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Visions g eneral quiz finals 2013


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Visions g eneral quiz finals 2013

  1. 1. The Third Eye
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  3. 3. The Rules 45 Questions in the following categories Round 1 – 10 Questions – Clockwise Round 2 – 25 Questions in a Stage 3 format Round 3 – 10 Questions – Anti Clockwise Questions would be asked in Infinite Bounce Direct Questions would be asked of the table subsequent to the one that has answered the question irrespective of which table was asked the direct question in the first place. For e.g. – If the question is asked to Team 1 and is answered only after passing to Table 4 then the next direct question would be asked of Team 5 If no team is able to answer the question then the next direct would be asked of the same team. Therefore in the above example it would again go to Team 1 For a direct question or a pass – +5 points For a Pounce – +5 if correct, -5 if wrong Quiz Master’s Decision is Final and binding
  4. 4. Question 1 In 2011, in the German city of Darmstadt, the scientist Wilhelm Roentgen, and the astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus were three (official) additions to a list that numbers just over a hundred. This decision was taken at an institute in Darmstadt. Other members of this list include such scientists as Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, and Madame Curie, and different places such as California, Copenhagen, and Germany. What list are we talking about ?
  5. 5. Answer 1 Ans: List of elements named after people or place
  6. 6. Question 2 Ophiocordycepsunilateralis is a parasitoidal fungus that infects ants such as Camponotusleonardi and alters their behavior. The ant falls from the tree where it normally lives, climbs on the stem of a plant, clamps its mandibles on a leaf and dies there, while the fungus consumes its tissues and grows outside it, releasing its spores. The infected ants are popularly known as ‘X’ Identify ‘X’
  7. 7. Answer 2 Zombie Ants
  8. 8. Question 3 The Currency notes in India later than 2005 generally have mark to the mid left? What is its significance?
  9. 9. Answer 3 Answer: The raised geometrical shapes are different for different notes and help even the blind identify the currency notes just by a touch!
  10. 10. Question 4 Andorra is primarily ruled by 2 co-princes. One of them is the Spanish Bishop of Urgell. Who is the other? (Give the person’s title)
  11. 11. Answer 4 ANS. The French President
  12. 12. Question 5 What is being blanked out?
  13. 13. Answer 5
  14. 14. Question 6 This term originally meant 'storehouse', and now refers to a periodical of various content and imaginative writing, on topics ranging from science, to sports, to fashion. What is it called today?
  15. 15. Answer 6 Magazine
  16. 16. Question 7 In Robert Heinleins Science Fiction novel ‘The Moon is a Harsh Mistress”, underground colonies are scattered across the moon who’s main computer is called High Optiona Logical Multi-Evaluating Supervisor. As the novel progresses, the computer develops a sense of humour, prompting the technician to name it MIKE. Why mike?
  17. 17. Answer 7 MIKE for the Character ‘Mycroft HOLMES’
  18. 18. Question 8 The “Ig Nobles” are a spoof of the Nobel's; in 2011 mathematicians were awarded this “for teaching the world to be careful when making mathematical assumptions and calculations. •Below are the names and the year of achievement? What Achievement? •Dorothy martin, USA, 1954 •Pat Robertson, USA, 1982 •Elizabeth Clare Prophet, USA,1990 •Lee Jang rim ,Korea ,1992 •Harold camping ,USA, Sept 6-7 •However Nostradamus was never added to this list
  19. 19. Answer 8 Ans: Predict the End of the World
  20. 20. Question 9 The Ujjayanta Palace in Agartala is now the site of a large museum. It was a palace of the Tripura kings until it was given to the government. What did it house until 2001?
  21. 21. Answer 9 Ans: Tripura Legislative Assembly
  22. 22. Question 10 The name of this tribe probably derives from two Marathi words meaning “bundle of grass” and “who takes”. It came into existence towards the end of the Mughal Empire in the 18th century. Consisting of a motley group of people of varied ethnicities, they were scattered all over the Maratha states. Instead of being paid for their services, they were allowed to plunder without restriction. During 1817-18, a major campaign was undertaken by Lord Hastings to wipe out this tribe and he successfully managed to defeat some 30,000 of them. Which tribe is this?
