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Cv for use77

  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE1. Name Dr. Ravula Vasudeva Reddy2. Designation Principal (Retd.)3. Address for Communication Flat.No.505, Anandam Apts. Gokul Nagar, Tarnaka Secunderabad-500 0174. Permanent Address Ramapur (V), Maripeda (M) Warangal Dt. PIN-5063155. Telephone Numbers and 9247781836 / 90598 81890 email id vreddyravula@gmail.com6. Date of Birth and Age as on 01-04-2010 02-01-1952; 58 Years 3 months7. Education QualificationsS.No Degree/Cour Year Institution Studied University/Board se1 Ph D 2009 Faculty of Business Osmania University Management, Hyderabad. Osmania University2 P G Dip in 2008 ICADR, Gagan Vihar, MJ NALSAR Law ADR Market,Hyderabad University, Hyderabad3 M.Com 1976 Osmania University College of Osmania University Commerce and Business Management, Hyderabad4 B.Com 1974 C K M College, Warangal, A.P Osmania University5 Pre 1970 Govt. Arts & Science College, Osmania University University Siddipet, Medak A.P Course (PUC)6 HSC 1968 Z.P. High School, Wadiaram, Board of Secondary Medak A.P Education, A.P
  2. 2. 8. Teaching Experience; 33 years (1976-2010) worked as Lecturer in Commerce at Vijayanagar College Commerce, Hyderabad (Affiliated to Osmania University. Aided by Government of A.P)9. Subjects Taught 7 subjects (Annexure -A)10. Administrative Experience 13 years. (Annexure-B)11. Publications Author/ Jt. Author: 14 Books Editor /Supervisor 5 Books Research Papers 3 Book reviews 3 (Annexure-C)12. Conferences/Workshops/Seminars 4 Workshops 4 Conferences 15 Seminars (Annexure-D)13. Consultancy & Advisory Service 3 Programs (Annexure- E)14. Membership 6 Professional organizations (Annexure-F)15. Government Programs 4 Programs. Janmabhhomi (Annexure-G)16. Other Activities 5 Items,UGC Refresher Courses, NSS Training (Annexure-H)17. Social & Community 5 Activities Development T. V. Talk (Annexure-I)HyderabadDate: (DR.RAVULA VASUDEVA REDDY) Annexure- A 2
  3. 3. Subjects TaughtS.No Course Duration Subjects Taught 1976-2010 1. Financial Accounting 2. Business Organization and Management B.Com (Gen) 3. Business Statistics1 B.Com(Comp) 4. Cost Accounting 5. Income Tax Law and Practice and several other subjects3 B.Com(Hon) 1997-99 1. Financial Accounting 2. Quantitative Techniques Annexure-B Administrative ExperienceS.No Name of the Institution Designation Period1 Vijayanagar College of Commerce, In charge Principal 1977 Hyderabad (Shift)2 Vijayanagar College of Commerce, Coordinator(Unaided 1997-99 Hyderabad Sections)3 Vijayanagar College of Commerce, Principal 1999-2010 Hyderabaad Publications Annexure-C 3
  4. 4. A. Text Books for StudentsS.No Publishers No. of Level of Title of the Book Books Study1. Kalyani Publishers, 1.Industrial,Organization& New Delhi Management, 2.BusinessStatistics 3..Entrepreneurship Development 4.Businesscommunication Joint Author 8 B.Com Report Writing 5. Income Tax(yearly Revision) 6.Auditing&Business Communication 7.Business Organization & Management2 Telugu Akademi, 3 B.Com 1. Practical Auditing Government of A.P 2. Financial Accounting(Eng) 3. financial Accounting(Tel) Joint Author 1. General Business Laws 3 Inter- 2. Accountancy-II(English) mediate 3. Accountancy-II(Telugu)3 Telugu Akademi, 1. Corporate accounting Government of A.p 2 Chinna Taraha Samsthala Nirvahana Editor 4 B.Com 3. Financial Accounting(English) 4. Financial Accounting(Telugu)4 Asia Law House, 1 General Justice and Justicing Terms and Hyderabad Phrases Supervision of Work B. Book ReviewsS.No Name of the Book Name of the Journal Details of the Reviewed Published Journal1 “Industrial relations In India” “The Asian Economic Vol.33, Mittal Publications, Review”,Indian Institute of No.1, (1991) New Delhi Economics, Hyderabad2. “International Trade in “The Asian Economic Vol.33 Textiles”, Sage Publications, Review”,Indian Institute of No.2,(1991) New Delhi Economics, Hyderabad3. “Euro-currency Market” “The Asian Economic Vol.34, Indus Publishing Company, Review”, Indian Institute of No.1,(1992) New Delhi Economics, Hyderabad. 4
