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The digitalisation of the Annual Report


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Historically, the annual report symbolised a communication form which was both high in quality, yet often monotonous and conformist. To better meet the evolution of content consumption habits and the new digital aspirations held by companies, the annual report has since seen its role evolve considerably.

Vanksen's latest study analyses the evolution of this annual report: how did it go from being a mere medium of information aimed at stakeholders, to a strategic digital tool that helps affront communication challenges at a far greater level, and to a wider audience.

The agency assessed the annual reports of several organisations to highlight the prevailing trends which are slowly but surely bringing this historical tool into the age of modernity: story and scrolly telling, snack content, etc, all form an integral part in the new approaches companies are taking to transform the digital annual report into a visual and highly narrative medium that is centred around the end user.

Vanksen also highlights the many benefits of the digitalisation of the annual report: greater user experience, images, visibility, budget... all factors that may well convince you to take the leap into the digital for your next annual report!

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The digitalisation of the Annual Report

  2. 2. 2 AGENDA 01 / From print to digital 02 / A renewal of the genre 03 / Digital serving the annual report 04 / Moving towards further innovation
  3. 3. 3 DEFINITION Annual report, noun [C] A document made by a company on a yearly basis for its shareholders. The annual report includes the company’s audited accounts, along with statements of profit or loss and how the management thinks the company will do in the future. This is a reductionist definition of the annual report…
  4. 4. 4 The annual report is increasingly becoming a global, rich, sophisticated medium that revolves around the company’s values and strategy, enabling it to reaffirm its uniqueness and DNA by addressing audiences that go far beyond its shareholders.
  6. 6. 6 01 / FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL
  7. 7. 7 Originally, the annual report was boring… THE HISTORY OF THE ANNUAL REPORT / Before, this document was established annually after the closure of an accounting period and included the main financial documents of the company. The document tended to be monotonous, boring and conformist. / The format was heavy, containing a lot of text with no editorial line. / It has gradually evolved into a reduced print format that has turned into an object of design, with creative, neater and more refined manufacturing and narration. 7 01 / FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL
  8. 8. 8 For a long time, the digital transcripts were disappointing… 01 / FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL A SLOW START ON DIGITAL Companies had real difficulties in renewing this tool, often inhibited by the force of habit and internal political constraints: / The solution was too poor, with no reflection on digital attributes: a simple re-transcription of the paper version of the report (PDF format or flashbook) or / The solution was too rich in terms of content: an editorial that was too corporate with long texts, rare inclusion of images and an absence of personality 8
  9. 9. 9 Now, some companies are starting a new approach 01 / FROM PRINT TO DIGITAL 9 / Annual reports are becoming an ecosystem in their own right, increasingly complete and sophisticated. / An evolution of the annual report which goes hand in hand with:  The transformation of information consumption  The maturity of advertisers who are fully seizing the opportunities offered by the digital.
  10. 10. 1 0 The annual report as a new communication challenge or how to move from a simple information medium for the economic and financial situation of the company to a strategic global tool that is attractive, connected, accessible…
  11. 11. 11 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  12. 12. 1 2 Starting in the 2010s, digital annual reports have begun to align with new web standards in order to captivate an increasingly large audience, yet they are becoming increasingly less expert.
  13. 13. 1 3 Thinking digitally about the annual report A NEW APPROACH It was a matter of moving from a purely print and publisher logic to a more playful and interactive multi-channel approach, by proposing images and information which everyone could get something out of: clients, collaborators, shareholders, etc. 13 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  15. 15. 1 5 Storytelling, a new way of bringing stories to life… The editorial strategy makes the report a strategic manifesto going far beyond the usual managerial discourse. The new annual report is presented in a simple way with playful copywriting and design. It gives full meaning to the heritage of the brand and goes further by proposing richer experiences. 15 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  16. 16. 1 6 …with greater substance… THE FORM New formats of the digital annual reports are emerging which are offering a more interactive and playful user experience. THE SUBSTANCE In addition to the usual subjects which are addressed in annual reports, new topics emerged and advertisers are exploring new ideas. 16 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  17. 17. 1 7 Storytelling for substance MORE TRANSPARENCY Companies are no longer solely committed to financial transparency towards shareholders and stakeholders but also want to create more proximity and transparency with their broader audience. It is not only a matter of publishing figures but making people and information more accessible: reduce the distance with the management and allow readers to take a look behind the scenes. 17 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  18. 18. 1 8 18 The annual report of Groupe Renault starts with a discussion about the future of the company between the CEO Carlos Ghosn and recently recruited young talents. By including this video introduction in their report, the group wants to show more transparency between the management and employees, a proximity that improves the quality of internal collaboration: creating links, mobilising collective intelligence, and letting employees express themselves serves innovation.
