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Canadian broadcasting corporation use case


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Varnish Summit 2016

Published in: Technology
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Canadian broadcasting corporation use case

  1. 1. By Massimo Mollica Infrastructure Optimization Using Varnish Plus

  2. 2. CBC/Radio-Canada is Canada's national public broadcaster and one of its largest cultural institutions. The Corporation is a leader in reaching Canadians on all new platforms and delivers a comprehensive range of radio, television, internet, and satellite-based services. Deeply rooted in the regions (50+ regional & 17+ foreign bureaus), CBC/Radio-Canada is the only domestic broadcaster to offer diverse regional and cultural perspectives in English, French and eight Aboriginal languages. ABOUT CBC/RADIO-CANADA
  3. 3. 6 million Average Daily unique visitors WWW.CBC.CA
  4. 4. ▪ Reduce origin footprint and cost ▪ Capital expenses and hardware refresh ▪ Operating (systems admin, power, maintenance)
 ▪ Reliability ▪ Varnish provides CBC with “uninterrupted service”
 ▪ Speed ▪ Backend Performance “Accelerator” WHY USE VARNISH?
  5. 5. ▪ Core Business: “Keep the content as fresh as possible”
 ▪ IT: “Keep the configuration as simple as possible”
 ▪ Finance: “Keep our costs as low as possible” CONFLICTING REQUIREMENTS
  6. 6. ▪ Keep caching rules simple ▪ Is the default “good enough”?
 ▪ Tune at the origin first rather than at the edge ▪ Reduces propagation time for TTLs during emergencies
 ▪ Understand and categorize content before tuning OVERALL LESSONS LEARNED
  7. 7. ▪ Fine tuning of object TTLs ▪ Default blanket site-TTL for all objects except HTML ▪ Use of Varnish, ability to adjust TTLs during special events or emergency situations
 ▪ Leveraging “Varnish Cache Plus” ▪ Enhanced use of Cache Policies for the rest of HOW WE DID IT
  8. 8. HOW WE DID IT
  9. 9. ▪ More content served from Varnish Cache ▪ Origin Offload went from mid 50% to mid 90% ▪ Origin Servers Bandwidth dropped by 40% ▪ Origin traffic normalized ▪ End-User experience improved ▪ Page Load Time and DOM interactive improved by >0.6s ▪ Before:9web+9Java+3Cache & After:3Web+3Java +2Cache IMPACT
  10. 10. Servers Offload Impact
  11. 11. OUTAGE start time:6pm EST
  12. 12. OUTAGE ~7 TO 8 PM
  13. 13. OUTAGE 8:52PM
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