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SAP Forum 2015 Futurology Talk Nikolopoulos

My futurology talk @ SAP Forum 2015

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SAP Forum 2015 Futurology Talk Nikolopoulos

  1. 1. The 5th dimension of our modern life: alternate digital universes and the role of Internet of Things Vassilis Nikolopoulos, PhD
  2. 2. Modern humans: Homo Digitalis - Connected - In Social Norms - Visual / Pictographic - Emotional - Mobile - Avatar oriented
  3. 3. Is there a 5th digital dimension ? Time Digital - Social Cyber Space Physical Space around us + our emotions + experience
  4. 4. - Anonymous - Time controlled - Artificial Matrix - Searchable - Virtual Reality enabled - Can be stored Digital - Social Cyber Space In the 5th dimension, we shape everything, our emotions, experience…even time
  5. 5. Question: can these dimensions interact ? Physical Space around us + our emotions + experience Time Digital - Social Cyber Space ? Answer: Yeap, through connected Social CPS
  6. 6. Cyber Physical Systems (CPS): a network of Human physics & computer interactions…. …you can add the social component over wearable tech
  7. 7. Internet of Things - IoT: a network of interconnected physical objects …sensors, sensors, sensors…
  8. 8. Mapping Equation on the 5th dimensional digital space Digital Human Profile Equation - DHPE D(h_i) = ex_hi (x,y,z,t, CPS_hi) + em_hi (x,y,z,t, CPS_hi) New mathematics will be created for the Physical-Digital Interaction, PDI or CPS Maths CPS_hi = SUM [(CPS_feed (hi)] + Social_hi
  9. 9. Digital Social media is an extension of our human instance Future Search machines will search digital humans not PCs Many humans will prefer their digital instance Human emotions & experience will be digitized / stored Time travel will be digitally possible in the near future… Human memories will be digital and accessible My Futurology thoughts
  10. 10. thank you ! more @ @vnikolop / /vassilis.nikolopoulos