  19. 19. 1 9 Storytelling for substance LESS CONFORMISM Whether it’s in terms of visuals or content, the approach taken by some companies no longer respects established methods: advertisers explore new ways, they take liberties, they dare to be different! Text content and images that were once chosen in order to respect the norm, uniform presentations of leaders that previously engendered a feeling of distance are now designed to show more personality, creativity and modernity. 19 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  20. 20. 2 0 20 In its 2015 annual report that was structured around the tagline « Flying Ahead », Airbus Group staged the Executive Committee on a Beluga cargo-plane. The cliché takes on the trappings of science fiction movies in a very futuristic / avant-garde atmosphere. The editorial strategy merely supports this positioning: « a clear heading ». Through this immersive digital experience, Airbus Group has deliberately flown off the beaten path by proposing a journey into innovation that highlights the group’s modern approach.
  21. 21. 2 1 21 Audi has also explored new horizons by adopting a storytelling strategy that does not align with traditional established practices. Even with the menu of the annual report the brand tells a story, opting for a strong, science-fiction-led narrative style that is particularly evident in the titles of the subsections: « Beam me up, Audi » (referring to Star Trek), « The transformers », « In the Space Factory »,…
  22. 22. 2 2 Storytelling for substance EMPLOYEE VALUE ENHANCEMENT Thus far, companies have had difficulty recognising the contribution of their employees: their anonymity in annual reports made them appear as almost secondary players. Employees are now valued and highlighted in annual reports: a dialogue has been established between the management and the employees, the latter are no longer anonymous people whose presence only serves to illustrate the annual report. Employees are given the floor, they even participate in the orchestration of the annual report (crowdsourcing)… 22 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  23. 23. 2 3 23 In its 2015 annual report, Danone dedicated two sections to its employees: / People and organisation / Horizon 2020 : What employees say Through these sections, Danone wants to highlight its ambitions to become a more collaborative and agile organisation where talent can flourish and develop. Its annual report therefore also becomes a communication tool for the employer brand. durable/rapportannuel2015/
  24. 24. 2 4 24 Renault Group has decided to help employees step out of the shadows by interviewing young talented individuals who recently joined the group. In each of the four main categories of the annual report, an employee is given the floor to express their motivations in applying to Renault and give their opinion on the strategy and ambitions of the group. Thus, the company proves that it is empathetic, open and that it wants to learn from its young talent.
  25. 25. 2 5 Storytelling for substance A few years ago, sustainable development was the word on everyone’s lips. It has since been overtaken by the keywords « innovation » and « digital transformation » across all business sectors: industry, technology, beauty, automotive, banking, etc. Entire sections of annual reports are dedicated to innovation, and are primarily structured around the customers’ needs. 25 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE INNOVATION
  26. 26. 2 6 26 In the annual report of the PSA Groupe, the message is clear « Customer-focused research and innovation » is the focus. According to the group, « We’re continuing to invest heavily in research and innovation to maintain our leadership ». Through this section, PSA Groupe wishes to confirm its position as a leader in various domains, including the reduction of CO2 emissions.
  27. 27. 2 7 27 For the PMU, digitalisation is an ideal playground for innovation. The brand continues to experiment and innovate in the field of the digital to offer new ways to play and improve existing uses. By dedicating a section to innovation, the company insists on the fact that innovation represents a true way of conducting its projects.
  28. 28. 2 8 28 L’Oréal has always been committed to cutting-edge research and has decided to highlight this in its 2015 annual report. Through a video of the Executive Vice-President of Research and Innovation, key figures and assertions on areas of focus« Digital technology boosts innovation », « Innovations inspired by China », L’Oréal re-affirms its ambition to invent the future of beauty.
