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Community Conversation July 9 slideshow

No Towers No Compromise

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Community Conversation July 9 slideshow

  1. 1. Our recent victories… TONY QUEYLIN and ARNETTE SCOTT Plaintiffs and Neighborhood Leaders
  2. 2. Intro OUR SITUATION :(
  3. 3. Possible Outcomes... MICHAEL PERLES, DSA Lower Manhattan Housing Group
  4. 4. Outcome 1: Towers are approved
  5. 5. 247 Cherry St. (on top of senior housing) 259 Clinton St.
  6. 6. 260 South Street
  7. 7. Outcome 2: CPC Issue Findings Adi Talwar
  8. 8. Outcome 3: ULURP Diagram Courtesy of the Center for Urban Pedagogy (CUP)
  9. 9. Next Steps... ZISHUN NING, Chinese Staff and Workers Assoc. STEPH KRANES, NMASS, Youth Against Displacement
  10. 10. Call on the City: Stop the Luxury Towers, Pass Full CWG Plan! Coalition to Protect Chinatown and LES As a member of the LES-Chinatown community, I call on Mayor de Blasio and Council Speaker Corey Johnson to: 1. STOP the four illegal luxury mega-towers that the City approved to build in Two Bridges: these towers will destroy the affordability and character of the Lower East Side and Chinatown communities. They will raise rents, cause displacement of working people and small businesses, overburden our infrastructure, pollute our environment and harm our health. 2. PASS the FULL Chinatown Working Group Rezoning Plan (CWG), a community-led plan to protect residents, workers and small businesses in Chinatown and LES from displacement. The CWG Plan prevents out-of-scale development through height limits, and requires new housing to be truly affordable to our community of working people. By passing the CWG Plan, we will protect our whole community from displacement for generations to come. YOUR SIGNATURE
  11. 11. Our Demands: Stop the Towers + Pass the full CWG plan
  12. 12. JOIN US!
  13. 13. IDEAS FOR HOW YOU CAN HELP: ➔ Sign and share the petition ➔ Flyer in your building or in small businesses in your neighborhood ➔ Join us for tabling and outreach ➔ Reach out to us with your feedback/questions We would love to hear your ideas!
  14. 14. Contact us: (212) 358-0295 Many thanks to our presenters: Tony Queylin, Arnette Scott, Michael Perles, Steph Kranes, Zishun Ning
  15. 15. Thank you for coming, join us! (link to presentation)