  23. 23. Answer 10 Pindaris
  24. 24. Left blank
  25. 25. Stage 3 -Rules 5 sets of 5 questions each Each set of 5 questions linked to a central theme OR Stage 2 Each of the Stage 2s have a common theme i.e. Stage 3 Scoring for the Stage 2 and 3 as under For a direct question or a pass +5 points. (pounce) No guesses allowed at the end of Question 1 OR Theme 1 for the Stage 2 and 3 respectively 1 attempt for the Stage 2 and 2 for the Stage 3 Quiz Master’s Decision is Final and binding
  26. 26. Theme 1
  27. 27. Answer •Clip of the movie ‘Z’ by Costa Gravas •Song from the movie Shanghai which is based on ‘Z’
  28. 28. No guesses for theme at this moment •Clue 1: Shanghai
  29. 29. 1) The Award ‘XY’ is often referred as the Nobel of Asia. The prize was established in April 1957 by the trustees of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund based in New York City. It is awarded for outstanding contributions in Government Service, public service, Community Leadership, Journalism, Literature, and Creative Communication Arts, Peace and International Understanding and Emergent Leadership.
  31. 31. Any guesses for theme 1 •Clue 1: Shanghai •Clue 2: Magsaysay award •+20 or -15
  32. 32. 1) Identify this region in Pre-Independence India-
  34. 34. Any guesses for theme 1 •Clue 1: Shanghai •Clue 2: Magsaysay award •Clue 3: Madras Presidency •+15 or -10
  35. 35. ‘X ’was a Hindu mystic poet and devotee of Krishna and one of the most significant Sants ("true" or "saints") of the Vaishnava bhakti movement. Some 1,300 pads (poems) commonly known as bhajans (sacred songs) are attributed to X. Popular beliefs about her life, which has been the subject of several films, are often pieced together from the poetry and stories recounted by X’s community and are of debatable authenticity, particularly those that connect her with the later Tansen. Who is ‘X’?
  37. 37. Any guesses for theme 1 •Clue 1: Shanghai •Clue 2: Magsaysay Award •Clue 3: Madras Presidency •Clue 4: Meera Bai •+10 or - 5
  38. 38. Many names in the ‘XY’, allude to the power of God in controlling karma. For example, the 135th name of X is Dharmadhyaksha. In Adi Sankara’s interpretation means, "One who directly sees the merits (Dharma) and demerits (Adharma), of beings by bestowing their due rewards on them”. What is XY?
  40. 40. Guess it now •Clue 1: Shanghai •Clue 2: Magsaysay Award •Clue 3: Madras Presidency •Clue 4: Meera Bai •Clue 5 : VishnuSahasranamam + 5 or 0
  42. 42. THEME 2
  43. 43. Wikipedia calls this temple, "arguably the most famous of all Hindu Temples". It is one of the 12 Jyotirlingas and apparently the holiest of them all. Identify the Temple?
  44. 44. Answer: Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  45. 45. No guesses at this stage •Clue 1 : Kashi Vishwanath Temple
  46. 46. What is erased is the 1967 Film (Clue: read the description on the side!) Title. What is it?
  47. 47. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Kashi Vishwanath Temple •Clue 2 : The Graduate •+20 or -15
  48. 48. What is being highlighted here is a district in Northern India? (clue-cult of films)
  49. 49. Answer Bhojpur
  50. 50. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Kashi Vishwanath Temple •Clue 2 : The Graduate •Clue 3: Bhojpur •+15 or -10
  51. 51. In English, prior to 1770, the instrument was called the hautbois, hoboy, or French hoboy (pronounced /, or "HOE-boy", borrowed from the French name, a compound word made of haut ["high, loud"] and bois ["wood, woodwind"]). The spelling "____" was adopted into English c. 1770 from the Italian, a transliteration in that language's orthography of the 17th-century pronunciation of the French name. A musician who plays the X is called a Y. Identify X and Y.