  29. 29. 2 9 …and for format 29 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE THE FORMAT New formats of digital annual reports are emerging, formats which offer a more interactive and playful user experience. THE SUBSTANCE In addition to the usual subjects addressed in annual reports, new topics have the wind aft and advertisers are exploring new ideas.
  30. 30. 3 0 Storytelling for format TIMELINE What is more obvious in illustrating and telling the story of a brand than a chronological frieze that recounts the highlights through impactful visuals and a well thought out editorial strategy? In order to offer a rich user experience, some brands eagerly delve into the archives to deliver new content that will engage internet users. 30 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  31. 31. 3 1 31 Caterpillar, as an introduction to its annual report, decided to highlight the 90-year history of the brand through a timeline. By scrolling horizontally, the user discovers the years that have marked Caterpillar and have made the company the leader in its sector. Through this very visual chronological frieze, the brand arouses the readers’ interest and makes them want to learn more about the brand.
  32. 32. 3 2 Storytelling for format WEB DOCUMENTARY Designed to be interactive and combining different types of content: texts, pictures, videos, animations, etc. the web documentary has quickly become one of the most widespread formats for digital annual reports. With an increasing preference for rich content, it is the most complete format offering an engaging and interactive user experience. 32 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  33. 33. 3 3 33 In order to offer a high value-added experience to its users, CapGemini decided to design its annual report in the form of a web documentary, integrating video, data-visualisation, text and pictures. On an entire scroll page, the reader has easy access to all content and can use the menu on the right to find the content they seek quickly and easily.
  34. 34. 3 4 Storytelling for format COMIC STRIP The illustration is used to convey messages that appeal to emotion, messages which reinforce the creativity and personality of a brand. The comic strip, or graphic novel, is a style that is still underused by brands in annual activity reports. However, it is one of the simplest ways of telling a story. 34 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  35. 35. 3 5 35 In its 2014 report, Audi offers users a disruptive experience. To extend the story that was shared in a TV advert, an Audi second-hand car tells its story from its own perspective, all with illustrations. The objective is to enhance the quality of service of its second-hand car centre in Munich, hence the title of the section "All according to plan".
  36. 36. 3 6 As we have seen through these examples, storytelling can be diffused in a multitude of formats, always emphasising emotion and proximity over impersonal and institutional discourse. In recent years, the number of different formats has increased, but the objective remains the same: to keep the user alert and to offer them an ever richer experience. 36 AND MANY MORE… 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  38. 38. 3 8 Scroll, a new way of navigating… 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE Inspired by social media and influenced by mobile, Scroll has introduced new habits of navigation and content consumption and, consequently, new graphic codes. 38
  39. 39. 3 9 A trend that is particularly well adapted to digital annual reports 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE / In recent years, Scroll has developed on a large number of websites. / Advertisers have succumbed to this trend for their annual reports. / One page websites make the annual report more attractive to the eye, the content is simplifed and much more visual. / With each scroll, the user triggers the display of new information: pictures, texts, videos, data visualisation, that they can consume at their will. Thus, they have the impression of writing the history of the brand themselves. 39
  40. 40. 4 0 40 The 2015 annual report of MailChimp is all scroll. With each scroll, a new background picture displays, the watermark number is updated and the information corresponding to the numbers is short and striking. MailChimp's annual report is a good example of the "less is more" principle: with few elements and very little content, MailChimp has managed to create a colourful, playful user experience.
  41. 41. 4 1 41 General Electric's 2015 annual report is also all scroll. On a single page and with each scroll, the user is immersed in different universes: each scroll brings up a new section. The user never gets lost: the left side progress bar, which is also clickable, gives them indications of their location on the page and the fixed menu burger allows the user to go from one section to another without having to scroll.