  5. 5. C. Research PapersS.No Title of the Paper Name of the Journal Details of the Journal1 “Merchant Bankers: No More “Indian Journal of Banking and Vol 6 The Loan Pushers” Finance”, Jodhpur University, 1992-93 Jodhpur2. “ Small Scale Retailers- “Osmania Journal of International Vol. 1, No.2 Performance of DWACRA Business Studies’, Osmania 2007 Bazars” University, Hyderabad.3. ‘Retaining-A Study with “ Osmania Journal of International Vol.4, No.1 Reference to Small Scale Business Studies”, Osmania 2010 Retailers university, Hyderabad Annexure-D Workshops, National Conferences & Seminars Participated WorkshopsS.No Theme of the Month& Organized/Sponsored Duration Workshop Year by and Venue1. “Workshop on November,1 ICSSR and CESS, 12-Days Research 986 Hyderabad. Methodology”2. “Workshop on December,1 APSCHE, ICSSR One Day Management of 998 Hyderabad. Common Entrance Tests(CETs)”3. “Role of Mediation in October, FAPCCI And ICADR, 2-Days Dispute Resolution” 2007 Hyderabad.4. “National Commerce July,2008 Indian Commerce One Day Talent Search” Association and Department of Commerce, Osmania University.. Hyderabad Conferences Attended 5
  6. 6. S.No Name of the Conference Venue Year1. 50th All India Commerce Conference Hyderabad, December Organized by department of Commerce, Osmania 3-Day 1996 University2 11th All India UGC Sponsored Conference of Indian Hyderabad January Colleges’ forum held at Hyderabad. 2-Day 20043 26th All India Accounting Conference, Jointly Organized Hyderabad, December,2005 by Osmania University and Indian Accounting 2-Day Association4. 60th All India Commerce Conference Hyderabad, December, Organized by Department of Commerce, Osmania 3-Day 2007 University, Hyderabad.5 32nd All India Accounting Conference. Gwalior, November, 2-Day 2009 Seminars AttendedAttended around 15 State level and National Level Seminars andpresented Four (4) research papers three(3) of which were publisheddetails are as following Research Papers PresentedS.No Title of the Paper Seminar/conference Year1 ‘Merchant Bankers: No More International Seminar on ‘Security December the Loan Pushers’ Markets-Contemporary Trends in 1991 Regulation and Operations Jodhpur University, Rajasthan2 ‘NBFC: Whither regulatory National Seminar on ‘Financial Services March Frame Work’ The Challenging Scenario’: Dr B R 1997 Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad3. ‘Performance of small Scale “Retailing: Prospects and Challenges- December Retailers-Study on DWACRA Organized by Indian Commerce 2006 Bazaars’ Association at Hyderabad4. “Impact of ‘DTC: on International Seminar on Organized by November Individual Assessees with Indian Accounting Association at 2009 reference to Income From Gwalior, M.P House Property”5 Retaining: A Study with “International Conference on “Intl. Trade March reference to Small Scale and Commerce”, sponsored by ICSSR- 2010 Retailers SRC, and Department of Commerce, Osmania University, Hyderabad 6
