Interact, don't interrupt. How content will boost your communication online.


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This presentantion caught the attention of 10 000 Finns in 24 hours. Want to know why? Check it out yourself! This is the ultimate introduction to content strategy by Finland's first content agency, Vapa Media.

The evolution drawing of this presentation is with permission built upon the design of ©Humerus LLC All Rights Reserved.".

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  • The evolution drawing of this presentation is with permission built upon the design of ©Humerus LLC All Rights Reserved.
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Interact, don't interrupt. How content will boost your communication online.

  1. 1. Interact, don’t interrupt. —How content strategy will boost your communication online. Vapa Media’s presentation at Marketing and Communication Conference in Helsinki 29.9.2011!
  2. 2. ”Exactly a year ago there was a lot of talkabout social media at this very sameconference. Boys we’re fiddling with theirbrand new iPads and technology wasdefinitely in. But all we could think of atVapa Media was content. You know, thestuff distributed, consumed and producedon these platforms. We actually predictedthat after all the social media hype,people would start talking about content.We predicted that year 2011 would theyear of content strategy in Finland.”
  3. 3. In 2011 content is not just a king...We were right.This year there’stalk about contentboth in media andat this conference..
  4. 4. let’s be honesthere, this is whatinterests us all!But why is content so important? Of course the reason lies in money. With the careful planning of content, companies can save in their marketing expenses, streamline theiroperations in online enviroments, serve their customers better and improve their sales.
  5. 5. These.... ...are... Communication Message SatisfactionContent Content Strategy Measuring Money Cases ....the subjects we... ...talked about!
  6. 6. EVOLUTION OF THE WEBAlthough the end of 1990’s was the real breakthrough of internet, our actions were then on avery basic level. Websites were basically just gigantic PDF’s, that we could view. There wasn’t any real interaction and websites were more like big advertising screens. (Picture:
  7. 7. EVOLUTION OF THE WEBAbout ten years ago we started to enjoy publishing. In the year 2002 Google bought Blogger and blogs came into more regular use. (Picture:
  8. 8. EVOLUTION OF THE WEB When the amount of publications started to grow, companies wanted to stand out from thecrowd. The aim was to design such good looking sites that they’d leave Bob The Blogger behind. Typical for this age was the importance of the visual and design aspects of online presence. (Picture:
  9. 9. EVOLUTION OF THE WEBAlthough blogging as we now know it started in the beginning of the 21st century, the concept of social media rose to our awareness about five years ago. The amount of content blew the roof as people started to produce content as well as follow it.(The talk about social media was still more a talk about the platform. It’s kind of like instead of talking about politics, we’d talk about the parliament building where politics is done.... ) (Picture:
  10. 10. EVOLUTION OF THE WEBBut now in the year 2011 it’s finally time we look at what influences things behind the platform. Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce the new, communicative human: Homo Contentus! (Picture:
  11. 11. Homo Contentus is a super consumer of online content, who discusses, comments, takes part and seeks for interaction actively. It is extremely important to realize that companies do notcompete only with other companies but with all content contributors online. That means blogs, online magazines, communities and the friends of Homo Contentus. (Picture:
  12. 12. Basic information Usability Content is about all of these things..... Images Interaction Findability.... not just blogs or other textual content!
  13. 13. Content can be divided into two different levels...ServicePublishing
  14. 14. 1. Service
  15. 15. This is a (bad) example of online service from thewebsite of the Tax Administration...Current topic, tax refunds,are nicely on the top page..
  16. 16. But it leads firstto a completelynew sub page....
  17. 17. Then toanotherpage...
  18. 18. And another...
  19. 19. Now we’re ona new service..
  20. 20. And another page underthat...When will it end??!
  21. 21. Finally! We’re able tolog in to the service!
  22. 22. 2. Publishing
  23. 23. This a (good) example of publishing...
  24. 24. Just like the brand, the website is multilingual,multicultural and has various content types.
  25. 25. Content didn’t mean only blogs to Benetton asthey opened their own web radio to the website!
  26. 26. “Content is not just about the marketing content. Companies should realize that content is also the comments left by users or it’s thediscussions on the help forums. It’s about all the talk and communication about the company in various online platforms.” – Karen McGrane, 2011
  27. 27. So for an example, content strategy is the concept and content of awebsite. Not just basic information but relevant, interesting and useful content from the user’s point of view!