  42. 42. 4 2 42 Danone's annual report was also designed as a long scrolling website. The originality of this page lies in the progress bar which is not in fact a bar but a circle which evolves clockwise with the scroll, and which also recalls the circle which can be found in the Danone logo. Again, the user is never lost: they always know where they are, thanks to this progress bar which also serves as a menu. durable/rapportannuel2015/
  44. 44. 4 4 Snack content, a new way of crunching content… 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE For a quick reading of a company's news and strategy, the snack content approach is being increasingly widely applied: it offers short information that is easy to understand and various formats that can be easily consumed to meet new needs: consume information anytime, anywhere, quickly, in one go.. 44
  45. 45. 4 5 Snack content, yes, but as an appetiser… 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE / Nevertheless, snack content, as part of the design of an annual report, should only serve as an appetiser with catchy headlines, powerful pictures, etc. / The objective is to encourage the user to learn more about the brand. / Advertisers have integrated this technique rather well by introducing short texts, rich media, compelling content, and funny GIFs to awaken the curiosity of Internet users who then have the possibility to consume more content by simply clicking on the highlighted call to actions. 45
  46. 46. 4 6 46 In its digital annual report, the PSA Groupe practices content snacking on all its category pages. Through a powerful quote and an impactful visual that does not take too long to be consumed, the company arouses the curiosity of the Internet user who can click on the call to action “Find out more" to read more complete content with more text.
  47. 47. 4 7 47 Already cited as an example for its annual report all in scroll, MailChimp is also one of the key players who fully integrated the snack content approach when designing its annual report. The company offers users short, easily consumable content, and if users want to learn more they can click on the links.
  48. 48. 4 8 48 Scroll and snack content often go hand in hand, which seems quite logical: on a scroll page, the user expects little other than relevant text content. This is indeed the case again in General Electric's annual report: the text content published by the advertiser is short and impactful while the visuals are immersive and the infographics relevant, whilst presenting minimal information. The user can easily consume this content in one go between meetings.
  50. 50. 5 0 Rich media, narration through images… VISUAL IMMERSION The digital annual report capitalises on immersion with full-screen pictures and HD videos. Video has become THE medium of choice for annual reports. It makes the report a real immersive experience while enhancing the company's activity and illustrating its vision. It has also become a very good way to give the CEO the floor and create more proximity and personality. 50 DATA-VISUALISATION & INFOGRAPHICS The digital report also focuses on the animation of data and the staging of figures. Through data visualisation and infographics, data-type content becomes attractive due to its interactivity and the more playful presentation. This technique makes it possible to make attractive content that is generally of interest only to experts. 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  51. 51. 5 1 Two approaches that work hand-in-hand 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE The majority of advertisers who have taken the plunge and designed a digital annual report have clearly understood the benefit of proposing an immersive experience, with videos, aspirational photos and a playful, interactive experience with infographics and data visualisation. 51
  52. 52. 5 2 52 Caisse des Dépôts has seized the opportunityoffered by the digital for its 2015 annual report. using different types of rich media content: / Immersive full-screen pictures, / Videos and motion design, / Infographics. The public group has been able to offer a rich and interactive user experience. port-activite/
  53. 53. 5 3 53 Airbus group went one step further by proposing a truly digital experience. The group proposes a journey into innovation, creating a 3D production which gives the project an immersive dimension. All the ingredients are combined to offer a unique and enriching user experience: real visual and sound immersion, videos, images and infographics, all in an optimised ecosystem that facilitates navigation and information retrieval.
  54. 54. 5 4 54 In 2014, Air Liquide released a "full video" report to make the user experience all the more interesting and interactive. The videos, in particular those of the governance, create more proximity and give more personality to the report. The use of videos and visuals in full screen reinforces the immersive qualities of the video.
  55. 55. 5 5 55 In 2016, LVMH Group offered an unprecedented, disruptive version of its annual report. Through a video, or rather, the eye of a camera in motion control, LVMH disclosed photos from the past year. The introductory video to the annual report shows the making-of video, and the device then gives access to the content in different formats (videos, photos, texts) from the wall with clickable photographs. documents/actualites/rapport-annuel-digital/
  56. 56. 5 6 Whether it is ergonomics, editorial choices or graphic design, digital annual reports must first and foremost be designed in a user-centric manner to build the readers' desire to learn more about the company. 56 TO SUMMARISE… 02 / A RENEWAL OF THE GENRE
  58. 58. 5 8 The digital annual report enables you to convey an innovative image of the company, to multiply the reading materials, to respond to different usage requirements and is also more accessible and engaging. Still not convinced?
  60. 60. 6 0 When well designed and implemented, the digital annual report offers a better user experience that goes well beyond the linear user experience of annual paper reports.
