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The Economics of Diversity and Inclusion: Considering Facial Differences as a Disability


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A presentation to explain what facial differences are and how they should be included into disability employment policies. They are also critical to consider for integration into the education system wso that it prepares disabled citizens for employment. The presentation also illustrates how the expansion of the internet is creating global opportunities for citizens globally that are important to economic growth.

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The Economics of Diversity and Inclusion: Considering Facial Differences as a Disability

  1. 1. Presentation given by Vanessa Carter
  2. 2. Not all facial differences can be rectified with surgery and neglected patients Often spend their lives in social isolation. Facial differences have not been clearly defined for disability rights in South Africa and globally.
  3. 3. I disfigured my face when I was 25 years old, from a car accident. I spent the next 10 years rectifying facial damage because I couldn't find online resources like doctors websites as well as education about the surgery I needed. This is a global problem in healthcare.
  4. 4. After 9 years of failed surgery, MRSA and three death scares, I decided that enough was enough. I compiled an overview of my medical history and emailed it overseas to the best surgeons in the world asking for advice.
  5. 5. Once my surgery was complete, I began to advocate globally about all the issues I had experienced.
  6. 6. Keeping up with emerging technology locally was possible if an ecosystem was developed correctly. This could help many patients who are socially unacceptable.
  7. 7. We must change our mindset if we want a globally competitive South African economy We underestimate people who society perceive as “less” (Less; young, skinny, beautiful, confident, sophisticated, successful, wealthy, abled, qualified...) We don't address disfigurement enough because of stigma (“Many think disfigurement is too weird and it's ignored”) We “stereotype diversity” True diversity is fully inclusive. We need to look #BeyondTheLabel 
  8. 8. #GlobalGoals #Globalization #ClimateChange #DiversityInclusion #GlobalHealth #DigitalEconomy The next generation of the internet is coming (web 3.0) Digital transformation means anyone can contribute from anywhere towards the local economy and accelerate growth. World Economic Forum Emerging Tech Like 3D printing? Mobile Apps Smart Cities Human Rights Genomics Data Design Thinking Advances Innovation ReImagine 2020
  9. 9. #health2020 is connected Many issues in healthcare can be resolved by listening to the patient experience. Many economic opportunities can be identified by sharing patient stories.
  10. 10. In ending, we need to adjust our mindset and look deeper into the meaning of an “underdog”, Adversity is changing our world.