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P4EC projects for funding_eng

  1. 1. Make presents for a cause! with Together Partnership for Every Child
  2. 2. «The child, for the full and harmonious development of his orher personality, should grow up in a family environment, in anatmosphere of happiness, love and understanding» *Сonvention on the Rights of the Child
  3. 3. who we are?Partnership for Every Child Partnership for Every Child works to keep families together, keep vulnerable children safe, and get children back with a safe and caring family, wherever we can.
  4. 4. what we do?Project «Sure Start» Develop a model of social adaptation and professional integration for independent living for children in out-of-home care in Ukraine. Participants: care-leavers of 4 residential institutions of Kyiv Oblast. 180 young people deprived of parental care will benefit directly from services offered: assist care-leavers to develop personal and professional competencies to survive as adults in the community; support and follow up young people deprived of parental care in local community settings according to individual plan, offer legal advice; help young people to find place to work or study, solve housing problems; build personal social networks of young people outside the institutions; organize interesting leisure time and weekends.
  5. 5. How You can help?Project «Sure Start» Support the work of youth clubs “How to become successful” for care- leavers in 4 cities of Kyiv Oblast. With Your help we will organize more trainings and interesting meetings : Youth clubs help children communicate, learn and socialize. The curricula combines trainings with specialists and practical master-classes on how to cook, how to write a CV, how to work with computer and Internet and help gain necessary living knowledge. Help us to prepare mentors for orphans and children, deprived of parental care. With Your assistance mentors will provide more individual support for children: Mentoring is about the power of friendship. The volunteers and young people in our project experience the magic of everyday moments when they are shared with a friend. With individual mentors children become more independent and acquire self-esteem. Everyone needs someone to laugh with, share a dream with, and just hang out... with friends, its the little things that mean the most.
  6. 6. How you can help?Project «Sure Start» Help us organize interesting free time for care-leavers or assist us to settle down children: Excursions, cinema, skating, bicycles – it seems to be almost a dream for those who are locked in residential institution. Sports and cultural events help raise self-esteem of care-leavers and bring new impressions to share.
  7. 7. What we do? «Prevention of Child Abandonment» Reduce placement of children under 3 into baby homes through prevention of child abandonment and developing patterns of support services for mothers and children at risk. Participants: Kyiv Oblast Baby Home (Bila Tserkva) Project develops a network of social services for families with children and transforms services of baby home in order to serve the best interests of the child and his or her right to liveProject is supported in family environment:by World Childhood re-connection of families and support to bringFoundation, children back into family environment;founded by H. M. Queen payment for social pedagogue in the baby home whoSilvia of Sweden coordinates work with biological families, relatives and adoptive parents; renovation of mother and baby room in baby home to provide a child-friendly space for meetings of children with their relatives or potential parents legal assistance for children to obtain a status of an orphan or a child deprived of parental care, organizing children’s cases and documents.
  8. 8. How you can help?«Prevention of Child Abandonment» To support Early Intervention Services and innovative social services to provide timely support for vulnerable parents: Early Intervention Services help identify and support mothers who are at risk of child abandonment. Thanks to their work the annual child abandonment rate in Kyiv Oblast was reduced in three times during last 5 years. Effective support helps to overcome difficulties with work, studies, housing, solve family conflicts and provide adequate childcare. Help Family Support Services to provide urgent help for vulnerable families with risk of child abandonment. Assistance to find a job, to receive child benefits, improvement of living conditions help families to stay together and prevent them from giving children to residential care due to poverty and current difficulties. Thanks to Family Support Services annually around 60 children stay in their families or return there from institutions.
  9. 9. What we do? Project «Better parenting» Strengthening parental capacity of vulnerable families with children. Participants: Bila Tserkva, Poltava Project develops network of social services for families and children (family clubs, support groups, educational programs, consultations of specialists, services of social workers) toProject is supported prevent negative experience: violence, neglect, childby World Childhood Foundation, abandonment.founded by H. M. Queen Silvia ofSweden Family Support Services (consultations, supervision, help in receiving social benefits); Educational program for parents; services provision for families and children (support groups, developmental trainings); organization of family leisure time, development of educational literature for parents.
  10. 10. How You can help?Project «Better Parenting» Support the work of Parenting Clubs, support groups, and educational trainings: With Your Help we can make meetings more regular and exciting. We can invite more specialists and develop more skills of our parents and kids (art-therapy, family singing and dancing , sports with children). Help us organize exciting family leisure time for parents and children: Visits to the Zoo, horse riding, cinema and museums are luxuries for the majority of vulnerable families, therefore children frequently spend time on their own. With your help we can provide opportunities for exciting leisure time, and also strengthen common interests of parents and kids.
  11. 11. What we do? Build training center for child care specialists and social workers The training and resource centre will provide space and house resources for high-quality trainings for specialists from social, medical and child protection systems. The Training Centre will reach at least 140 social workers, managers of social services andProject is supported representatives of other childcare services toby World Childhood Foundation, improve the delivery of social services through Kyivfounded by H. M. Queen Silvia ofSweden oblast. In addition, 1400 families and 3000 children will directly benefit from the resources, support, and knowledge disseminated through the Centre.
  12. 12. How You can help?Center is 80% ready We still need funds to finish supply and installation of the necessary equipment and furniture. With Your help we can finish interior works and design, install hearting system and electricity, buy necessary furniture and equipment. Once completed it will offer community trainings, group work, consultations for families and children
  13. 13. Why us?Partnership for Every Child We are committed to standards, we are open and honest: Our activities are open to partners and society. After completing the mutual initiative, our donor receives narrative and finance report about the project implementation and level of expenses. Upon request we are always ready to demonstrate results of the concrete donation on practice. Partnership for Every Child works to ensure children to grow in families. Our project partners include Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports, European Commission Representative Office, UNICEF and other international donors. Our social campaigns received grand-prix of National Social Advertisement Contest , gold of Kiev International Advertising Festival and silver EFFIE. Additional assets: Information about our mutual initiative will be highlighted in “Children’s Rights” magazine which we produce and disseminate (1000 copies)
  14. 14. Why us?We are trusted partner of:
  15. 15. Make a brighter futuretogether with us  Partnership for Every Child  Kyiv, 28, Kominterna st. , 6th Floor  www.p4ec.org.ua  359 02 10, 359 02 11  info@p4ec.org.ua