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Published in: Education, Spiritual
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  2. 2. A value is a belief, a mission, or aphilosophy that is meaningful. Whetherwe are consciously aware of them ornot, every individual has a core set ofpersonal values. Values can range fromthe commonplace, such as the belief inhard work and punctuality, to the morepsychological, such as self-reliance, concern for others, andharmony of purpose.
  3. 3. NEED OF MYTHOLOGY FOR VALUE EDUCATION When there wasvery little education in the past it wasonly these mythological stories whichcreated human values and passed them onfrom one generation to another. Even in thismodern age we understand ourselves andour society better when we learn from ourmythological fairy tales. If we don’t givemythological examples it will fade away fromthe memories of our future generation.
  4. 4. When man was living in the barbaricage he hardly had any sense ofvalues because the need for valuesarises only when mans life becomesmeaningful and secure. So, if you donot have any values you are as goodas a caveman.
  5. 5. GITA BIBLE GURU GRANTH QURAN TIPITAKA SAHIBREMEMBER-Which ever holy book it may, be all of them teachREMEMBER-us the same values to make us a sensible and balancedpersonality and have a responsible attitude towards our life andthe society.
  7. 7. Ancient values Modern times Let’s go on a journey to revive our valuesBy- AryanAbraham 5-D
  8. 8. IndexMaster slideWhat’s Mythology?Mythological Story-Raja HarishchandraAncient Values-SourcesAncient Values-ClassificationValue TreeValue System-Ancient TimesValue System-Modern TimesAncient Values in Modern TimesAncient Values in modern Times-continued…
  9. 9. What is Mythology?• The word "myth" comes from the Greek word mythos, which means a spoken or written story. A collection of myths is called a "mythology." The purpose of a myth is to explain human experience. Many events in a myth are not realistic or based on fact, since the message communicated by the story is more important than telling about an actual event.• These myths were descended to us from our ancestors, so sometimes these stories are not very accurate. In this presentation, we are focusing on learnings from mythological stories• Indian mythology dates back to 7200 B.C. when the first hymns of the RIGA VEDA was composed. The hymns of the RIG VEDA are the first and the freshest expressions of the sense of beauty and gladness awakened in the Aryan race by the charms and the bounty of nature. What began as a celebration of natural elements such as Air, Water and Fire was converted into the worship of cosmic elements
  10. 10. Mythological Story– Raja Harishchandra Raja Harishchandra was a truthful king. He was the 36th king of the solar dynasty. His legend is very popular and often told as a benchmark for an ideal life. He was renowned for his piety and justice. His name is Sanskrit for "having golden splendor". Harishchandra had two unique qualities. The first being, he kept his word and never went back on what he uttered as a promise. The other being, he never uttered a lie in his life. These twin qualities were tested heavily in his life by various circumstances that led him to penury and separation from his family. But he stood to his principles in the face of all ordeals and persevered to become a symbol of courage.Moral- We should always speak the truth.
  11. 11. Ancient Values – Sources•Upanishads • Elders/Teachers • Puja/Havan•Panchtantra • Plays/Drama • Festivals•Jatakas • Books/comics•Mahabharata • Movies/TV•Bhagwad Gita shows•Ramayana
  12. 12. Ancient Value - Classification‘Me and Me’ Values are practiced by the individual alone, without reference to his or her social relationships, and without assistance from others. These include : Cleanliness; Dignity of labor; Diligence; Perseverance; Determination; Fortitude; Courage; Self-reliance; Excellence; Hope; Meditation; Self-analysis.‘Me and You’ Values are those that necessitate interaction between two or more individuals. These include: Patience; Dutifulness; Courtesy; Love; Peace & harmony; Magnanimity; Humility; Being a good sports-person; Honesty; Tolerance Charity.‘Me and Society’ Values attributes, involve wider interactions with the society, nation and the world. These include : Sharing; Team spirit; Dialogue; Justice; Sympathy; Hospitality; Non-violence; Peace & Harmony.‘Me and God’ Values involve an individuals relationship with her or his maker.These include: Prayer; Worship; Gratitude; Service; Witnessing God in nature; Righteous behavior; and Pursuits for salvation.
  13. 13. ValueTree Determ Grati Hon ination tude Kind PersevComp esty ness Res Pati Toler erance Dignassion pec enc Forgiv Pe anceCha itytowar teness e ac Hum Mercif Team Wor rity ofds the ulness e ility spirit shipneedy labo r
  14. 14. Value system-Ancient Times• Ancient values were orally passed for generations from person to person. These values are passed in the form of stories, legends, rituals, songs & even laws.• People used to follow the teachings, inputs of religious leaders, elders and scriptures and incorporated them in their day-to-day life.• These teachings, values and learnings were passed on from one generation to other generation through word of mouth, story telling, street plays, folklore, songs, poems and scriptures.• People practiced the values that they were taught to them.• Mythological stories were recited orally and spread the meaning of the story.• Dignity of labor, courage, humility etc. were given importance.
  15. 15. Value system-Modern Times• Modern education system is trying to inculcate ancient values through value education classes and extra curriculum.• There is no medium of exposure for the new generation to understand and adopt ancient mythological values.• Due to nuclear families and working parents the spread of ancient moral values in diminishing.• In extended families, elders and grandparents are struggling to pass on the value legacy to the next generation.• Festivities, family functions and social/religious gatherings are the major source of ancient value spread.
