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Etwinning cs enel_30.09.2010


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Published in: Education
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Etwinning cs enel_30.09.2010

  1. 1. TIGER LEAP PROGRAM Enel Mägi CEO Tiger Leap Foundation eTwinning Contact Seminar, Tallinn 2010
  2. 2. Tiger Leap Program 1997-2000 Tiger Leap Plus 2000 -2005 The Learning Tiger 2005 -2009 Strategy of Tiger Leap Foundation 2010 -2013
  3. 3. Tiger Leap Program 1997 -2001 Computers and internet connections for schools Basic ICT courses for teachers
  4. 4. Tiger Leap Plus 2001-2005 Teachers’ ICT competencies Educational software
  5. 5. The Learning Tiger 2005-2009 Teachers’ ICT competencies Learning environments Social software Schools´ innovative projects
  6. 6. Tiger Leap Foundation – Strategy 2010 - 2013 Main aims: „ Students are interested in learning science and technology“ „ Students become critical and analytical users of ICT during learning process in subject lessons“
  7. 7. ScienceTiger 33 schools Equipment Teacher training Study materials
  8. 8. Tiger Robotics 75 schools Lego Mindstorm NXT technology Teacher training Competitions for students
  9. 9.   SewingTiger 60 schools Digital sewing machines and software for schools Teacher training Competitions for students
  10. 10. TechnoTiger 35 schools CNC milling machines for schools Teacher training Competitions for students
  11. 11. AnimationTiger Animation training for teachers Competitions for students
  12. 12. Teacher in-service training program Based on ICT competency standards Carried out all over Estonia by network of trainers Funded by European Social Fund
  13. 13. 1500 teachers out of 16 000 trained a year Part of the training is carried out in VLE Learning materials produced Active network of trainers
  14. 18. Virtual meeting place for teachers Tools for creating study materials Educational resources
  15. 19. International projects Linked ITEC Internet Safety and eTwinning
  16. 20. Estonia participates from the start of the project By September 2010 more than 400 projects eTwinning network all over Estonia
  17. 21. Good luck with the contact seminar in Tallinn!