Horror questionnaire results and analysis


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Horror questionnaire results and analysis

  1. 1. Vanisha Sumboo1. I gave my questionnaire to an What gender are you?equal number of male andfemales. This is to make thequestionnaire equal withregards to gender and give abalanced response from bothmales and females. 50% 50% Male Female2. 45% of the people asked What age are you?were aged between 18-20, and 15-17 18-20 21-23 24+30% were aged 15-17. Themain target audience for horror 15%films is teenagers as the 10%certificate is usually a 15 or 18.This is why the majority ofpeople whom I chose to askwere 18-20 as they are the main 30%target audience. When making 45%our trailer, we should make theage rating 18 as this woulddenote that it is a horror film,though a 15 certificate wouldalso be practical as many 15year olds also watch horrorfilms. What occupation do you3. 64% were students with have?regards to occupation, whilst18% held a teaching position. Iasked teachers as they have 64% Studentdifferent ages, so that different Retail Workerviews could be taken into Teaching positionaccount. As the majority askedwere students, this was 7% Admin Workerbecause they are teenagers Other 7%who could provide reliable 4% 18%answers with regards to thishorror questionnaire.
  2. 2. Vanisha SumbooDo you watch horror films? 4. 90% of people watch horror films compare to only 10% who dont. This shows that the horror genre is one that is 10% very popular amongst society, as it provides entertainment of a world beyond our imaginations. Also it shows that some of the older people watch horror films and Yes not just the younger generation. Though 90% No the majority of people who normally watch horror films are teenagers, it shows that there are no boundaries with regards to age, and that horror is one of which attracts a wider audience, including adults. How often do you watch 5. No one specified that they watch horror films daily or weekly. This could be horror films? because people have many 0% 0% commitments which are far more important than these types of films. However 55% watch them monthly, and 45% 45% watch them yearly. This shows that Daily55% though they are not viewed very often, Weekly people do make time for them as and Monthly when they come, thus showing that Yearly horror films are still very relevant in modern society and that people do watch them. What is your favourite horror film and why? 6. I made this an open question so that I could see different responses which would enable me to gain a better idea of the type of horror that people like. Many different horror films came up, with the main favourite horror films being Saw, Scream, The Grudge and The Ring. Saw is mainly a slasher horror film that mainly depicts of a group of teenagers being brought to their deaths, in a very sadistic and torturous way. This however has produced many sequels with an inconsequential outcome, other than teenagers dying. This suggests that the audience enjoy watching people in pain and being killed for the fun of it. If we were to use the slasher genre, then in our trailer we should include elements of blood, and the impression of teenagers being killed. Scream and The Ring are psychological horror films, especially The Ring. A tense atmosphere is built up throughout the whole film, with moments where the characters are being killed. These may have been popular favourites as it keeps the audience on edge for a very long time, which incites horror when it is least suspected. It may be the prolonging of events that provokes the horror, which make them very effective in scaring the viewers.
  3. 3. Vanisha SumbooFrom these responses, it may be more suitable if we made our idea and trailersimilar to psychological or slasher films as this is the type of films that usuallygenerate a positive reaction in being the favourites.7. The horror genre contains sub-genreswhich portray a particular type of horror. What type of horror genre do30% of the people asked preferred you most prefer?psychological films, with 27% preferringsupernatural. These two particular sub-genres could have the highest 17%percentage for the reason being that 30% 6% Psychologicalthese horror films tend to be quite tense,and provoke fear of the unknown very Supernaturaleffectively. Psychological films usually 20% Slasherare quite slow in pace which provokes a 27% Hammervery edgy atmosphere, making them Gorepopular as it does the job of scaringpeople. Similarly, supernatural horrorfilms do the same, as they play on thefear of the unknown, which cannot beexplained, therefore frightening the audience due to not knowing what existence isthe cause of events happening.8. I wanted to get an idea of the type of villain that people most like as it would giveme an insight to the certain character traits that make a villain quite popular. Popularvillains were Freddy Krueger and Mike Myers. Mike Myers has been defined asbeing pure evil, with no remorse or feelings. Later films uncover his past, butultimately the focus is on his never ending killing spree for no apparent reason.Freddy Krueger represents a character trapped between the real world and thedream world whereby he is characterised by various feelings which represent therevenge he wishes to enact. However as well as later films revealing a troubled past,the focus is again on endless killings.Therefore it suggests that a successful villain can either be portrayed as being pureevil, or with a very troubling background that can be a very small problem developedto the extreme in order to cause ruthless and senseless events in the future.9. 82% said that they would prefer thevillain to be male, with 18% preferring Do you prefer the villain tothat the villain be female. This may be be male or female?because males generally can harboursuch intense feelings of revengetowards a person, therefore having the 18%motive to want to kill, as usually the Malevillain wants to take revenge onpeople. For the 18% who preferred Femafemales this could be because it would lebe unexpected for a woman to be a 82%villain, as women stereotypically areseen as calm and innocent humanbeings.