  16. 16. Ancient Values in Modern TimesElderly people are important in our modern society. They teach us; respect, manners and appreciation of things, they have many skills and much experience to offer us, if we choose to listen to what they have to say. Children always learn by the examples set by the elders. They pass on their experience and values to the younger generation. When we accept their word of wisdom we can incorporate the ancient values in modern times.Ancient literature be it fictional or non-fictional and scriptures pass on the values and morals of the ancient times to the modern youth. Public libraries, museums and data repositories enable this information to be passed on to the next generation.Ancient Philosophical studies both eastern & western have enough context of ancient value system which can be incorporated in modern society through subject specialization, research & thesis & special educational streams.
  17. 17. Ancient values in modern times – continued….Modern Education system: The onus of introducing the Ancient morals& values to the modern youth falls on the educational system &Institutions. The educational system should have special focus onvalues in the educational curriculum through morning prayers, chantingof holy mantras, performing havans, educational tours, holding seminars& workshops.Rituals & festivities: Festivals & family functions expose the present festivitiesgeneration to the rituals & values attached to the customs which arepassed on from generation to generation.
  18. 18. References • Wikipedia • Google Search • Yahoo! Answers • Google Images • Tell me why • Manorma • NCERT books
  19. 19. Thank YouI hope you enjoyed my presentation
  21. 21. The nature lovers who sacrificed their lives Chipko movement The chipko movement is social-ecologicalThe first recorded event movement thatof Chipko however, took place invillage Khejarli, Jodhpur district, in was practiced1731, when 363 Bishnois, led byAmrita Devi sacrificed their lives while protecting green Khejri trees, through the act ofconsidered sacred by thecommunity, by hugging them, and hugging trees tobraved the axes of loggers sent bythe local ruler. protect them
  22. 22. Indian freedom fighterswith their truespirit andundauntedcourage had facedvarious tortures,exploitations and
  23. 23. Where are those values gone ?Remember grandmom’s stories…… Grand mother telling
  25. 25. Our drowning Indian values Dirty roads Fight ing overDisrespect religi Deforestatifor elders on on
  26. 26. According toFather of IndianNationM.K.Gandhi "The"If wealth is lost Importance ofnothing is lost" Values and"If health is lost Morals are thesomething is code we live bylost" in a civil and"If character is just society.
  27. 27. Google search Images for slide 1(from search images) Under spirituality headingGoogle search Images for slide 2(from search images) Under chipko movement heading Under chipko movement heading( movement)Google search Matter form wikipediaGoogle search Images for slide 3(from search images) Under heading freedom fighters ofGoogle search Matter from www.indianfreedomfighters.inGoogle search Images for slide 4(from search images) Under heading spiritualityGoogle search Images for slide 5(from search images) Under heading grand mother telling storiesGoogle search Images for slide 6(from search images) Under heading unity, respecting elders, helping someone, joint family system, cleaning our motherland.Google search Images for slide 7(from search images) Under heading secularism.Google search Images for slide 8(from search images) Under heading fighting, dirty roads, disrespecting elders, deforestation.Google search Images for slide 9(from search images) Under heading old aged home.Google search Images and matter for slide 10 of values-and-morals.html
  30. 30. What is mythology…The term mythology can refer either to thestudy of myths, or a collection of myths.There were many people who lead us on tothe path of truth and are famous inmythology. As the time is passing, peopleare forgetting these things. They are greedy,impatient, aggressive and often lie. Weshould live in peace remembering ourancient values.
  31. 31. A scene from ancient times.In this time the tree of values was ripe.
  32. 32. The old tree. compassion peace forgivenesshonestyrespect patience mercy
  33. 33. Now, the tree is something like this… violence disrespect aggression impatience greediness
  34. 34. The modern era is something like this…
  35. 35. Bully’s are worst… Don’t be a bully…Remember : Bullying others does not solve any problems. Allit will do is that it will hurt the person who is being bullied. Donot be a bully.
  36. 36. Let’s revive our values that we got from the ancient times and live in peace…
  37. 37. REFERENCES• Google Images• Google Search
  38. 38. THANK YOU
  39. 39. The Ancient Values with Modern Times changed How the times have By: Varun Katna, AIS Noida, V J
  40. 40. IndexWhat are values ?Our ancient valuesThe value tree of the Ancient TimesTimes have changed – Modern TimesThe value tree of the Modern TimesComparisonLet’s become united and cherish our ancient values !!No BullyingReferenceThank You
  41. 41. What are values ?Values are the accepted principles orstandards of a person or a group.Values are obtained in many different ways.However, the role of the family and theeducational institution is most important indeveloping an individuals values.
  42. 42. In ancient times values were learnt first from the joint family andlater from the gurukul. Our ancient ValuesGurukul was like a boarding schoolwere the shishyas (students) lived inthe same house with their guru(teacher) as one big family. Allshishyas were treated as equal. Theguru used to impart his wisdom,
  43. 43. Forgiveness Be just Be patientThe Be compassionatevalue Be honest Be mercifultree Care for theof the environment RespectAncient Do not bully everyone anyoneTimes
  44. 44. Times have changed – Modern timesIn the modern times, family structure has changed from joint family tonuclear family. This is the major factor that has brought a change in thevalues of the individual. People tend to become materialistic, greedy,jealous, dishonest, cunning & shrewed. Therefore, most of them sufferfrom depression also. This has increased aggressiveness, violence andintolerance in the society.All the above are directly effecting the value system of the children.Disobedience and aggressiveness is seen as a common feature among thechildren to their parents & teachers.
  45. 45. intolerance disrespect violenceThevalue greediness aggressiontree materialisticof theModern mercilessTimes
  46. 46. ComparisonAncient Values Modern Times• People were honest • Honesty has become rare• People were satisfied with • Greediness has increased what they had• People were patient • People are impatient• People were respectful • Giving respect to others has towards others become a rare event
  47. 47. Let’s become united and cherish our ancient values !!
  48. 48. No bullyingBullies are cowards
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