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Vg prezi pres Regent


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Prezi presentation for Regent

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Vg prezi pres Regent

  1. 1. Vasili A. Giannoutsos, VBCPS, freelance 2D/3D Graphic/Instructional Designer & Technologist Facilitator for the Virginia Society for Technology in Education And the International Society for Technology in Education (VSTE&ISTE)
  2. 2. Introduction  In this slideshow you will be exposed to the following: 1. Overview of Prezi Description and Main Features 2. Let’s Get Started 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. Examples Examples of Tools Best Practices/Pros & Cons Summary Reference
  3. 3. Description • Cloud-Based • • • • • presentation app Acts as a virtual whiteboard Uses 3-Dimensional backgrounds Uses Adobe’s Flash technology Can create online or offline Tells a visual story
  4. 4. Features Create Collaborate Present • Single canvas rather than slides • Zoom and pan from big idea to smallest detail • Virtual whiteboard – think visually • Import media instantly • Import PowerPoint content directly to Prezi • Share ideas in the same Prezi - locally or across the globe synchronously • Edit ideas instantly • Present and Share Prezi Online •Go Mobile - From desktop, iPad, or iPhone • Team presentation – anyone can lead from anywhere • Move around presentation wherever your audience takes you P R E Z I
  5. 5. Major Differences Prezi PowerPoint Navigation Non-linear Linear Layout Map Slide stack View change Zoom/pan Reveal Based Web Computer Printing Basic Advanced
  6. 6. Let’s Get Started!
  7. 7. Obtain an Account with Prezi 1. Choose your Prezi License  Types available:  Public, Paid, Free Trial, Enjoy /EDU, Pro/EDU, License  You can download the Free Trial for 30 days
  8. 8. Getting Started with Prezi  Login to your account  Review ‘Get Started with Prezi’ tutorial in Learn and Support on the main page From the Learn and Support page you can find information on:      Getting to Know Prezi Create with Prezi Using Prezi Videos and instructions are very detailed, making creating a Prezi easy to do!
  9. 9. Examples
  10. 10. Choose a Template
  11. 11. Sample Template with Title Area
  12. 12. Example of a Finished Product
  13. 13. Examples of Tools
  14. 14. Reduce Clutter With Invisible Frames  To add an invisible frame to your prezi, select ‘Draw Invisible Frame’ from the ‘Frames & Arrows’ option on the top menu
  15. 15. Layer Text and Objects: Send Backward, Bring Forward  The ability to send objects backward or bring them forward allows you to layer items in your prezi.
  16. 16. Use Size and Rotation to Convey Meaning  To take your prezi to the next level, you can rotate text and objects to help the audience visually experience the circularity, curvature, and, of course, rotation contained within your prezi.
  17. 17. Make Your Transitions Smoother  When presenting your ideas, it can sometimes help to have a clear narrative that takes your audience through your prezi.  With the Left Sidebar, you can create a journey from one idea to the next  Edit your path and its points in Edit mode and take your audience along that path in Present mode.
  18. 18. Best Practices/Pros & Cons
  19. 19. Best Practices for Using Prezi  Consider how you can pair talking points with       imagery. Create a blueprint (storyboard) prior to creating your Prezi. Select the design theme early in your design phase. Design big and use changes of scale. Design to minimize fast motion. Use hidden frame to reduce clutter. Understand how Prezi effects image resolution.
  20. 20. Pros and Cons of Prezi PROS CONS  Extraordinary zoom feature  Need Internet connection  Easy to Use  Limited font availability  Full Screen Mode  Challenge in creating active  Various templates  Various shapes  Not linear links  Zooming could be problematic  No image editing feature
  21. 21. Summary
  22. 22. Summary  Prezi is a cloud-based presentation tool that does not use     slides; you work on a single canvas allowing for zoom in/zoom out to present the big picture, down to the smallest detail . Not only can you work online, Prezi offers you the affordability to work offline as well. Prezi works as a virtual whiteboard, allowing you to think visually. Businesses and education use Prezi for collaboration, as it allows real-time editing in group settings both locally or abroad. Prezi is mobile allowing users to interact using a personal laptop, iPad, or iPhone.
  23. 23. References/Resources
  24. 24. References/Resources Prezi For Dummies by Stephanie Diamond  7 Best Practices for using Prezi , by Megan Hamilton Pros and Cons of Prezi, , by Helen Miller       In no way may this slideshow be reproduced