  4. 4. Vanisha SumbooTherefore we can assume that it would be better for us to have the villain as a maleas this is the most preferred gender. If we were to make the villain as female,although not many people would prefer this choice, it could still be quite effective asit would be unexpected thus taking the viewer by surprise. 10. 72% preferred the villain to Do you prefer the villain to survive. This shows that people survive or die? prefer it when the villain lives, which could be due to the film in showing that it would be 28% Survive impossible for the villain to live, when in fact he or she does. It Die would incite questions of how they could have lived, and also 72% provide an opportunity for sequels or trilogies in order for this to be answered. 28% would have like the villain to die, maybe as keeping the villain alive could be pointless as to go through so much turmoil in thefilm, to then being able to survive even if it looks like they have been defeated.Therefore, although in our trailer we would not actually show this idea, in ourtreatment the villain would most probably survive due to the majority preferring this tohappen. Would you rather the hero 11. 67% of the people be male or female? questioned preferred it if the hero was female. The reason for this could be because horror Male films generally focus on a 32% Female woman enduring a course of turmoil and experiencing someone elses wrath. This is 68% seen through many horror films such as Drag Me To Hell, Scream, Halloween, Friday 13th and I Know What You Did Last Summer. 33% preferred the hero to be male, which could be because males stereotypicallyprotects others and have such masculinity which would make them seem the perfectperson as a hero, though it could provoke less sympathy as it is a male whostereotypically should be seen as strong and not weak. Whereas with females theaudience can sympathize with her during her ordeal, and hope that she survivesthrough it. For this reason, we would have the hero or main character as female asthis is one the main conventions that horrors films tend to have. Also it would relateto “The Final Girl”, a stereotypical character seen in horror films.
  5. 5. Vanisha Sumboo Do you prefer the hero to survive or die? 13% Survive Die 87%12. 88% would prefer the hero to survive, as it could be boring for all the charactersto have died without someone living through it to tell the tale. When a charactersurvives it also incites the opportunity for sequels and further productions of the film,as it could show the continuation of where they are and what has happened to themsince the original film. It also provokes another wave of events as he or she would beat the hands of another (or same) villain. 12% would like the hero to die, which couldbe because this percentage may be known as sadistic, whom associate with the filmmore when the villain inflicts pain on their victim. Therefore they may believe that itwould be more effective if the victim dies, as the villain would have enacted theirrevenge which they believe is purposefully led and have succeeded in doing so.We may not want to reveal if the hero survives or die in our trailer as this would begiving away the ending. So we may choose to include this in our media treatment,but exclude this in our trailer. What weapon do you most like to see used in horror films? 7% 12% 44% Knife Hammer 21% Rope Chainsaw 16% Other13. 44% of people preferred the use of knife, as this is the most commonly usedweapon in horror films which would make sense in being the most popular. A knifecan signify death as it is used to kill people when in the horror genre. Therefore weshould use a knife (or a pretend one) in our trailer as it would connote theconventions of horror and make the audience aware that it is a horror film. If we areunable to show this in out trailer, then we can still use it in our treatment. The secondmost popular was the use of a rope with 21% preferring this choice. This could bebecause a rope can be used in showing a painful death. Also when the victim ishanging from a rope, it provokes fear for the characters as usually the victim is deadand covered in dripping blood. Therefore in our idea and trailer we should aim to useand show a knife and rope. It may be hard to show someone hanging from it, whichin this instance we should try to create the impression that there is someone that hasbeen hanged.
