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DIY: Mystery Choose WoW example


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DIY: Mystery Choose WoW example

  1. 1. You Chose… World of Warcraft Before the “Mists of Pandaria”
  2. 2. So, let’s just say we aregame designers… …more specifically, Game designers working on the new WoW expansion: Mists of Pandaria. Imagine yourselves in that board room, locked in by Blizzard and they won’t let you out until you have at least the beginnings or a synopsis of the opening level.
  3. 3. Let’s start by asking ourselves… Who? What? Where? When? Why?
  4. 4. To continue we must know ourmain characters… Who are the Pandarens? What do they do? Where do they come from? When do they make contact with the WoW universe? Why are they there?
  5. 5. Pandaren Backstory An April Fool’s Joke by Blizzard for Warcraft III. Blizzard did not expect/intend for the Pandaren race to gain fans and a following as they received hundreds upon thousands of fanmail relating to the adorable lovable panda race.
  6. 6. What is “Game logic”? What is the most believable way we can integrate the Pandaren into the folklore and the world of WoW seamlessly without having a lot of people rage at us or upsetting the balance of this living and breathing world of Azeroth?
  7. 7. The Main Mystery Pandaria There is a disturbance on the Island. You must go out and found out what that is. But in order to do that you must go prove that you are worthy by seeking out the Fire Spirit. Overcome the Fire Spirit’s challenge. You must now seek out the other Spirit to determine what the problem is. You have to choose to first find the Water Spirit or the Earth Spirit. You must find someone with a lead on the Spirits’ whereabouts. You have chosen to look for the Water Spirit First . An Elder tells you he used to be his friend and that the Water Spirit is Lonely and needs a new friend. You have to play with it and become friends before it will follow you. You form a friendly bond with the Water Spirit and now you are off to find the Earth Spirit. The Earth Spirit has been found, but he is in a deep sleep, ETC.
  8. 8. The Mystery, something is wrong with your home. You must investigate.
  9. 9. One Spirit down, two more to go.
  10. 10. We have to find a way to wake up the Third Spirit?!?
  11. 11. Fourth Spirit is found, but he is afraid of something. We should help him.
  12. 12. We find out what the problem is…
  13. 13. The new Qs are who are these people and how do we help save our home.
  14. 14. The final Question: Where do I go? Which side do I choose?
  15. 15. You did it but there was so much more...You went through a lot to get there, but they kept you engaged.
  16. 16. Sometimes the simplest Questions have the hardest answers.