  28. 28. Content strategyis also aboutsocial media... ...its a way to interact and inspire!
  29. 29. !!It’s also the small stuff, like the way you reply to a customer who signsup for your newsletter.
  30. 30. e d s th g is t nee e things!! trate hes ntent s f all of tA co e dge o lknow Desig n, ar chite cture ... User experience design Marketing Technology Who are we talking to and with what kind of tone... What platforms will we use, when and how.
  31. 31. But like Karen McGrane said at the CS Forum, good content is not always aboutexploiting the latest platforms... For example with iPads we’ve returned to the golden age of platforms. Because let’s face it, content in iPads is basically huge PDF’s with no real interaction. You can’t even copypaste the damn thing if you want to! It’s sad but true and the results speak for themselves....
  32. 32. Even Wired couldn’t exploit the new platform as they conquered it quickly without even thinking the added value it could and should give to the content. Although Wired might need to ride the wave of new technologies and platforms, the subscriptions tell the sad truth... Down, down, down we go...In content strategy the content comes before the platform. This is the only way to avoid costly and useless actions.
  33. 33. Content strategy cannot be bought ready made, it should always be tailored to the needs of the company.... One strategy, please!Lucky for you, we have pinpointed a few critical items that every content strategy should have!
  34. 34. ond lways resp ny! o uld a he co mpa gy s h t t s trate trategy of nten s s1.  Co he busines to t Responds to strategy!
  35. 35. Alko describes itself as a responsible alcohol store withexpertise and good service...... The service and expertise can be seen also on their FB page!
  36. 36. nces au d ie ! es the em gy defin ct w ith th trate tera ntent s way to in2 . Co he and t Defines the audiences!
  37. 37. Williams-Sonoma serves their culinary customers with recipes, inspiring cooking and great photos! Yummy!
  38. 38. tent es the con s! y defin any ’s nee d rateg p ntent s t to the co m3. Co ord ing acc Defines content!
  39. 39. And content doesn’t always mean blogs and news articles. For Ikea, good content means customer service and enabling purchases.
  40. 40. nt? o d* conte hat is *goBut w What is good content?What is good content? What is good content? What is good content? What is good content? What is good content? What is good content?
  41. 41. Definitely not this! Good content is not about the amount of content...
  42. 42. It’s good to realize that people have the sameneeds in online enviroment that they have irl. Self-actualization Maslow’s hierarchy of needs! Esteem Love/belonging Safety Physiological
  43. 43. Images Games, virals, The hierarchy of campaigns... Homo Contentus! Social media, Timeliness Blogs, etc... Product search, customer Service service chat, etc...Basic information Product information, contact info, etc... Not just SEO but granulating Findability the information to different platforms!
  44. 44. “Good content is useful, in it’s best form,best quality, fresh and gives the customer what he or she needs.” – Eric Weismann, 2011 At the end of the day, good content is always something like this.
  45. 45. Test thes yo ur c e qu o esti ntent b ons! y as king Do you care and share? To the right audiences? The content they’re Efficiently and interested in? productively?With measurable goals?
  46. 46. Also with content we need to do measuring. It’s great thatcompanies are nowadays measuring e.g. visits, bouncerates, and time spent on pages. But we need to be carefulwith the results we get from analytics. Spending time on acorporate website doesn’t actually tell anything about thequality of the content...
  47. 47. What if your customers spend time on your websitebecause they just can’t find what they’re looking for or donot understand the content you give them?
  48. 48. So besides basic analytics, we also need qualitativeanalysis. We at Vapa Media think that qualitative analysisshould measure the satisfaction of the customer. Content = content?
  49. 49. We can measure satisfaction on two levels!Quantitative Qualitative
  50. 50. Quantitative contacts money time
  51. 51. Qualitative loyalty respect fanship only choice
  52. 52. By measuring these things we can know if the Homo Contentus is satisfied!(Picture:
  53. 53. But how can we turncontent into money? Well, we got some bad news for you: you can’t. But don’t worry, content strategy will bring you money because....
  54. 54. It’ll save you from useless actions! It will find the right audiences and best messages!It will help you tomeasure, analyze andby that to develop inonline environments! It will help you to act as a publisher on the web!
  55. 55. But just to remind you, even smallthings can make a difference. Havea look at what Sticky Content’sCatherine Toole found out aboutcontent... If your online store’s content is good, this percentage of your customers will buy more! And if the content sucks… well, This many will return! this many will slam your company to their friends!
  56. 56. So all we’re trying to say hereis that it’s the contentstrategy who is the king! (Picture:
  57. 57. SlideShare:VapaMedia