Randi Zuckerberg introduced by Nils Cleworth@Vanksen


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  • Good morning everybodyWelcome to this second day of ICT spring conference cycle.This morning is very special and I would say especially for us at Vanksen (for those who don’t know us, we’re a communication agency BASED IN Luxembourg very active on digitalization and social media strategies).We are proud and really excited to welcome one of those key actors who led a real revolution in the 10 last years in our way to socialize & communicate. I will not bother you in explaining what social media is about but you have to know how it deeply changed relationship between individuals but also, and that is what interests us today, between Companies & their customers and employees. To make it clearer we moved from this: [CLIC]
  • To this… [CLIC]
  • To illustrate what I’m saying in another way and to introduce our morning celebrity speaker, Randy Zuckerberg, I just used this revolution to get to know her better… In the old days you had this solution… [CLIC]
  • White pages or basically by gettingher business card…This was disappointing… There is really nothing there! [CLIC]
  • But a supersolution appeared and its name was Google ! [CLIC]
  • So I looked on Google [CLIC] 
  • And there, on your personal homepage, OK, I found articles from the traditional press… Well OK, it’s normal, she’s a quite a famous person !But as you can see, Social media took the power! [CLIC]
  • So up to you, what’s the best way I could use to tell you more about this social media guru ?SOCIAL MEDIA OF COURSE !!!!I nowcan know everything about Randi…Whatshe looks like (wenever met before)… [CLIC]
  • I can also know more about her family… [CLIC]
  • I know she has a brother (I’m sure you eared about the guy…) and 2 sisters, Donna & Arielle…She’s got a little boy called Asher, and her husband is named Brent (he also works in the tech industry in Palo Alto)I know they live inPalo Alto, California [CLIC]
  • But she studied on the east cost, at Harvard, Boston[CLIC]
  • She studied PsychologyAfter graduating, she worked as a panelist for the business analysis program “Forbes on Fox” [CLIC]
  • She then ran the marketing of a little geek company…Facebook (you may know?) [CLIC]
  • She’s an involved and impassioned women… [CLIC]
  • She advocates the abolishment of anonymity on the InternetAnd through her new company “R to Z Studios” promote active mums in a show called “Mom Up” [CLIC]
  • I can even tell you where she was around last days… [CLIC]
  • She was…In Phoenix in JanuaryIn Oman in AprilIn Japan in MayIn Paris yesterday…DO YOU NOW GET IT ABOUT THE POWER I’M TALKING ABOUT?Social media IS a revolution, it changes our way to convey the information but I will now let someone better talk about it… [CLIC]
  • Rankedamong the 50 "Digital Power Players" in 2010…She’s with us today in Luxembourg, please warmly welcome our speaker on the theme of “Be Bold By Leveraging Social Media”RANDI ZUCKERBERG [CLIC]
  • Randi Zuckerberg introduced by Nils Cleworth@Vanksen

    1. 1. Presents…
    2. 2. 68 % of users talk abouttheir TV program after watching…
    3. 3. “Oh my god! Howcould I get to knowmore about Randi?”
    4. 4. Social Media The press
    5. 5. Brother (Mark) Sisters (Donna & Arielle)
    6. 6. Ranked among the 50 "Digital Power Players" in 2010…
    7. 7. Presents… Randi Zuckerberg “Be Bold By Leveraging Social Media”