  7. 7. Annexure-E Consultancy and Advisory ServicesS. No Year Organization Nature of Work or Service Rendered Telugu Akademi, Hon’ Consultant in Commerce Subject to1. 2001-04 Government of A.P help the Akademi in bringing out Text books for Intermediate(Commerce) and B.Com students by identifying authors and editors to write books and coordinating their work2 1999- Confederation of A.P Advisor in Organizing their Programs and Consumer Organizations, Awarded Certificate by Collector, R R Hyderabad District for Spreading consumer Awareness3 1994 Center for Economics Consultant in their project titled” Public and Social Studies, Expenditure in Agriculture Sector” executed Hyderabad at the behest of govt. of A.P Annexure-FMembership in Professional and Other OrganizationsS.No Name of the Organization Position Since1. All India Commerce Association Life 2002 Member2. Indian Accounting Association Life 2003 Member3. Nagar Lipi Parishad Life 2005 Member4. Research Board of Advisors: American Biographical Member 2000 Institute, North Carolina, USA:5. Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution(CADRE), Life 2008 Hyderabad Member6 Hindi Premi Mandali, Vijaynagar Colony, Hyderabad Life 2005 Member 7
  8. 8. Annexure-G Participation in Government ProgramsS.No Name of The Programme Year Designation/Position1. Lok Sabha Elections May, 91& Presiding Officer February,982. Janma Bhoomi Programme of January,1997 Team Leader for 10 students Govt of A.P at Shalibanda,Hyderabad3 Janma Bhoomi Programme , Govt of January, Team Leader, Indiranagar, A.P 1999 Karwan, Hyderabad4 Multipurpose household Survey, January, Zonal Resource Person to 40 Municipal Corporation of 2000 Teachers Zone VII, Covering Hyderabad Asif Nagar and Karwan Assembly segments Annexure-H Other InformationS.No Item Year1 Attended Orientation Training and November 1978 Reorientation Training Programme February,983 for N S S Programme Officers2. Attended Four(4) Refresher March1996, Courses as stipulated by UGC October,1998,October,2001Septemeber20083 Presented a 5 Minute talk on “New Economic Awareness”, 1994 Door Darshan Kendra, Hyderabad4. Confidential work in MBA & I- 1998&1999 CET Common Entrance test 2001&2002 conducted by Osmania University4. Participated in Aids Rallies, Blood 1999-2010 Donation , Special camps &.Raising Fund for Foundation for Communal Harmony5. Working knowledge in MS word and MS Excel.Attended a workshop 2009 on SPSS Package Annexure-I 8
  9. 9. Social, Community Development ActivitiesS.No Organization Year Position1. Child Art International, Hyderabad 1994-1998 Advisor2 Vijayanagar Welfare Association, 1996-99 .Chairman, Sports Sub- Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad-57 Committee3. Vijayanagar Welfare Association, 1999-01 Treasurer Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad-574 Vijayanagar Welfare Association, 2001-02 Secretary Vijayanagar Colony, Hyderabad-575 Atma Association for Social 2009- Advisor Service, Khairathabad,Hyderabad Annexure-J Committee Membership Outside CollegeS.No Committee Year Purpose of the Committee1 Subject Committee of Board of 2002 Revision of Syllabus w e f Intermediate Education, 2003-04 to Intermediate Government of A.P Commerce Students2 Text Book review Committee of 2003-04 To review and confirm the text Board of Intermediate Education, books prepared for Intermediate Government of A..P Commerce Students by Telugu Akademi, Hyderabad Committees Served in the College 9
  10. 10. S.No Committee/Activity Years Position Nature of Work1. Examinations Committee 1976-80 Convener Examinations In charge Work and Internal Assessment Tests12 NSS 19978-83 Programme Overseeing the Officer activity3 Students Union 1981-82 Advisor Guidance to the Union4 Games and Sports 1986-88 Member Advisory role Committee5 Himalaya-Vijayanagar Inter 1988-90 Convener Coordinating the College Debating Work for the Competition Committee Event6 Library Committee 1990-92 Member Advisory7 Students Discipline 1992-96 Convener Maintenance of Committee Discipline8 Admissions Committee 1994-96 Member Finalizing Admissions9 N S S Committee Chairman 1999-2010 Guidance to the Program Officer10 Games and Sports 1999-2010 Chairman Guidance to the Committee Physical Director11 Library Committee 1999-2010 Chairman Guidance to the Librarian12 NCC 1999-2010 Head Overseeing the activity 10