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Appsgeyser @ Mobile Apps China Conference


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Presentation about Andorid mobile apps market in China based on appsgeyser analysis of 70000 apps go-to market strategies in 200 countries.

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Appsgeyser @ Mobile Apps China Conference

  1. 1. From mobile apps toStartups: in China &USACurrent Snapshot of Android AppEcosystem in US, China, Japan andSouth KoreaVasily Salomatov (@vsalomatov)
  2. 2. About AppsGeyser 70,000 apps 9 mln app downloads 120 countries making apps 51% US 22% Europe 11% LATAM 5% RUSSIA 9% CHINA less than 1% South Korea
  3. 3. World Snapshot US Continues to lead app creations - Top 5 Cities, NYC and LA - 60 of top 100 cities worldwide Top 5 Countries - US - UK - India - Netherlands - Spain App usage varies - US is the king - South Korea in top 5 countries
  4. 4. USA Lessons Learned USA Leads leads app creations - TopUSA: NYC and LA 5 Cities, Appcrowding South Korea: App Usage - 60 of top 100 cities worldwide Andorid is growing in US China: Multiple markets Smartphone market penetration is high Latam: Loyalty Hard to be seen (app overloading)
  5. 5. USA USA Leads in app creations - Top 5 Cities, NYC and LA - 60 of top 100 cities worldwide Smartphone market penetration is high 41% Hard to be discovered (appcrowding)
  6. 6. South Korea One in top 5 countries by app downloads (< 1% of world population) Smartphone penetration is very high 75% (Android mostly) Source of forecasts for other markets
  7. 7. China China is the biggest mobile market Smartphone sales in China are projected to reach 150 mln Local Andorid aspect (multiple app markets, local android ports)
  8. 8. From Idea to start: US “Casting a net” strategy - Launch web of related applications - Go multiple categories - Promote your key app within other apps Use FREE apps more Do not limit features - limit content
  9. 9. From Idea to start: South Korea “Fishing” strategy - Launch a sinlge app - Localized content - User education is important You can sell your app Distimo : percentage of paid apps and average sales price
  10. 10. From Idea to start: China “Rice seeding” strategy - Multiple apps in multiple markets (HiApk, GoApk e.t.c.) - See what is growing and iterate Only FREE apps App marketing is not only about placement Focus on loyal usages, monetization will come
  11. 11. Vasily Salomatov - Co Founderappsgeyser.comTwitter: @vsalomatov703 879