  52. 52. Answer: Oboe. Or Oboist
  53. 53. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Kashi Vishwanath Temple •Clue 2 : The Graduate •Clue 3: Bhojpur •Clue 4: Oboe •+10 or -5
  54. 54. Answer: Dichotomy of Change, Rockstar, Ustad Jameel Khan, Shehnai
  55. 55. Guess it Now!!! •Clue 1: Kashi Vishwanath Temple •Clue 2 : The Graduate •Clue 3: Bhojpur •Clue 4: Oboe •Clue 5 : Dichotomy Of flame, Rock star, ustaad Jameel Khan, Shehnai •+5 or 0
  56. 56. Theme: Bismillah Khan Because the Shenai was originally invented in the Indian continent with modifications similar like Oboe 4). 2) There is a poster advertising "Bismillah Khan and the seven musicians" on a busy street of Berkeley, California. 3) His family from Bhojpur where his grandfather also a shenai player named him Bismillah before moving to Varanasi. 5) Well it’s just to give it away
  57. 57. Any guesses for the Super theme •Theme 1: M.S. Subbhalaxmi •Theme 2 :Bismillah Khan •+30 or -20
  58. 58. THEME 3
  59. 59. Connect-
  60. 60. Answer: Headquarters of AIR Kolkata, Mangalore and Delhi
  61. 61. No guesses at this stage •Clue 1: A.I.R.
  62. 62. Identify the musician in the picture. (If you identify the other one, bonus)
  63. 63. Answer: George Harrison
  64. 64. Any guesses for the theme •Clue 1: A.I.R. •Clue 2: George Harrison •+20 or -15
  65. 65. Which movie is in the Guinness book of world records for the maximum number of extras used?
  66. 66. Answer: Gandhi
  67. 67. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: A.I.R. •Clue 2: George Harrison •Clue 3: Gandhi •+15 or -10
  68. 68. Answer: Pather Panchali
  69. 69. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: A.I.R. •Clue 2: George Harrison •Clue 3: Gandhi •Clue 4: Pather Panchali •+10 or -5
  70. 70. A ‘X’ is a scholar and a teacher, particularly one skilled in the Sanskrit language, who has mastered the four Vedic scriptures, Hindu rituals, Hindu law, religion, music, and/or philosophy under a Guru in a Gurukul or has been tutored under the ancient Vedic Guru-Shishya academic tradition. The English loan word ‘X’ is derived from it but has been used to broadly refer to any of the following: Siddhas, Siddhars, Naths, Ascetics, Sadhus, or Yogis.
  71. 71. Answer: Pundit
  72. 72. Guess it now •Clue 1: A.I.R. •Clue 2: George Harrison •Clue 3: Gandhi •Clue 4: Pather Panchali •Clue 5: Pundit •+5 or 0
  73. 73. Pt. Ravi Shankar • Started as a music Director For AIR (worked at 3 stations) • Well known Associations with George Harrison and Allah Rakha • Music Director of Gandhi along With George Fenton • Was Conferred the Title of Pundit. (later the KBE)
  74. 74. Any guesses for Super theme •Theme 1: M.S. Subbhalaxmi •Theme 2 : Bismillah Khan •Theme 3: Pundit Ravi Shanker •+20 or - 10
  75. 75. THEME- 4
  76. 76. The city ‘Y’ traces its roots to its 16th century founding as a trading hub between the Deccan and Delhi. The city and its surroundings came under Maratha Empire on 18 May 1724 after Maratha Peshwa assumed the full control of Malwa. During the days of the British Raj it was a 19 Gun Salute (21 locally) princely state (a rare high rank) ruled by the Maratha X dynasty, until they acceded to the Union of India, served as the capital of the Madhya Bharat from 1950 until 1956.Which city are we talking about?
  77. 77. Answer• X: Holkar •Y: Indore
  78. 78. No guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Indore
  79. 79. Identify the 2011 movie poster?
