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This is the culture that we follow at Cuber.

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Cuber - Culture Deck

  1. 1. Full-stack digital agency
  2. 2. A set of shared beliefs, values, and practices.
  3. 3. Great culture = Great people Great culture attracts great people. It helps them deliver their best work.
  4. 4. So might as well create one we’ll love.
  5. 5. Mission + Metrics Solve for the customer Transparency Autonomy Picky about peers Value over billables
  6. 6. Because goodwill alone isn’t enough. We believe in our mission. And we mostly live up to it. But we’re mad over metrics too. It helps us know early enough if something’s wrong, also helping predict the steps we should take to grow.
  7. 7. Help first, sell later. Instead of aggressively selling, focus on doing what’s best for the customer. Even if it means telling them we’re not a good fit for the deal.
  8. 8. Make solutions, not websites. Customers come to us because they have a problem. So focus on solving their problem rather than billing hours. Focus on making them happy, and profits will follow.
  9. 9. Blunt and (sometimes) brutal. We are radically and uncomfortably transparent. We believe in facing the facts, not sweeping problems under the rug. The intent behind this is to encourage smarter behaviour and better decisions.
  10. 10. To be awesome. There is a report-to structure, but creativity is autonomous. Everyone sits at one table, and ideas are shared directly across it.
  11. 11. With all the transparency and trust, we don’t take chances. Admittedly, getting hired at Cuber can be difficult. We need to know you’ve got what it takes.
  12. 12. Just holler. All members have open access to each other. No one here has an office or cubicle. No appointments needed.
  13. 13. Just don’t come naked. We don’t need you to wear Eton and Brioni. Just don’t show up to meetings naked.
  14. 14. We only protect against the big stuff. Just because someone screwed up a while ago doesn’t mean everyone should suffer for it. It doesn’t call for a new policy. We don’t penalize the many for the mistakes of a few.
  15. 15. Just use good judgement. We don’t have volumes of policies and procedures. We have a simple, 3-word policy for everything – USE GOOD JUDGEMENT.
  16. 16. Get. Shit. Done. We acknowledge that people have their private lives too. With flexible hours, we make sure our employees develop healthy, multifaceted lives. Results matter to us more than the hours we work. As long as you’re getting your assignments done before deadlines, we’re cool.
  17. 17. Decisions are based on data, not titles. If you believe someone is wrong, and you have the data to support it, point it out. Sometimes decisions still have to be made by guts rather than hard data, but finding overlooked data always helps in making decisions. And speaking of job titles…
  18. 18. Creative titles didn’t make sense. And this happens to work just fine.
  19. 19. “Humility is not thinking less of yourself, but thinking about yourself less.” – C. S. Lewis First, being humble. We expect people to share credit where it’s due, and to shoulder responsibility when something goes wrong. Cocky is fine, as long as you’ve got the balls to back it.
  20. 20. Get shit done. Make a dent. We love doers. They just do things. They have a sense of ownership. They’re resourceful, and always look for leverage.
  21. 21. Change is the only constant. In our line of work, things change all the time. And the one who survives, is the one who adapts first. We keep an eye on trends and the latest standards, and update our work accordingly.
  22. 22. Something special. We prefer people who have something that makes them stand out in some way. May it be creativity, resourcefulness, or sheer intuition.
  23. 23. Open and honest. With others, as well as themselves. If someone is dishonest with us, they’re inevitably going to be dishonest with customers too. And that is something the whole company pays the price for.
  24. 24. That’s a bit cheesy, yeah. We want those who will help us create a company we love. Those with the courage to take risks, a leap of faith. Things will not always be easy, and we’re going to keep going.
  25. 25. Not degrees and grades. If we think you’re perfect for the job, you’ll get it anyway.
  26. 26. No, thanks. Compromising on culture is mortgaging the future of the company. It’s reasonable to want to hire for skills when the need for help is painfully acute, but it’s also wrong. The interest rate on culture debt is too damn high.
  27. 27. People who are homophobic, racist, sexist, or any other kind of extremist are not welcome at Cuber. We encourage and support people of all sexual preferences, genders, races, and ethnicity to come and work at Cuber. Anyone who has a problem with that can find employment elsewhere suited to their tastes.
  28. 28. . “Better a diamond with a flaw than a pebble without one.” – Confucius We hire, develop, and cut smartly so we have stars in every position.
  29. 29. We’re not an utopian workplace. We have our own issues.
  30. 30. Between short-term goals and solving for the customer. Regrettably, the choice isn’t always clear.
  31. 31. They’re two different things. Decisions cannot always be made by popular vote. Data is analysed, opinions are heard – but ultimately, someone has to decide. And not all decisions are popular.
  32. 32. HubSpot NetFlix Microsoft Google Valve