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Visual Resume


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Published in: Career
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Visual Resume

  1. 1. Vasilios Bouras Visual Resume Vasilios Bouras Visual ResumeImage-­‐Elisabeth  DOrcy:  h6p://  
  2. 2. This is my story…….. This  is  my  story  image-­‐Honou:  h6p://  
  3. 3. greece  I arrived in America fromGreece when I wasjust 4 years old.Because of thisI am also Bilingual.image-­‐Kevin  Anderson:  h6p://  
  4. 4. During High School I was a part of Senior Field Studies, a program that teaches you by using hands on techniques and not through textbooks.image-­‐naosuke:  h6p://  
  5. 5. We went on a variety of field trips throughout the week to learn real life lessons and leadership skills.image-­‐Dawn  Ellner:  h6p://  
  6. 6. I graduated with my High School Diploma in 2008Image-­‐Ian  Norman:  h.p://  
  7. 7. Formed a band in an attempt band   to make a career out of music.image-­‐klem:  h6p://  
  8. 8. tour   Purchased a van and booked an entire west coast tour byImage-­‐Vasilios  Bouras   myself at the age of 18.
  9. 9. After returning home I had reached a crossroad. I realized thatHit  crossroads  industry I to make it in this needed a lot more than just musical talent.image-­‐Julia  Manzerova-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  10. 10. Full  sail   I decided to further my education by enrolling in Full Sail University to increase my knowledge of Music Business.image-­‐Mayes  Studios-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  11. 11. ?   So why pick meimage-­‐Jan  Tik:  h6p://  
  12. 12. I  am  defined  by  mby many qualities. I am defined any  qualies  image-­‐Ola  Wiberg-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  13. 13. creave   Creative... As a musician I create many songs in hopes to inspire people.Image-­‐Tom  Marcello-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  14. 14. Quick learner… I am very adaptable and willing to learn. I also have a genuine interest in acquiring new knowledge and skills.image-­‐  romainguy-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  15. 15. Problem Solver….. I create solutions and I don’t give up easily.image-­‐jennypdx-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  16. 16. Computer Literate…I am proficient in the following programs…. Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft Powerpoint Pro-Tools Adobe Photo Shopimage-­‐foskrulla-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  17. 17. entrepreneur   I am an entrepreneur… I treat music like a business and not just an art formimage-­‐Simon  Blackley-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  18. 18. Throughout the years I have created many music Creat  projects where I designed their press kits,websites, business cards, album art, and alsobooked/promoted shows. Midnight Roulette’s Press KitImage-­‐Vasilios  Bouras  
  19. 19. Interpersonal Skills…. I  am  great  with  people  and  love  to     make  new  acquaintances.  image-­‐Perfect  Zero-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  20. 20. A quote to live by….. “Im a greater believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it” ― Thomas Jeffersonimage-­‐irargerich-­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  21. 21. With all this being said I believeI will make a great asset to your company. Contact 720-299-0256
  22. 22. Thank you for your time, hope you enjoyed my presentation!image-­‐­‐  h6p-­‐//  
  23. 23. ReferencesImages were received fromwww.compfight.comDuarte, Nancy. Resonate:Present Visual Storiesthat Transform Audiences. Available from