Varadarajan Sridharan - Ed Tech Summit 2013


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Varadarajan spoke on the Role of Technology in 21st Century Education at India's first Education Tech Summit 2013, held at The Claridges, New Delhi on June 21, 2013. This is the presentation shared at this summit.

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Varadarajan Sridharan - Ed Tech Summit 2013

  1. 1. Varadarajan Sridharan Ed Tech Researcher June 21, 2013
  2. 2. Agenda • Defining “Ed + Tech” • Agents Of Change • The Bleeding Edge • The Missing Pieces? • Options, Options, Options! • Questions
  3. 3. “Ed Tech” Computer Based Learning, Simulations Interactive Content, Audio-Visual Learning Aids, EduComp eBooks, Tablet / mLearning Gamification Of Learning, Activity Based Learning Self-Learning, Educational Blogs, MOOCs Adaptive Learning, Personalized Learning Active Learning, Social Learning eLearning / Online Learning, Digital Storytelling Learning Management Systems / LMS Quiz, Assessments, Exam Prep Software Geo-Location Based Learning DIY Kits For Learning, Flipped Classrooms Instructional Technology, Inquiry Based Learning Blended Learning, Moodle, Canvas, Blackboard Open Educational Resources (OER), Lifelong Learning We generally think Ed Tech refers to these! Can Ed Tech mean something else?
  4. 4. “Ed”? “Tech”? Tech “refers to the making, modification, usage, and knowledge of tools, machines, techniques, crafts, systems, and methods of organization, in order to solve a problem, improve a preexisting solution to a problem, achieve a goal, handle an applied input/output relation or perform a specific function” “a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are transferred from one generation to the next through teaching, training, or research” Ed
  5. 5. “Ed Tech”! Notebooks, Textbooks, Overhead Projectors Lab Experiments, Field Trips Blackboard, Chalk, Duster Curriculum, Syllabus Examination, Results, Ranking Rote Learning, Memorizing NCERT, CCE, RTE, SSA Common Entrance Tests Education Boards (CBSE / ICSE) Montessori System, Bloom’s Taxonomy Gagne’s Conditions Of Learning Tuition Centers, Tutorials Skill Training Centers, Certifications Going by Wiki Definition of Ed & Tech Aren’t these Ed Tech too?
  6. 6. “Ed + Tech” As we see today… a form of learning in which the knowledge, skills, and habits of a group of people are blogged, shared, transferred, viewed, collaborated, experienced, played, liked, tagged, commented, organized, searched, uploaded, downloaded, automated or blocked from one generation to the next through teaching, training, research or simply through autodidacticism
  7. 7. Change in Ed Tech broadly caused by Paradigm Shift Cutting Edge Research Fiction Today; Fact Tomorrow Scientific Inventions Rate of Change Singularity The Bleeding Edge Agents Of Change Environmental Parameters Emerging Economies Necessity Economic Crises Knowledge Economy Technological Advancements
  8. 8. In The Past Gurukul – Ed Tech Of Our Ancestors? CHANGED TO Current School System Did these cause Gurukul’s decline? – Victorian Empire and the need for English-speaking clerical workers to manage their assets worldwide – Industrial Revolution and the need for similar-skilled workers for factories and assembly lines – World Wars and the need to train soldiers uniformly and quickly, and send them into the war – Gurukul seen as Selective Education vs. Inclusive Education – Academic Research on Educational Philosophy & Learner Psychology
  9. 9. Agents Of Change Today • Mobile: India has the fastest growing mobile network in the world • Mobile: 904mn mobile subscribers (out of 1210mn) as of Oct 2012 • Mobile: 6mn Android & iOS devices downloaded 300mn apps in 2011 • Mobile: Estimated 75bn app downloads in 2012 • Mobile: Put the nail on Telegram’s coffin! • Tablet: Aakash II expected to reach 50 lakh undergraduate students • Tablet: Low-cost tablet vendors like Micromax doing well • MOOC: 5% of Coursera’s 1mn enrolled students came from India • MOOC: Student form their own peer-groups or study-groups