  80. 80. Answer-: Satrangee Parachute
  81. 81. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Indore •Clue 2: Satrangee Parachute •+20 or -15
  82. 82. Identify the movie
  83. 83. Answer:
  84. 84. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Indore •Clue 2: Satrangee Parachute •Clue 3 :Lekin •+15 or -10
  85. 85. On 4 May 1951, Sir Hugh Beaver, then the managing director of the X, went on a shooting party in the North Slob, by the River Slaney in County Wexford, Ireland. He became involved in an argument over which was the fastest game bird in Europe, The Koshin Golden Plover or The Grouse. That evening at Castle Bridge House he realized that it was impossible to confirm in reference books whether or not The Golden Plover was Europe's fastest game bird. A gentleman called Christopher Chataway recommended student twins Norris and Ross McWhirter, who had been running a fact-finding agency in London. The brothers were commissioned to compile what became the first Y in August 1954. Identify X and Y.
  86. 86. • X= Arthur Guinness, Son & Co ltd. • Y= Guinness World Record
  87. 87. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Indore •Clue 2: Satrangee Parachute •Clue 3 :Lekin •Clue 4: Guinness World record •+ 10 or- 5
  88. 88. The very first flyover built in Mumbai starts from ‘X’ at one end. Since at least the early 20th century, ‘X’ is considered to be a posh residential area with some of the flats fetching a price of over Rs.10 million as of 1993. In February 2000, Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai carried out a study on traffic in the area which found that 94,000 vehicles used the route every day at that time. The same study also found that the average number of cars owned by a family living in X was 2.3. According to a Times of India article in 2006, in new constructions coming up on X (among other localities), transactions "routinely take place" at over 1, 00,000 Rupees (2000 USD) per square foot. What is X?
  89. 89. Answer: Peddar road
  90. 90. Guess it now! •Clue 1: Indore •Clue 2: Satrangee Parachute •Clue 3 :Lekin •Clue 4: Guinness World record •Clue 5: Peddar Road •+5 or 0
  91. 91. Theme-: Lata Mangeshkar: • Born in Indore • Her last song in a movie was from the movie Satrangee Parachute • Producer of Lekin • Held a controversial Guinness world record of being the most recorded artist • Lives at Peddar road (May leave Mumbai)
  92. 92. Any guesses for the super theme •Theme 1 :M.S. Subbhalaxmi •Theme 2 :Bismillah Khan •Theme 3 : Pundit Ravi shankar •Theme 4: Lata Mangeshkar •+10 or -5
  93. 93. THEME- 5
  94. 94. X is a former Indian cricketer. He is an all-rounder who bowls slow left arm spin and bats left-handed. He used to travel 40 miles to Hubli each morning for practice, in time for school. Such was his desire and passion for cricket. Royal Challengers Bangalore in the 2008 and 2009 season of the Indian Premier League and was under contract till 2010. On 21 June 2012, Sunil Joshi formally announced his retirement from International as well as First-class cricket, he is the current coach of Hyderabad ?
  95. 95. Answer: Sunil Joshi
  96. 96. No guesses at this stage •Clue 1: Sunil Joshi
  97. 97. Answer: Nain Mile Chain Kahaan
  98. 98. Any guesses at this point •Clue 1 :Sunil Joshi •Clue 2: Nain mile chain kahaan •+20 or -15
  99. 99. This is the coat of arms of which Indian state?
  100. 100. Answer: Karnataka
  101. 101. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1 :Sunil Joshi •Clue 2: Nain mile chain kahaan •Clue 3 :Karnataka •+15 or -10
  102. 102. The person in the picture is Rambhau Kundgolkar. He was a popular Hindustani Classical vocalist and Marathi stage actor of the Kirana Gharana. He was the first and foremost disciple of Utd. Abdul Karim Khan, most well-known for popularizing the styling’s of the Kirana Gharana through his accomplished disciples. The music festival in Pune is named after him but by a name so tell us what he is better known as?
