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Co creation of gamification based learning


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Co creation of gamification based learning

  1. 1. Co-Creation of Innovative Gamification Based Learning: A Case of Synchronous Partnership Vasilis Gkogkidis – University of Sussex
  2. 2. Who worked on this? Dr. Nicholas Dacre: Associate Professor at the University of Southampton Vasilis Gkogkidis: Doctoral Researcher at SPRU, University of Sussex, Pete Jenkins: Entrepreneur in Residence, University of Brighton,
  3. 3. Vasilis Gkogkidis • Doctoral researcher: SPRU, University of Sussex • Research Interests: • Innovation Management • Gamification • Lego Serious Play • Serious Games • Learning in Higher Education
  4. 4. Definitions • Gamification: “The use of game design elements in non-game contexts” Deterding et al. (2011) • Co-Creation: “The joint creation of value where customers and organisation work together both offering resources to improve the outcome of the design process” Vargo & Lusch (2008), Barile & Polese (2010)
  5. 5. The Shopping Spree Case Study University of Brighton
  6. 6. Gamification for Business Elective
  7. 7. Structure of the module • 5 days, 9 am to 5 pm • Presentations every day • 25% for the last presentation • 75% written assignment (split into two parts)
  8. 8. Challenges we faced in the past • Low Attendance • No Presentations • Bad Presentations mediocre assignments at the end
  9. 9. Let’s Gamify it! • Gamification in Education: Fotaris et al. (2016). Climbing up the leaderboard: An empirical study of applying gamification techniques to a computer programming class. Electronic Journal of E-Learning, 14(2), 94-110. • Co-creation in Education: Díaz-Méndez, M., & Gummesson, E. (2012). Value co-creation and university teaching quality: Consequences for the European Higher Education Area (EHEA). Journal of Service Management, 23(4), 571-592.
  10. 10. Small Case Studies Rules - Win State
  11. 11. Football • Rule: You can’t touch the ball with your hands unless you are the goalkeeper • Win State: Score more goals than your opponent
  12. 12. Monopoly • Rule: You can buy a property only when you are on it’s square • Win State: Have the biggest net value
  13. 13. Why do I care about rules so much? • Von Neumann and Morgenstern (1964): "The game is simply the totality of the rules which describe it" • Gardner and Ostrom (1991): "We show that reforming a game is conceptually akin to reforming an economy"
  14. 14. What about game mechanics? • Cook (2005): " Game mechanics are rule based systems that facilitate and encourage a user to explore and learn the properties of their possibility space through the use of feedback mechanisms "
  15. 15. Our Gamification Design Framework Problem Rule Action Game Mechanic Feedback
  16. 16. Problem Rule Action Game Mechanic Low Attendance No Presentations Bad Presentations Present on time Correct number of slides Best presentation Feedback (Coins) Performing actions you get coins Coins get you power ups
  17. 17. How did it look like?
  18. 18. It also looked like that
  19. 19. What we got right • +2 minutes, +2 slides • Chance to rehearse for the final presentation • Made sense as a boost power
  20. 20. What we got wrong • Special Missions 1. Present without slides 2. Present without talking • Did not align with their goals
  21. 21. Student Feedback • “I understood more about how gamification works” • “It has been definitely my favourite module out of the ones we have been studying this year” • “Created an atmosphere of fun in the classroom and helped break the barriers between lecturers and students”
  22. 22. Our Observations • Higher level of engagement and a sense of partnership • Improving the system to serve the end user
  23. 23. Making further use of the findings • How can we improve our designs?
  24. 24. Problem Rule Action Game Mechanic Feedback User Goals
  25. 25. Future Research • Test the changes suggested by students • Include writing assignment challenges to the system • Validate the framework in other projects
  26. 26. Thank You! • #gamification • Email: • Twitter: @v_Gkogkidis • Linkedin: Vasilis Gkogkidis