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Information Skills: 1. Planning & Mindmapping (Natural Sciences, Bangor University)


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A very brief introduction to keywords and mindmapping.

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Information Skills: 1. Planning & Mindmapping (Natural Sciences, Bangor University)

  1. 1. Library & Information Skills (Natural Sciences): 1. Planning & Mindmapping Creator: Vashti Zarach CC BY-NC 3.0. Photo: Pathway
  2. 2. This short session discusses: 1.Keywords 2.Mindmapping Photo: Pathways. V. Zarach. Contents
  3. 3. To find scholarly literature for your research, you will need to use keywords. Your choice of keywords is hugely important as it determines the results you will find, and you will usually have to try various different keywords to find a good range of sources. Begin by looking at your essay title / research area, and the general themes, and break these down into possible key words. When hunting in the library catalogue, Google Scholar and other resources, begin by using few and general keywords to see what results you get, and add more specific keywords if and as needed. 1. Keywords
  4. 4. You will find more relevant research if you use a variety of words, including academic terms used for a specific topic. Try searching Google using the key words: telling the public about science And now try again using the key words: science communication Note the very different results. Keywords and academic terms Photo: Brambell Natural History Museum. V. Zarach.
  5. 5. Mindmapping can help you visually plan your themes and research topics. Members of Bangor University can use software called Inspiration 9. Click on the Start Button, and on Inspiration 9 IE (ot type Inspiration into the search box): 2. Mindmapping: Inspiration9 1. Click Start button 2. Click Inspiration 9 IE
  6. 6. An Inspiration 9 brainstorm on climate change and animals: Inspiration 9
  7. 7. Library Contact Details: Tel: 01248 382981 Email: Or use live chat via library website or catalogue, Mon-Fri, 9-4 Social Media: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Contact Details