NFC Technology and Event Ticketing


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The use of NFC technology for Event ticketing.

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  • Sandro Botechelli
  • The possibilities for using NFC are nearly limitless: The potent attraction of touch less transactions wil help weave the NFC technology into the fabric of our daily lives.
  • NFC Technology and Event Ticketing

    1. 1. Near Field Communication and Ticnet - The birth of a new technology Relax! I’ve already fixed it! Shouldn’t you be in line for the Van Halen concert tickets?
    2. 2. Agenda - What is Near Field Communication? - What kind of service does NFC offer? - Brief Roll-Out - The service package - The Business model - Commercialization - End-user value
    3. 3. - What is Near Field Communication?
    4. 4. What is Near Field Communication? Target markets: - Transportation - Financial services - Retail - Health Care - Travel and Entertainment - Consumer Electronics - Facility Entrance
    5. 5. - What kind of service does NFC offer?
    6. 6. Roll Out Strategy
    7. 7. The Tools Function Benefit to Service/Content Providers (Ticnet) Retail Marketing Promotions, coupons, enhanced & interactive advertising Better targeted advertising; increased consumer loyalty; more consumer preference data; viral marketing when consumers share coupons/promotions; brand building; differentiation and location specific promotion Payment Check out counter NFC device to capture touch and confirm mobile, user- friendly, fast, secure payments Lowered costs due to faster payment transactions; reduced infrastructure costs; replacing small cash payments; increased “share of wallet”; greater size and number of transactions; reduce costs of NFC tech deployment due to economies of scale, and downtime; less cash handling and operational expenses Customer Relationship Mgmt Loyalty schemes and membership clubs Merchants make gift card and loyalty programs more effective; increased customer satisfaction, personalization Ticketing Event tickets and transportation tickets Increased number and speed of transactions and entrants; better tracking and quality control; reduced theft and cheating Info Transfer P2P info transfer between devices - business cards, medical files NFC tags data transfer helps with brand building, consumer engagement and brand awareness, improved service delivery Facility Access Card ID replacement for access to secured facilities such as warehouses, labs and R&D areas Decreased infrastructure costs; greater control over access; simplified maintenance; greater security-especially if accompanied by biometric or password protection The Service Package
    8. 8. The Network Coordination Needed
    9. 9. The Business Model • Two sided markets (Birkenshaw et al , 2006) • Content providers (Ticnet) TeliaSonera • Users TeliaSonera • Multiple Bank cooperation is crucial & other MNOs (Telenor, Tele2, ect.) • Landlord and tenant ”Rent a room” strategy
    10. 10. LANDLORD (TELIA) & TENANT “Rent a Room”
    11. 11. Commercialization of NFC for Ticnet - Tags on posters (text, URL, phone number) - Buy tickets on the spot & use NFC to pass it on - NFC phones as tickets for events - Customize advertising/promotions based on new consumer data - “ubiquitous communication” (service initiation, P2P, payment and ticketing)
    12. 12. Ticnet + NFC+ TeliaSonera = - 40 million Europeans using mobile contactless services by 2011 - Successful trials (Orange and Manchester City Football club & Cingular and Philips Arena- Atlanta)
    13. 13. A little Less of This…
    14. 14. A little More of This… Happy Customers !!
    15. 15. End user value - Ease of use - Portability - Multi-applications - Speed and convenience - Fully integrated ‘experience’
    16. 16. Thank you for listening!