  61. 61. 6 1 Optimise UX 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT SIMPLIFIED NAVIGATION / Unlike the paper version, the digital annual report allows the user to navigate at their ease, provided that the information architecture and the ergonomics of the interface have been correctly thought out from the start. / The digital annual report also offers "navigation components" such as the burger menu and progression and guidance systems which also provide more direct access to the types of content sought by the user. / All these elements ensure an optimal user experience that a paper version of the annual report can not offer. 61
  62. 62. 6 2 Optimise UX 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT 62
  64. 64. 6 4 Digital has the advantage of enabling the development of a real communication strategy and visibility alongside the publication of the annual report to distribute it to a larger audience…
  65. 65. 6 5 Gain visibility 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT ON SOCIAL MEDIA / The extended target audience of the annual report (shareholders, employees, customers, PR, etc.) is present on social networks. / Many brands are already promoting their annual report on social networks at the time of its release: Twitter is the network favoured by advertisers to discuss the annual report. / Today, this publicity consists of aa simple link to the digital version but other means are possible: content snacking is an approach that lends itself well to social media. 65
  66. 66. 6 6 66
  67. 67. 6 7 Gain visibility 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT ON SEARCH ENGINES / The digital annual report will promote the presence of the brand on digital platforms and thus maximises visibility, especially on search engines, by positioning the report with relevant keywords. 67 / Depending on the brand, some prefer to dedicate a domain name to their annual report, whereas others will instead host the annual report on a subdomain to maximise the weight of the main domain name. / Some brands, such as Audi, Air Liquide, etc. capitalise on their annual reports: the most recent report does not replace the previous one, they all remain online to strengthen the weight of the brand in the search engines: / / ...
  68. 68. 6 8 68 6th position from 223, 000 results6th position from 56,400 results
  69. 69. 6 9 Gain visibility 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT BY MAKING USE OF ALL AVAILABLE TOOLS / Internal and external newsletters / E-RP / Corporate websites: showcase through banners, online push or custom pages, etc. … are all broadcast channels available to advertisers to discuss and publicise their annual report. To go even further, advertisers could send an email to their email database by segmenting by user profile (shareholders, collaborators, journalists, etc.) and providing direct access to the sections that interest them. 69
  70. 70. 7 0 70
  72. 72. 7 2 Showcase a dynamic brand image 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT INNOVATION AND DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION / The digital annual report demonstrates the willingness of companies to take new steps in their digital transformation. / The latter represents an unavoidable issue…what better way to prove their digital astuteness than through an innovative global digital medium presenting the strategy of the company? / By offering further sophisticated, dynamic, easy-to-read, connected digital content, the brand is positioning itself as an innovative and ambitious company. 72
  74. 74. 7 4 Generate statistics 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT KEY PERFORMANCE INDICATORS / Unlike the paper version of the annual report, the digital version has the advantage of being tagged. The brand can then collect statistics on the performance of the digital report:  Which sections and contents are most consulted?  Which sections do users spend the most time on?  Etc. 74 / All these performance indicators allow us to analyse the paths of the users on the site depending on the source, profiles, etc. and to be able to re-adjust the following year to provide an even more engaging and useful report. / Eventually, statistics will help answer the following question: Does the report meet the needs of readers?
