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  • Nasscom nov 11

    1. 1. NASSCOM Product Conclave Nov 2010
    2. 2. Report Overview • Keywords tracked: “NASSCOM Product Conclave” • Time period: Nov 2010 • Results overview – Most mentioned were EMERGE “top 8” showcase and opening keynote sessions – Top mentioned keywords – Cloud, startup, customer validation – Pickup was highest on Twitter (4372 on Nov 10th ), followed by main stream news, blogs and facebook mentions – Among sessions UID, Rashmi Bansal and Opening keynote by Som and Sharad recorded highest mentions
    3. 3. Twitter showed a huge jump in product conclave mentions, topping during the keynote & UID, Media mentions were about growth in software industry exports
    4. 4. Mentions about attending product conclave kicked of in the morning, with Expo doing well before lunch, followed by the sessions in the afternoon
    5. 5. Among mentions of key people, Som and Sharad topped mentions followed by Vivek and M R
    6. 6. Mentions were most positive for Keynote speech followed by UID session and Rashmi Bansal, especially on Twitter Total number of mentions = 1028
    7. 7. Steel Wheels are getting a lot of attention with the locations and new openings of steel wheel showrooms
    8. 8. Overall sentiment topped positive in the evening (EMERGE showcase) and was very positive at keynote
    9. 9. Among qualified mentions (783) Nokia was most popular device of sending feedback, followed by web and then Blackberry devices
    10. 10. Mentions by age show tremendous repeat mentions by <35 age demographic, followed by most unique mentions among 35-45
    11. 11. Mentions were overwhelmingly by men, except during Rashmi Bansal’s session & UID
    12. 12. Tag cloud shows mention trend was about product exports, optimism on the conference overall and big focus on Lean startups Cloud computing Azure Exports product startups entrepreneurship Optimism wifi Som Mittal keynote UID Lean startup Obama Plan B Obopay Lunch Rashmi CIO $1.64 Billion
    13. 13. Among unique views by website, Twitter topped, followed by WATBlog and NASSCOM Emerge blog
    14. 14. Mentions about organization and sound / AC got the most positive mentions, followed by Venue Total relevant mentions = 744
    15. 15. More time for Q&A was the most requested topic, with many mentions about some pitches being too long Total relevant mentions = 609
    16. 16. Key mentions
    17. 17. Key mentions
    18. 18. Key mentions
    19. 19. Key mentions
    20. 20. Vangal Context. Correlation. Causation.