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Storytelling 101: What Your Non-Profit Needs to Know to Become a Storytelling Non-Profit


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The biggest challenge of storytelling is just trying to understand the basics of what it is and how non-profits can start to use it. Leave frustration behind once and for all as you learn the basics of what you need to know and how to transform your non-profit into a storytelling non-profit.

During this webinar, Vanessa Chase from The Storytelling Non-Profit will teach you:
> A definition of storytelling in the non-profit context
> Why storytelling is the most effective way to communicate your impact and message with your audience
> The 5 keys to outstanding storytelling
> Tips to create a culture of storytelling at your organization

About Vanessa Chase:
Vanessa Chase is a non-profit communications strategist and consultant. Prior to finding her calling in communications, she was a fundraiser and has raised over $10 million as a Development Officer and consultant. Vanessa is the founder of The Storytelling Non-Profit and author of the forthcoming book, The Storytelling Non-Profit. You can find Vanessa online at or on Twitter @vanessaechase.

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Storytelling 101: What Your Non-Profit Needs to Know to Become a Storytelling Non-Profit

  1. 1. Virtual Conference January 27 to 31, 2014
  2. 2. Monday > Storytelling 101- What You Need to Know to Transform Your NonProfit Into a Storytelling Non-Profit! > Helping Your Board Understand that Fundraising is Storytelling Tuesday > How to Spread Your Organization's Story Around the World With a Purposeful Blogging Strategy Wednesday > Supercharge Your Social Media in 2014 > Storytelling With Appeal Letters Thursday > Storytelling for Grant Writing To Register for Additional Sessions, please visit: > How to Craft a Memorable Special Appeal Story for Your Next Event Friday > Communicate Diversity Through Storytelling > How to Use Storytelling to Create an Amazing Case for Support for Your Non-Profit
  3. 3. Storytelling 101 What You Need to Know to Transform Your NonProfit Into a Storytelling Non-Profit! Presented by Vanessa Chase
  4. 4. Vanessa Chase Fundraising and Communications Strategist Author of the forthcoming book, The Storytelling Non-Profit a practical guide to collecting and sharing stories that inspire your community Blogging over at California native now (mostly) based in Vancouver, BC
  5. 5. When it comes to storytelling, my organization is ___________________.
  6. 6. We know that storytelling is a great tool. We want be telling more stories. We know that our non-profit has lots of great stories to share.
  7. 7. So why aren’t we sharing them?
  8. 8. What is a story?
  9. 9. You are a storyteller.
  10. 10. Facts versus Stories
  11. 11. 5 Keys to Outstanding Storytelling
  12. 12. Have a Goal and a Core Message ● What is the end goal of telling this story? ● What overarching message do you want to convey?
  13. 13. What’s your. . . Goal: Message:
  14. 14. Know Your Audience ● Who are you actually talking to? ● How can you talk to them more effectively?
  15. 15. What are 3 characteristics of your target audience?
  16. 16. Create Connection ● What emotions will your audience most likely be able to identify with? ● Draw those out over the course of the copy
  17. 17. Piece It Together ● What facts do you want your audience to know? ● Allow the story to lead and the facts to follow
  18. 18. End with a strong call to action ● What was the point of telling that story? ● $ amount + Urgency + Impact
  19. 19. Create a call to action for your next story
  20. 20. Create a system to collect the kinds of stories you need
  21. 21. Q & A Time
  22. 22. Thank you for joining us for this session! Questions? @vanessaechase
  23. 23. Virtual Conference January 27 to 31, 2014