  6. 6. Vanisha Sumboo14. 32% preferred a desertedlocation, as this would be the ideal What location do you likeplace for the characters to come better in horror films?into contact with a villain. Also theywould be isolated from everyoneelse, which is why this may be the 9% 16% Schoolfavourite place as a lot of horrorcan happen. 24% liked the location 32% Haunted 19% Houseof the woods, as it can give a Woodscreepy and tense atmosphere ashorror usually take place at night 24% Desertedand so the place of the woods Locationcould add to the horror in beingvery disturbing. 19% preferred ahaunted house, and 16% preferreda school. A haunted house, whilstalso being a perfect place where horror can happen, can be seen as being a bit tootypical for us to use as compared to the other locations it may not be too appealingas the audience would not be able to relate to it as they would do so with a school orthe woods.From these results, depending on what our idea will be, we may choose to use thewoods as the location and not a deserted location as this would be too difficult for usto find. Similarly we may use a school as this would be convenient for us as it wouldbe easier to film in and easier to access.15. I asked this question as I wantedto see what people thought makes a What elements do you thinkhorror film successful, which would make a horror film mostthen enable me to include some of theelements in our own idea and trailer. successful?34% liked the use of supernatural Childrenexistence in horror films, however 28%although this element is very effective, 38% Teenagersit would be quite difficult for us to film Psychosthis due to our resources that we are 19%limited to. 26% liked children to be 15%used, which could be due to thembeing innocent and to then use themin horror films changes ourconnotations and expectations ofthem. This as well as being a goodidea, it would also be slightly difficult for us to use as we would need to gain parents’permission, and would most likely be filming after school hours which could bedifficult to arrange for the child. 18% thought teenagers would be a good element,and 14% thought psychos would be good.From these responses we would most likely use teenagers, and maybe dependingon our final idea, have one of them as a psycho for the villain as this would fit in withconventions and also attract the intended audience of teenagers.
  7. 7. Vanisha SumbooIn your opinion what makes horror films unsuccessful?16. I wanted to see what people thought didn’t make a good horror film as then Iwould be able to take those elements into account, and eliminate them from when itcame to choosing our own idea and making our trailer. There were differentresponses to this question. Some people said they didn’t like it when it took a whilefor the main events to happen as they felt it was boring, so when it did happen theydidn’t feel that scared. From this response, we could potentially produce either aslasher or psychological horror trailer.Slasher films usually have a lot of action happening quite quickly, which is prolongedthroughout the film. Therefore the audience wouldn’t be able to be at ease for a longtime as the main events would be already taking place and thus they wouldn’t feel sobored. However a psychological idea would also be effective, as although the mainevents do not explicitly happen straight away, the build up to it can be very tense andjumpy which would keep the audience on edge as an uneasy atmosphere. Thereforeeither of these two subgenres would be effective in making sure the audiencewouldn’t feel so bored during the film.Others said that when there are too many sequels, it ruins the whole original ideathat was made as usually the originals are always the best. This can be said to betrue for films such as the Saw and Nightmare on Elms Street series as the first filmwas predominantly the best one. Further sequels can ultimately ruin the image of thefirst film, therefore it would be better for us to only have a stand alone or one sequelso as not to risk ruining the initial film. 17. I asked this question so that What makes you watch when it comes to making our trailer, I would know if it is horror films? appropriate in advertising a new horror film, as if not many people are interested in horror trailers, 10% 32% Trailers then it wouldn’t be a good way to 18% Word of Mouth promote a new horror film. However, the majority of people Reviews (31%) said that trailers did in fact 5% Internet make them want to watch horror 7% 28% Advertisements films. With 29% saying that the internet is what makes them watch Other the film, it has given me an idea that we could once completing our trailer, advertise or promote it on websites such as Facebook orYouTube which would then attract interest as the internet is a means ofcommunicating new productions and is the tool that teenagers being our targetaudience, mainly use.
