart MnGlyphosateBrandt SmartZnGlyphosateMnSO4GlyphosateControlUltra low rate ofglyphosate(6oz/acre) forpurposed ofdetectingantagonismTrial Location:Study Director: Dr. Stanley CulpepperLocation: Univ. of Georgia - TiftonApplication Rates:Glyphosate: 6 fl oz/aMicro Sources 2 qt/aBrandt Smart System®Compatibility with GlyphosateJune, 2012Brandt Smart System® 7
  8. 8. RESULTComplete weed controlHealthy Crop
  9. 9. Brandt Smart Trio®1 qt / acreBrandt Smart System®Improved Plant Health & Yields92010 wet conditions in the Mid-West led tosaturated soils and Zn and Mn deficiencieswere prevalent.Brandt Smart System® was a very affectivetool in boosting the struggling corn crop.
  10. 10. Brandt Smart System®Micronutrient Delivery & Glyphosate CompatibilityMarch 2013Brandt Smart System® 10Brandt Smart Mn @ 1qt/acreapplied w/glyphosate8 % Yield Increase
  11. 11. Brandt Smart Trio® UntreatedBrandt Smart System®Improved Plant Health & Yields 2011, Suffolk County, VAUntreatedBrandt Smart Trio®1qt/acreMarch 2013Brandt Smart System® 11
  12. 12. Gesapax (Ametrina) 3 litros/ HectareDMA (2-4D) 0,4 litros/ HectareAncosar 720 (MSMA) 2,2 litros/ HectareBrandt Smart Trio® 2 liter/HaGesapax (Ametrina) 3 litros/ HectareDMA (2-4D) 0,4 litros/ HectareAncosar 720 (MSMA) 2,2 litros/ HectareBrandt Smart System® SugarcaneHerbicide Safener – Stress Mitigation BrazilMarch 2013Brandt Smart System® 12
  13. 13. Brandt Smart Trio Applied In Extreme Heat(SC) with GLUFOSINATEMonth 00, 0000Presentation title in footer (if desired) 13
  14. 14. Brandt Smart Trio Efficacy(SC)Month 00, 0000Presentation title in footer (if desired) 14
  15. 15.  Butyrac ( 2,4 DB ) Bromoxynil Nitrogen Based SurfactantMarch 2013New Ag International 15Brandt Smart System® AlfalfaHerbicide Safener – Stress Mitigation Pacific Northwest
  16. 16. 75.475.074.676.075.676.879.581.780.782.079.680.57274767880828486Roundup + Prolec + 2nd HerbicideRoundup + Prolec + 2nd Herbicide +TrioGENERAL TRIAL INFORMATIONDate: Summer 2010Grower: Brandt Research FarmAgronomist: Ed CorriganLocation: Pleasant Plains, IllinoisCrop: SoybeansBrandt Smart SystemTMStress Mitigation – Multiple HerbicidesChlorimuronChlorimuron+Thifensulfuron MethylFomesafen Lactofen Flumiclorac Fluthiacet-Metyl
  17. 17. GENERAL TRIAL INFORMATIONGrower: Brandt Research FarmAgronomist: Ed CorriganLocation: Pleasant Plains, IllinoisCrop: CornPopulation: 33,000Hybrid: DK 61-22Rotation: 3rd Year CornFertility: 240-90-180Tillage: Strip TillHarvest: Yield MonitorsApplication Timing: V7Application Rate: TRIO – 1qt/acreResponsive to High Chemical LoadTRIO w/Herbicides Combinations2009 Brandt Research Farm3.114.516.321.727.4051015202530Bushel/AcreIncreasewithTRIOYIELD Increase with TRIOPost-Applied Herbicide CombinationsPowerMaxTM (22 oz)PowerMaxTM (22 oz) + Distinct® ( 4 oz)PowerMaxTM (22 oz) + Status® (4 oz)PowerMaxTM (22 oz) + NorthStar® (6.4 oz)PowerMaxTM (22 oz) + Calisto® (3 oz)PowerMaxTMis a trademark of Monsanto. Distinct® and Status® are registeredtrademarks of BASF. Northstar® and Calisto ® are registered trademarks of SyngentaMesotrionePrimisulfuron + DicambaDiflufenzopyr + Dicamba
  18. 18. What is happening ??Month 00, 0000Presentation title in footer (if desired) 181) Enzymatic conversion ofof a herbicide to a less activecomponent by:- Oxidation- Reduction-hydrolysis2) Remaining compound isconjugated with a:- Sugar- Amino Acid- other3) Metabolites formed insecond phase aretransported to the vacuole.4) Some components mightbe compartmentalized invacuoles or associated withparts of the cell wall.HerbicideMetabolism Induce theexpression of genesinvolved in plantdefenses anddetoxification.HerbicideSafeners
  19. 19. When you consider micronutrients more like physiological toolsMonth 00, 0000Presentation title in footer (if desired) 19Can metals defend plants against biotic stress? 
CharlottePoschenrieder, Roser Tolrà, Juan Barceló
Trends in Plant Science - 1 June 2006 (Vol. 11, Issue6, pp. 288-295)
  20. 20. THANK YOU