  103. 103. Answer: Sawai Gandharva
  104. 104. Any guesses at this stage •Clue 1 :Sunil Joshi •Clue 2: Nain mile chain kahaan •Clue 3 :Karnataka •Clue 4 : Sawai Gandharva •+10 or - 5
  105. 105. Phir Mile Sur Mera Tumhara (answer needed)
  106. 106. Guess it now •Clue 1 :Sunil Joshi •Clue 2: Nain mile chain kahaan •Clue 3 :Karnataka •Clue 4 : Sawai Gandharva •Clue 5: Phir mile Sur Tumhara humara,Louis banks •+5 or 0
  107. 107. Theme: Bhimsen joshi • • • • • Born in Gadag, Karnataka so is Sunil Joshi Music in Nain Mile Chain Kahan Karnataka his 2nd state Sawai Gandharva the festival in Pune which he initiated Mile Sur Tumhara Humara the song in which he opens the lines
  108. 108. Wait lets guess •Theme 1 : M.S. SubbhaLaxmi •Theme 2 :Bismillah Khan •Theme 3 : pundit Ravi shankar •Theme 4: Lata Mangeshkar •Theme 5: Bhimsen Joshi •+5 or nothing!!!
  109. 109. SUPER THEME: Only 5 musicians to be awarded the Bharat Ratna • M.S Subbulaxmi -1998 • Ravi Shankar -1999 • Lata Mangeshkar -2001 • Bismillah Khan -2001 • Bhimsen Joshi -2008
  110. 110. Round 3, Question 1 These are machetes used during the Rwandan Genocide. 5 people were killed every minute during the 100 days, mostly with machetes purchased using World Bank money aid. The survivors are called ‘Bafuye Bahagaze’. In English, it means _____ ______
  111. 111. Answer 1 The living Dead
  112. 112. Question 2 In this Greek myth, Hero (a priestess) lives in a tower on one side of the Dardanelles strait. Each night, she shines a lamp so that her lover can swim over to be with her. Then, one night when a storm occurs, the light is blown out. Her lover dies. Most Indians may not have heard of this myth but they have heard of at least one person with this name associated with a sport. What was his name?
  113. 113. Answer 2 Leander ( all of us here have heard of PAES)
  114. 114. Question 3 The bridge is built in Holland to mimic a mythological instance hence name as?
  115. 115. Answer 3 It’s called the Moses Bridge
  116. 116. Question 4 Prior to an Invention of An Daily Item this was Used as what?
  117. 117. Answer 4 Alarm Clock: After only a certain period of time the hook would fall crating a sound!
  118. 118. Question 5 X’ is remembered as the ‘Father of the atomic bomb’, for the role he played in ‘Y’. The first atomic bomb was detonated on July 16, 1945, in the Trinity test in New Mexico; ‘X’ remarked later that it brought to mind words from the ‘Z’ (a sacred text): "Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” Identify X, Y and Z.
  119. 119. Answer 5 X = Robert Oppenheimer Y = Manhattan Project Z = Bhagawad Gita.
  120. 120. Question 6 The poster is describing an Ad from the early 19th century? What is blanked out?
  121. 121. Answer
  122. 122. Question 6 Identify this ship (hint: picture to the right)
  123. 123. Answer 6 USS New York (the bow or stem of the ship is made from the steel remnants of World Trade enter after 9/11
  124. 124. Question 7 These men are special military personnel called the ‘Blue Helmets’. They are an international body, and work with local military personnel and local communities. Who are they?
  125. 125. Answer 8 United Nations Special Forces
  126. 126. Question 9 X is a Sanskrit word for the ‘destroyer of all evil’. INS X is the first ballistic missile submarine to have been built outside the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council. Name X
  127. 127. Answer 9 Arihant
  128. 128. Question 10 King George V was the grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and the first cousin of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany. He ascended the throne in 1911. In the year 1919 at the end of World War 1, King George drastically renamed something. What did he rename, what was the previous name and what did he change it to?
  129. 129. Answer 10 He changed the name of the royal house of England from the house of Saxe Cobourg and Gotha to the House of Windsor (presently Elizabeth 2 is also from Windsor. Saxe Cobourg was a German house and there was hatred towards the Germans after WWI, so he changed it.