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Creating a Culture of Storytelling

A presentation given at the Nonprofit Storytelling Conference in Seattle, WA November 6 & 7 2014. Tips and ideas for improving your non-profit's storytelling.

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Creating a Culture of Storytelling

  2. 2. We need stories to tell
  3. 3. Group Discussion Why is it difficult to find and collect stories?
  4. 4. Common Threads Silos are the common enemy Silos originate from organizational culture
  5. 5. My Experience With Silos They suck. End of story.
  6. 6. Group Discussion What have your experiences with silos been like?
  7. 7. Silos & Storytelling Lack of collaboration Can’t get the information you need Create holding patterns Stagnation
  8. 8. Silos & Storytelling Silos are created by us, therefore they can be taken down by us
  9. 9. Group Discussion How would you deconstruct silos at your organization?
  10. 10. Organizational Culture
  11. 11. Organizational Culture How people behave Meaning attached to behaviors Vision, values, norms, systems Assumptions, beliefs, habits
  12. 12. Is organizational culture a factor in an organization’s storytelling success?
  13. 13. WAVAW
  14. 14. Furniture Bank
  15. 15. Common Threads Mission driven + focused Care + value everyone Conversations Vulnerable + Empathetic
  16. 16. Can we bring these qualities to our organizations?
  17. 17. Implementing Change Small steps Enroll others Start with yourself
  18. 18. Group Discussion What small step will you take next week?
  19. 19. Storytelling can transform your non-profit The most important story is the one you tell yourself
  20. 20. QUESTIONS?
  21. 21. THANK YOU! @vanessaechase