  76. 76. 7 6 A horizontal budget distribution 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT CREATION AND PRINTING / The heavy, monotonous paper report with no page formatting has given way to a more beautifully orchestrated annual report, where narration, creation and manufacturing are more carefully crafted. / Making the annual report in print with bold manufacturing (quality paper, shaping, container, etc.) is a considerable cost. / Depending on the number of copies to be printed, this cost can be substantial and should be compared with the actual extent to which the report is being read / The cost of a digital annual report does not change depending on the number of Internet users who read it. 76
  77. 77. 7 7 Digital report vs. Paper report 03 / DIGITAL SERVING THE ANNUAL REPORT 77 €- €10 000,00 €20 000,00 €30 000,00 €40 000,00 €50 000,00 €60 000,00 €70 000,00 0 300 600 900 1200 1500 1800 2100 2400 2700 3000 3300 3600 3900 4200 4500 4800 5100 5400 5700 6000 6300 6600 6900 7200 7500 7800 8100 8400 8700 9000 9300 9600 9900 Number of targeted readersPaper Digital The initial cost of creating the paper report may well be less than the cost of the digital report. The cost of manufacturing and therefore the overall budget nevertheless increases in a linear fashion depending on the number of readers targeted (and therefore the number of print copies required). In contrast, for the digital annual report the distribution of the budget is almost horizontal: the cost remains the same regardless of the number of readers. Cost
  79. 79. 7 9 Even more innovative approaches 04 / MOVING TOWARDS FURTHER INNOVATION With new information consumption habits and tech innovations, even more innovative annual report formats are emerging. These new formats enable the company’s message to be conveyed more dynamically and to a wider but less expert readership. 79
  81. 81. 8 1 Instagram as new medium for annual reports 04 / MOVING TOWARDS FURTHER INNOVATION The social network Instagram, which has established itself as the reference application for photo sharing, is a medium that lends itself particularly well to brands who wish to highlight their initiatives through photos that will convey their image and values. 81
  82. 82. 8 2 82 Nexity chose to publish its 2015 annual report on Instagram in order to confirm the prominence of innovation in the brand's DNA. The aim was to highlight Nexity's innovative projects. These are projects which demonstrate a strong vision and a clear ambition: to prepare today the city of tomorrow (hanging gardens, new applications, connected home, etc.)
  83. 83. 8 3 83
  84. 84. 8 4 84 Elior group also launched its activity report via Instagram and promoted it on social networks, before the publication of its printed version. Elior Group has thus innovated on the format of the report by offering a report in images and hashtags of customer experiences #TimeSavored, as seen by six influencers. The group gave six Instagramers the carte blanche to share their vision of six of the group’s catering facilities from around the world.
  85. 85. 8 5 85
  87. 87. 8 7 Augmented reality 04 / MOVING TOWARDS FURTHER INNOVATION Brands have tried augmented reality in a variety of areas and have applied it to many uses: commercial applications, street marketing actions, training in industry, etc. One key player has decided to engage its investors by integrating augmented reality in its paper report. 87
  88. 88. 8 8 88 Trigger Image Hexagon Solutions, specialist in high-tech design, measurement and visualisation solutions, added a video interview with the CEO, illustrated with 3D animated graphics, in its annual report in order to engage investors. The company used a page of its printed annual report to trigger the augmented reality video inspired by the movie "Minority Report". The result of the video is a series of very sophisticated animated models that creates a real visual interest.
  89. 89. 8 9 89
  91. 91. 9 1 Gamification 04 / MOVING TOWARDS FURTHER INNOVATION In order to make the reading of the annual report more playful and to communicate a dynamic image to the broader target audience, some advertisers have actively integrated techniques inspired by the gaming world. Far from being reserved solely for gamers, gamification makes it possible to bring dynamism to the brand discourse. 91
  92. 92. 9 2 92 Given its place in the business sector, it was not surprising that the PMU launched a small game mechanic to introduce each section of its report. The user must first respond to a funny multiple choice quiz with word games in order to be able to access the contents of the different sections. This makes it possible to engage users in the reading of the annual report and brings a touch of originality.
  93. 93. 9 3 93 Warby Parker, before providing the link to its own annual report, offers users the opportunity to produce their own annual report, personalised depending on the answers they gave to some questions that were asked beforehand. This type of mechanic offers a fun and unique experience for Internet users. This makes it much easier for them to engage with the content delivered by the brand.
  94. 94. 9 4 94 For its 2013 annual report, the online video platform Vimeo, wanted to create a playful universe. Each small cell corresponds to a date and an event. Different formats of information are available: GIFs, videos, Instagram photos, links that redirect to the blog. The brand wanted to gamify access to its contents in order to boost the search for information and increase users accessing the brand’s content.
  95. 95. 9 5 Jérémy Coxet DIRECTEUR ASSOCIE mail : tél : +352 691 501 411 Xavier Lesueur CEO & FOUNDER mail : tél : +352 48 90 90 110 Lionel Constantini DIRECTEUR ASSOCIE mail : tél : +352 48 90 90 239 THANK YOU for your time, do not hesitate to get in touch with us!