  10. 10. Agents Of Change Today • Internet: 3rd largest user base next only to US and China • Internet: 40% of all India internet users do so via mobile phones • Internet: 14mn internet subscribers use Broadband (512kbps or above) • Internet: Increase in internet availability to college students via NKN • Education Spend: India spends less than 4% of its GDP on education • Education Spend: Globally $4.4tn in 2012 • Technology: Learning curve for new technology getting flatter • Technology: FOSS technologies have found great traction among Indians • Technology: India missed PC Revolution, leapfrogged to mobile internet • Technology: Open Source Hardware is also gaining popularity!
  11. 11. Agents Of Change Today • Education: $7tn industry, 570 x online ad market, 7x global mobile market • Education: 400K in Affordable Private Schools, 50% urban students • Education: 69% of them have computer labs • Education: 60% of urban APS access mobile internet, 39% by other devices • Education: 53% of APS parents look for computer facilities at school ( • Startups: Successful startup stories like Flipkart & Redbus • Startups: Future job market, mainly focused on skills & not on degree • Startups: Entry-level salary nearly at par with Industry • Startups: Ed Tech startups still at infancy or non-existent on global arena
  12. 12. The Bleeding Edge Udacity & Georgia Tech offer MS CS for FREE
  13. 13. The Bleeding Edge 12yr old Arjun from Chennai has award winning Android App
  14. 14. The Bleeding Edge Jonathan Haber’s 1 year BA by MOOCs
  15. 15. The Bleeding Edge 3D printed windpipe saves baby’s life
  16. 16. The Bleeding Edge DIY Kits using simple circuits gaining popularity
  17. 17. The Bleeding Edge Chennai-based InsaneLabs’s Arduino / RaspberryPi robot
  18. 18. The Bleeding Edge Researcher streams Large Hadron Collider using Google Glass
  19. 19. The Bleeding Edge BMW uses Augmented Reality glasses to train mechanics
  20. 20. The Bleeding Edge Low cost satellites using Raspberry Pi
  21. 21. The Bleeding Edge Researchers upload MLK’s “I have A Dream” audio to DNA
  22. 22. The Bleeding Edge Humans To Upload Their Brains To Computers in 2045
  23. 23. The Bleeding Edge • Computational Thinking – Scratch, Tynker • Natural Language Processing – Apple’s SIRI • Apple, Google & Microsoft heavily investing in Education • Learning Analytics / Big Data in Education • Internet Of Things Google made information discovery easier… Who is going to make decision-making easier?
  24. 24. Missing Pieces? • What Ed Tech for Education Governance? • Delivery vehicles like curriculum, syllabus, boards, tests with Ed Tech? • A piece-meal approach? What governing frameworks needed? – What data MUST be captured and made available by Ed Tech providers? – How should they share such data (protocols / frameworks / APIs)? – Which tools address which learning objectives? – How should content providers tag their content? – Ed Tech true inter-operability? • Techies designing Ed Tech – How well do they know Education? • Ed Tech for Teacher Training on 21st Century skills? • Can I use Chemistry content from Educomp and Physics from Pearsons? • Digital Content Repository from Ed Tech vendors? • Centralized Approval of Ed Tech products / services?
  25. 25. Potential Options • Achievements Standards Network project @ US uses RDF to put learning objectives in machine-readable format • Learning Registry @ US • “The Audrey Test” – What should every Techie Know About Education? • Google Certified Teachers, Apple Certified Teachers • Mozilla’s Teach The Web • CommonWealth Education Trust’s Teacher Training MOOCs • Minimum Inter-operability Criteria for Ed Tech?
  26. 26. Thank You! Varadarajan Sridharan
  27. 27. Sample ASN Entry This is an entry for a learning objective in 8th grade Geometry with the ID as S114353D
  28. 28. Sample Learning Registry Publish Here an internet resource is identified which teaches some concept in Geometry rds/content.aspx?id=26773 Here the learning objective stated in S114353D (link below) is mapped to the above resource 114353D
  29. 29. Case Studies content/uploads/2012/04/anexploratorystudyofunsupervisedmobilelearninginruralindia.pdf tech-for-affordable-private-schools.pdf
  30. 30. Case Studies higher-education-stats
  31. 31. Infographics Students-and-Technology-800edit.jpg Learning/Infographic_Evolution_of_Education_Technology.jpg
  32. 32. Infographics Higher-Education-800.png technology-infographic-thumb1.jpg education.jpg