Greek kahoot

Jun. 9, 2021

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Greek kahoot

  1. Bücher machen, Theater bauen, Geschichten erzählen 2018-1-DE03-KA229-047388_2
  2. How to create a Kahoot game Go to Sign up There are 4 options
  3. If you are a teacher then choose one of the below
  4. and you can sign up with the following ways:
  5. Click Create on the right up corner
  6. and then Create again
  7. You can start typing your questions
  8. choosing the type of question. Our students’ favorite type is quiz.
  9. Start writing the question
  10. and add the answers. Don’t forget to choose the right one.
  11. You can add as many questions as you like.
  12. Then click Done
  13. and add the finishing touches! Click Continue
  14. and click Done again.
  15. You can share your public kahoot link so that other teachers and students can play.
  16. Click play
  17. You can choose Teach way
  18. and Classic or Team Mode
  19. Share the Game PIN to your students
  20. and enjoy!!!!
  21. How to play the Greek Kahoot
  22. Our Kahoot link is: evridiki/f0e349c2-90c7-4e53-bbdb-76991f1b1e52 You can use it to play as guests
  23. Click Play as guest
  24. and click Continue as guest
  25. Click Classic mode
  26. share the game pin to your students and enjoy!!!!
  27. The Greek students dividing into groups found information about the Acheron River and the myth of Orpheus and Evridiki. After studying the material, they made a presentation about the myth. Using brainstorming they wrote the kahoot questions and the possible answers and it was a very amusing procedure for them because they chose some really funny answers.
  28. Kahoot is a pleasant way to evaluate students, to investigate their former knowledge, to stimulate their interest and participation in the educational process. We use it a lot because it gives a playful character to the students’ evaluation minimizing their anxiety.
  29. We also play kahoot games at the end of the school year on Erasmus day. We present our Erasmus products to all students and teachers and “test” their new knowledge in an enjoyable way.