  8. 8. Vanisha Sumboo18. I asked this question for distributionpurposes so that I would be able to gain How do you view horrorinsight to how currently people tend to films?watch horror films which would help mein deciding how to show and promote the Cinema 8%trailer and film. 39% said they view the 21% 39%films in cinema, which would be quite DVDcommon as people (of all ages) can gowith their friends and family to see films. Download on the 32% InternetWith horror films, mainly teenagers go towatch them with their friends.Therefore we should include a noticesomewhere in our trailer that it isavailable to watch in cinemas from theopening date.32% said they watch horror films on DVD, which would suggest could that they do ordon’t go into cinemas to view horror films. Either way it shows that DVDs are still asuitable format that horror films can be distributed on, even if they do not make it tocinema screenings as people still buy DVDs. 21% said they download the horrorfilms by the internet. This is a faster way to viewing them, as technology hasadvanced and more people are using the internet. However this would mean thatless people would go to the cinemas if they can just download the film on theinternet. From these responses, if we were to distribute our media product, I wouldadvertise the trailer online, and try to place restrictions on the film being uploaded onthe internet.19. I asked this question so that it When you view horror trailers do youwould help us when making our trailer prefer them to leave you guesing or tellin deciding how much we should the whole story?show within the time of 2mins-2:30mins.The majority (73%)preferred that the trailer would leave 27%them guessing. This percentage isquite high which could be because if Leave youthe trailer reveals too much then less 73% guessingpeople may want to go and watch the Sell the wholefilm if they have already seen all of storythe main parts from the trailer whichcould make it less exciting if theywere to watch the film. 27% wouldrather that the trailer sells them thewhole story, which might be because it makes it more interesting and appealing thatthey gain a better idea about what the film entails, so then they can decide whetheror not they feel it is worth to go and watch it.From the percentage given, it would make sense that we should construct our trailerin a way that it leaves the audience wanting more and leaves them guessing aboutwhat exactly happens. This way we would attract the audience successfully ingaining their attention.
  9. 9. Vanisha Sumboo 20. I asked this question to get an Do you prefer horror films insight to whether people like to see to be... continuations of horror films, which when producing a film one would be able to decide whether the film calls 6% for a sequel or further productions. 9% 34% Stand Alone Half of the people asked (51%) preferred horror films to have sequels. Sequel This may be because usually horror 51% Trilogy films end on cliff hangers where the Franchise villain though thought to have died, actually survives and manages to seemingly kill the last survivor. Therefore sequels are quite popular as it can answer what happened to certain characters in the original film and continue the story. 34% preferred the horror films to be stand alone, which is only one produced. This could be because it may get too boring if many sequels were made as usually the original is always the best. This is compared to the minority who like trilogies (9%) and Franchise (6%), suggests to me that if we were to make the horror film, it would be better to have a sequel or a stand alone as this is what most people preferred. 21. I asked this question as usually If the horror film was based on a horror films are based at a certain particular occasion, which would you occasion where there are many prefer it to be? people, or a small group of people. I wanted to find out which event people 13% most like as then for our horror idea, 9% 36% Halloween we could base it at that time. 36% Friday 13th preferred Halloween, as this could20% Road Trip provoke all kinds of horror such as the supernatural or psycho killers. Taking 22% School Trip this into account however, it may be a Other bit difficult to set the scene that it is Halloween as we would need many different props such as masks, and pumpkins to portray this, so it may prove to be too costly. Similarly 20% favoured a road trip, and 22% liked Friday 13th. Friday 13th would be the straightforward to use as any idea can be formed, and used with this date as it signifies bad luck and when conjoined with horror it can signify evil. Therefore from this, it would be better for us to base our horror idea on this particular date as then it could incite the horror to come.