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Superstition in India

A Presentation on Superstition in India as a part of the course.
Class : MMS/MBA
Semester : 1
Subject : Business Communication

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Superstition in India

  1. 1. Superstition : In Need or In Deed Business Communication : Group 5
  2. 2. Presenters :  Riddhi Palkar … (96)  Prachiti Niwate … (92)  Nikhil Meshram … (81)  Karishma Lewis … (112)  Chintan Mhatre … (82)  Varad Potnis … (116)
  3. 3. Contents What is Superstition? Evolution and Purpose Relation with Religion Superstitions, Cases and Incidents Ill effects on the society Eradication Legal Aspects Findings of class survey Conclusion
  4. 4. What is Superstition ? A belief Varies according to the Person Background, Culture Region
  5. 5. Theory on Origin Early days of Man Living conditions
  6. 6. Purpose Instil fear Prevention from doing something Unexplainable Human Laziness Entertain Fool People
  7. 7. In the Indian context Connection to particular Place Body Parts Trees Animals Birds Reptiles Protect from evil spirits Few had reasoning
  8. 8. Superstition today in contrast with yesterday An expression of tensions and anxieties Taken for Granted Questioning age old practices Excuse
  9. 9. Religion and Superstition Adds fuel to the beliefs Many rituals, beliefs go unquestioned Unshaken belief in the supernatural Godmen, babas, maharajs Supported by the rich and influential
  10. 10. Faith and Superstition Faith that does not allow questioning is superstition Faith is dynamic Superstition weakens determination to to adhere to faith Human values, moral principles and ethical behaviour
  11. 11. Various Superstitions Eye Fluttering Mirror Cracks on tiles Fingers Crossed Voodoo Doll Itchy hands Crow droppings Kajal Raven Nimbu Mirchi
  12. 12. A few more Sneeze Friday the 13th Astrology Umbrella Broom Touchwood Letters ‘Karan’ Stones Eclipse Vaastu Shastra
  13. 13. Incidents Engineer Ends life Crow perched head twice Astrologer advised to pray at the temple Man Marries Dog Stoned two dogs to death Godman advised marrying dog as the only remedy
  14. 14. Ill Effects on the Society
  15. 15. Efforts for Eradication of Superstitious Behaviour Effort to change the thought process Retainment of primordial emotions Organisations like MANS (Maharashtra Andhshraddha Nirmulan Samiti) Instil value based rationalism Publishing of various books on educating the people against superstition Legal measures by the government
  16. 16. Legal Aspects Article 51A (h), Constitution of India Drugs and Magic Remedies Act 1954 Sectio 259A of Indian Penal code Regional Laws
  17. 17. Class Survey findings Do you believe in Superstitious activities? Do you believe superstitions are born out of religion? How many superstitions do you know about ? < Sample size of 20 students
  18. 18. Class Survey findings Superstitions are : Trending : #Cat crosses path #Nimbumirchi #Astrology
  19. 19. Summary
  20. 20. Thank You Reference sources : : Wikipedia : : YouTube
  21. 21. A big shoutout to the class for helping us out with the survey!! Guest Appearances : Billi : Manali Patole Babaji : Akshay Lotlikar